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Submitted by Annebeck58 on Sun, 03/04/2012 – 


Okay, y’all. I am about to say some things that some may not exactly like, and may offend some, but here goes. I feel it’s necessary:

Ron Paul (supposedly) LOST WA STATE (??) to Baine Cap’s Mitt Romney. Whatttt? We are supposed to, again, simply swallow that tripe. Sorry, but I cannot. I watched so many videos and read SO many articles, even within MSM & prior to the vote, to tell me that is/ was impossible- that Paul was WINNING. I do have to say I am more than just disappointed. No, I am not disappointed in Ron Paul and the Ron Paul team. I AM disappointed in the Ron Paul SUPPORTERS, the voters, who just neglected to watch these votes; who basically allowed “them” to get away with this; in yet another state. This was obvious, to me, in Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, etc.., and now? Washington State? Impossible!

No, I don’t want to call (specific) people out… No, I don’t want to say, “if only you did this-or-that”, like if ONLY you had gotten others to come to the polls with you to vote Paul, he would have WON. No, I am completely frustrated that those in WA State simply seem to be willing to sit back (or bend-over) and accept defeat, so easily.
I have BEGGED you guys to PLEASE bring cameras to YOUR precincts, to video-tape the actual COUNTS , and yes; it is a LEGAL and LEGITIMATE thing to do. Nothing in anyone’s bylaws prevents people doing exactly this. But, when it came down to what I do feel is yet another fraudulent count (and yes; I came across a WA state voter last night, here, who said he was SURE vote-fraud had occured in HIS precinct), nobody did anything.

What will it take? How can I convince you to OPEN your IPhones or take another sort of video camera WITH YOU? It is YOUR right to do this. Nobody can tell you that you;re NOT allowed to do this, yet you don’t do it? WHY ARE YOU THERE, if not to get the truth and pass it on to US.USA? Okay, so you’re there to vote. But, do you want your vote to be counted, accurately, or are you willing to allow “them” (i.e., suicidal GOP) to switch out your vote for prepared Romney or Santorum votes? it seems the latter IS the case.

Please watch this video by a wonderful Hawaiian fan of Ron Paul:

Consider what he’s said. Consider what I am asking of you. Please, when your state votes or caucuses, DO videotape whatever does happen in your area or your county or your precinct. If enough of US do this, and we let them KNOW we are doing so (by posting these videos, everywhere, and sharing them, MORE places than NOT), they will think twice about being so blatant with said vote-fraud.
Otherwise, prepare yourselves for four more years of Obama (O-Bot, Bambi, O-Bomb-Ya). Personally, I don’t think I can stand that.
And, while I am chomping at the bit for MY chance to vote and to videotape the votes, in TEXAS, y’all are being a bit too complacent. Aren’t you?


Or, is he losing?  

Here’s the sole thing one must bear in mind, when it comes to ALL elections, including primaries and caucuses;  until the (district) delegates have met, decided on their leaders/chairs, voted in certain delegates to take it to the state convention and ultimately, to the National Convention in Florida, nobody really knows.  Yes, the Mass Media talking-heads and pundits are using their “math” to show Paul as losing, and kooky/spooky newzz site -yahoo- actually printed a load of tripe stating Paul had DROPPED OUT, the truth is nowhere, yet.  If you have not been following the “delegate count” as put forth by the MSM, you should go back a few months.  If you look, you will see that not only have they added fewer delegates than we KNOW he has garnered the votes from, now they are actually subtracting delegate votes from Ron Paul.  

It reminds me of when one of the Bushes said, “math is hard”.  I think that was “W”, but don’t quote me on that;  look it up and let me know if I am wrong!

Back to the vote, who’s winning and who’s losing;  we, those who are yet to convene or caucus as delegates, need to remember one thing: ALWAYS bring a camera or your phone with you.  Make sure batteries are charged-up and cards are CLEAR. Buy bigger cards, as you may need to video for a long time. Be discreet, so as not to get booted from your meeting, and..? Get the proof.  Get it on video.  If you don’t know what to do with that proof, you can ALWAYS post here– or just send it to me on twitter or other places (I am easily searchable in most any search-engine) and I will get it to the people in the media (not the NEWZZZ– who are there to lull us into this deep slumber), who do actually care enough to research and post what you’ve found.  With what appears to be rampant fraud and wrongdoings in the “Grande Olde Party”, especially this political season, we will need that PROOF.

And, again;  I do have the ear of some who care enough to delve into your proof, investigate it as fraud (or not), and actually will produce real news segments.  So, just do your part and we will all be happier (and this election will be cleaner and more transparent) for it!

Now, get out there!  Regardless of whom it is you would prefer to see as “winner” from the GOP side, or if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, or even if you are an Indy (like me) and  refuse to vote for either party;  get the proof.  Do something positive for this Democratic Republic.

And, remember; this IS a Republic.  Many of our delegates are unbound, which means they are not forced to vote for any one person, in particular.  Even if your primary or caucus appeared to be for one of the also-rans, unbound delegates are not required to go along with that vote.  In states where delegates ARE “bound”, they are required to go along with whatever the state’s numbers were– in the FIRST round of voting, and at the national level, but only if one of the candidates takes 51 percent of the vote.  If, after a first vote does not yield 51 percent for anyone, in particular, ALL delegates are then unbound, and they can vote for whomever they choose.  I hope this will mean Ron Paul stands a much larger chance for a win, and that could be the case.  But, it would also make it easier for NewtSantoRomney to garner that 51-percent, too.  It is why I have also said, as I have seen it;  Ron Paul’s supporters are not content to rely on the usual delegates;  we BECOME DELEGATES.

GO out there, get your vote on, and always?  Get the PROOF we may (will, most likely) need.  Thanks for all you do!