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I’ve been reading a lot about how we conservatives, as the only true, real conservatives for Ron Paul, have failed in our many attempts to get Paul on the ballot at the RNC Convention, Tampa, later this month.  We’ve “failed” to get Ron Paul a speaking role.  But, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that many seem to not comprehend.  It is like people believe we have not done what we can and continue to do all we see as possible to get the GOP of each and every state to comprehend that Mitt is NOT in it to win it, regardless of what Mitt thinks.  The RNC has fixed this.  The RNC has failed us..  It’s surely not he first time an election was fixed, and this year will go right into the annuls of history as another fix;  perhaps the worst in a long time!   It’s hardly an election, but is again, a selection.  And the voters have little to no say-so.

Yet, too many of those who would do absolutely nothing, themselves,  say we have stood by and allowed this?  Plenty of Paul supporters have stood up and continue to stand up in order to be heard. What else would you, who have done so little, have us do?  I have warned about this very thing, since Iowa caucus, and Republicans, in particular, did not want to hear it?  People who understood what was up got it soon enough..  Those who generally do not vote, and complain either way, still want to grumble and say WE have not done enough?  It would be laughable if not so sad:

Mitt was propped-up to be fall-guy by the disgusting (well-paid, I am sure) RNC. especially by Reince Priebus, the chairman. (*And I do not care if I spelled his name correctly*)  I truly believe my state’s GOP (who tend to pepper their emails and speech with words such as, Liberty, Patriot, Freedom, Constitution, etc..)  are not even comprehending that, by fighting for Mitt, to the detriment of themselves and all others in this country, they are surely committing a wrong that won’t be repaired. They think, as they have been utterly brainwashed by MSM and by the RNC to believe this, that Mitt can take down Obama.   And, boy oh boy, do they want Obama gone!  However he will not be gone. That is not what this election is intended to do. It’s pre-ordained that Mitt loses. It’s written by the PTB that Obama wins.

How do we fight it when we have these worker-bees doing exactly what their queen-bee (RNC’s Priebus) tells them what to do in order to “win”? I have tried to explain to my own state GOP this is the case, but I do fear they will not get it until the first Wednesday in November, when what I warned them of comes to the fore.  Mitt is not a choice for anyone. I’ve never actually met anyone who GLADLY voted for Mitt. I’ve met a few (and I do mean a FEW) who’ve gone with Mitt, “because the party seems to want him”, and, “he can win against Obama”, and of course,  the line this election season is. “ANYONE but Obama…”  I don’t think, even as we creep closer into November, people do actually want a “President Mitt”. They will vote for him only because they believe it’s good for the party.  Whatever the party (RNC, not so much GOP)  sees as the best option (and smartest way to vote) is what these completely brainwashed individuals will do.  I just won’t  

I cannot.  And I will not.  I would not care if, as a Republican, Mitt were truly my only choice.  I cannot cast a vote for Mitt Romney, and I believe that the RNC and our own State GOP will see that many GOP voters can’t do it, either.  It will be similar to the Johnny-Mac vote, save one thing;  the outcome will be a lot worse for the Republican Party.

You see, it’s not good for the party, and the GOP/RNC may as well slit their throats, today. They will be losing so many members they will be suiciding the party.  If I had a chance to bow-out from my seat as Republican Precinct-Chair, I would do so, and this is due to the fact that Travis County Republican Party and Texas Republican Party are NOT LISTENING to ME (or you, either.)  I actually half-way believed TCRP’s and TRP’s many emails in which they said they were inclusive and were the party of liberty.  They said they were patriots and called me a fellow patriot, too.  They told me they stood up for the constitution of these United States, with ME.   It seems they either misrepresented themselves, or they were confused as to what these statements conveyed to me.  They are not what they said they are.  And I gave them a chance to prove otherwise.  Now I am sorry for reading the truth they proffered and did not simply see it as their mischaracterization(s) or untruths.

We have not even had “our” Republican convention, in Tampa, Ron Paul is still in the race, and with the RNC siccing the GOP of each state on each and every Paul delegate, the polls have already flipped, this week; Obama beats Romney in 7 out of 8 polls. In the one “Mitt wins”, it is by a very close one point, and it’s a MSM poll, which really means just about nothing.  Do people actually think it’s going to get better for Mitt or for their GOP or the RNC?  Of course, it is  not.  It’s not scheduled to go that way.  And, if you all do not wake the heck up, open your eyes, and see this- we are ALL done for. 

Guess what?  In polling of Ron Paul vs. Obama, Ron Paul does still win.  Yet the GOP/RNC ignore this fact?

To those who would sit back and whine and complain that we are not doing enough, I have a question for YOU;, what would you have us do?  What have you done, yourself?  Giving up is certainly NOT an option, even with the voter-fraud, vote- disenfranchisement, and vote-flipping I know I did see (and has been proven, too, in not only Travis County, but all throughout this not-so-great USA, via Francois Choquette).  Do we try and get others, esp these Republidrones.  to go with Paul, or do we just sit back and moan over what the RNC, and by extension our own GOPs, have done?

