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I just read your email (John Tate) regarding what we need to keep liberty going. And I would like to respond to some of the things mentioned in that email.

You said you figured the GOP/ Romney had lost the election during the Republican National Convention. How I wish you’d comprehended this long before that!

First of all, when Mitt and Co cheated the Liberty movement (US and Dr Paul) during the first caucus in Iowa, I saw that Mitt was a fall-guy. I mean; how does someone like Mitt go from being the worst loser in recent GOP history to being the candidate? How does Iowa, who loves Dr Paul and all he stands for, go from Ron Paul to Mr. Opposite, Mitt Romney? It was through cheating. We all knew this pretty much immediately, yet the campaign seemed to stay in the dark? Perhaps not hiring folk like Jesse Benton would have been the first clue?

When it comes to the Tea-Party, I wish you would comprehend that this is NOT the Ron-Paul Tea-Party. This is the Koch Brothers Tea-Party, and as such, is influenced by the very same folk who rule the RNC/DNC, which means it’s the same machine that’s ruined this country and stopped bothering to follow our constitution.

Take a look at my youtube channel: @annebeck58.

I have written up there, for all to see; “Mitt Romney is a Fall-guy”. I did this the day OF the Iowa (s)election It was immediately after I saw Dr Paul’s stats go from 42 percent to about 25 percent, in 45 minutes. Santorum (who?) and Romney had their numbers go up, yet Ron Paul’s actual vote-count remained the same. This should have given our campaign; Dr Paul’s campaign, an idea that there would be nothing but cheating from within the Republican party. Perhaps he should have switched from GOP to Indy at this point? His supporters would have gone his way and the (s)election may have been more realistic.

But, with the introduction of the electronic voting machines, in the year 2000 (thank you Dubya, for the Hack-a-Vote-2k) I learned there was no way my vote or any votes would be counted accurately or as intended. So my question, to the Campaign for Liberty, is this: What do you plan on doing to make sure the USA takes these machines out of play and sends them to the crusher, as did Ireland? Until and unless this is done, we will always lose.

Yours Truly, 


**currently under investigation for a crime I could not have done; a 3rd degree felony count of, “divulging votes”, and it is due to the fact that I called out both parties, or the Bipartisan Mafia if you will, for the fraudulent vote-flipping and vote-plucking we’ve all seen!   Even the Travis County GOP (the boots on the ground) get that the e-voting machines are screwing all of us;  Dems, Reps, Indies of all denominations, alike!

Advertisement Launches Plan to Verify the Votes: Asks for Ron Paul Supporters to Conduct Exit Polls

Submitted by Dr.K.Research on Tue, 10/30/2012 – 17:54

Taken from the Website, Also see the Press Release for radio/TV ads and blog articles about the anticipated fraud on Election Day.

How to Conduct an Exit Poll for Electronic Voting Machine Verification

This is an urging for all Americans to participate in verifying the vote through day-long exit polling. The main purpose of these exit polls is to verify the accuracy of electronic voting machines. It is also to gauge how well candidates did in this year’s presidential election from directly polling exiting voters.

For ONE day, on Nov. 6, 2012, your continuous presence at the poll is required to ensure reliable results. The precision for this poll is of utmost importance

Because voter demographics vary during the day at the polls, the exit poll sample must be continuous during the day. Multiple people can provide this continuous attendance, but there must be no gaps in the election poll sample during the day.

It is actually simple to conduct such a poll. All that is needed are conscientious people, who will provide us with reliable data.

Exit polls are also excellent projects for young people. Involve your children or young friends with you.

Check with your election clerk/registrar regarding the requirements for distance from the polling place entrance. Generally, you can be placed close to the exit for convenience and compliance, since you will not be electioneering. Note: also, let the Election Board know you are doing the poll; get the name of the person you talked to as back-up.

Dress professionally with no partisan colors.

Make copies of the same ballots that will be used at the polls that day, but copy the ballot on yellow or other colored paper to differentiate it from the real ballots. You should be able to get a sample ballot. If this is not possible, at least make up a ballot for the presidential candidates (a check mark for a box will suffice), including space for a write-in.

Alternatively, you could use light pink ballots for women and light blue for men. This will help provide additional demographic data. Use very light colors as to not confuse people with Republican (RED) and Democrat (Blue). Also, bring with you a sealed box with lock, preferably opaque to put the ballots in. If possible, videotape the closing and locking of the box. Make sure to also take a folding seat or two and a clipboards to make it easier for people to fill in the ballot. The box is merely a large plastic rectangular box, the ones with the blue lids. Cut a large opening in the center for ballot placement.

One person can do this, but as long as the entire day is covered.

Have a large sign that states you are conducting a “Non-Partisan Exit Poll” for the purpose of measuring election accuracy. You may even wish to make a sign, “Do You Trust Electronic Voting Machines?”

Only poll people coming OUT of the poll as to not influence anyone. Ask them, “Would you be so kind to participate in this exit poll, and fill out this ballot for your presidential preference?” You may wish to add, “Just making sure every vote counts.”

Ask everyone you can coming out of the poll. Try as best as you can to not encourage one group or another to participate. Ask everyone equally with the same question: “Would you like to participate in an Exit Poll”

Don’t count the ballots before the polls close. Don’t disclose ANY results to any media before the polls close.

Don’t get distracted by interviews. Ask them to interview you AFTER the polls close.

Once you have your ballots collected, go count them with a friend. Video-tape and/or photograph this.

Video tape the opening of the box and the counting activities.

Publish your results with several organizations like “WatchTheVote 2012”, “Election Integrity (facebook)” “WriteInRevolution”, “LibertyUSAPac”, etc.

Send the results to right away.

This effort is crucial. If enough people do this, discrepancies will be discovered. If possible, please report the precinct you intend to cover in advance to, and cc. to Any questions call 1-847-875-6164.

For more information tune in on, tonight, 8:00 CST (Rick Adams Uncensored) about the WriteInRevolution backed by exit polls.

By Dr K:

This is the email/ letter sent out, by John Tate, to all who worked toward liberty within the GOP and the nation.  I cannot say I agree with all of it, particularly the “this time they could not afford to (slam the door in our faces.)  Read and tell me what you think:


Dear Anne,

I’ve been doing conventions long enough to realize that when you don’t have the numbers, things will not go your way. 

Today, we didn’t have the numbers.  That is not in question.

Four years ago, the Republican Party simply handled our R3VOLUTION by slamming the door in our faces with hardly any consequences. 

Today, the GOP establishment can no longer afford to employ these tactics. 

Instead, they’ve adopted new ones.

Properly elected Ron Paul delegates were stripped from us.  And when a motion was made to amend the Credentials Committee Report, it was ignored.

Morton Blackwell, a longtime conservative activist and RNC Rules Committee expert, found himself indefinitely detained – along with the rest of