Sitting on your hands, or wringing those same hands, while whining, moaning and kvetching does not seem to be very productive, does it?  If you have another productive way to handle this, give us a hint, ok?

In the meanwhile, I say;  Vote Ron Paul, and back a real winner, for all the people!


SO MUCH Support for RON PAUL, People Were Up in Trees to GLIMPSE HIM!

There’s not a lot more to say about this wonderful happening, this event, in California. People were so excited to see Ron Paul, when they could not get into the stadium to hear and see him, they climbed the trees for a chance to catch a glimpse of the man.
Now, most don’t even bother showing up for a seat at a NewtSantoRomney stump. When the few who DO show for them arrive, they are handed so-called “homemade” signs, as nobody shows with signs of their own supporting any of these establishment TOOLS/ I think most of us Paul supporters have our own signs, and we carry them with us.
Which of the other candidates, Obama included, can say people are so excited to see them, they would climb trees? Oh, none of them.
And, did Obama draw this size crowd during his ’08 run? No he did not. and expect fewer this year, too. NDAA SOPA NDRP PIPA= hey Obama- WTF?


Posted: March 31, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!


Do we ‘Elect’ or is this site taking part in ‘Selecting’ us as delegates– or are those behind this site de-selecting or discounting US as GOP delegates for Ron Paul? Considering the information they are requiring when one signs on with them, I believe they are using this to do just that. They are slighting US, those who’ve worked for at least a year, for Ron Paul, as well as for the GOP.

According to the site and all written about this site, Americans Elect is set-up as third-party choice, to get rid of or infiltrate the two-party system in the US. This may be a nice (and lofty) goal, but, according to Huff Post, they are not getting a lot of signers. Now, why is that?
Certain folk are passing on the information that,
1. This site IS owned and run by the Rothchilds (of New World Order and “big Bankster fraud” infamy). Yes, it’s one in the same.
2. When you do attempt to sign on and state your preference for any candidate, you are required to type in the last four digits of your social-security number. Who would give out this information to anyone but their bank? I saw that and immediately thought; “Something is not right here”. With the last four digits, these people can do just about anything to hack my life! They can get into my browser and email, my bank, and they can get into my paypal account (which was hacked just over a week ago by “someone”).
3. When you sign on to, you are stating that you ARE an Independent voter. Well, that’s all well and good, if you support an Independent candidate. However, AE does list Ron Paul as a choice on their site, for whatever reason. In my opinion, and in the opinion(s) of many who’ve signed up to be GOP (Republican) delegates for Ron Paul, this information (including your ss# and possibly Driver’s License number, if I recall this accurately) to knock you out of being a Ron Paul Delegate–within the Grande Olde Party.
You may have had to re-register to vote or change party affiliation, months ago, in order to have the chance to vote in the Republican primary. You may have educated yourself so well, in regard to Ron Paul’s platform and how the election system works, that you want to be a delegate for Paul. Well, by signing on with AE and stating you ARE AN INDY, you have given up that right or the possibility you will ever be elected in your precinct or district to be that GOP delegate.

Imagine; you’ve done the work. You’ve switched parties; in the 24 states requiring party affiliation, you have learned all you can about Ron Paul and the process, and when you attempt to be a delegate, your name (and those four digits of your SS#) are on a “list”. The GOP, at any and all levels, does not need to have specific requirements or needs or likes or dislikes in order for the “usual” party members to kick you out of their delegate meetings. IF you signed on with this site, you have given them a great reason to get rid of YOU; You are not a “real” Republican (the whine that will last ’til the National election in November).
So, what I am saying is this: when you see these videos that are entitled, “Ron Paul is winning this, even if he has to run as an INDY, he has it” (or something of the sort), do NOT click on link(s) below the video. RUN. Go to, and sign-up there. Make it known, in your State’s GOP, that you are interested in being a delegate for the GOP, too!

Now, as Texas has finally geared up (yesterday) to run our election, I have signed on with the GOP ( and have VOLUNTEERED to work the polls and have volunteered to be a delegate for the Republican Party of Texas, for Ron Paul. I don’t know how most of the TXGOP feels about Ron Paul (they should love him and be proud of his stance), but I am saying this; I have been an Independent voter, all of my voting life. I have not joined the Democrats or the Republicans, until this year. I’ve been registered to vote in Austin since 1984– consistantly- was registered elsewhere, in Texas, since 1976, and, as Texas does not require party affiliation, I never had to state my preference.

This year is different. This year Ron Paul is running and I believe Dr Paul has a real shot at garnering the party’s nomination. Ron Paul is what I knew Republicans to be when I was a child. My dad, who was also a politician, was Republican. He was like Ron Paul in that he gave-back to the community what he “earned” from the community. I had a great example, as a child, regarding what a good man and good politician IS. It’s why I am a Republican, this year, and why i support Ron Paul.
I hope all Texans will.

I also hope people will think twice before they provide personal identifying information, as it can (and may) be used against you, too! In the end, it is not RONPAUL Delegates that are being discounted, slighted, and slandered; it is Delegates who happen to support Ron Paul that are being left out.
It is OUR voice being silenced and our votes being tossed. Do not help them to do this. DO not sign on with AmericansElect.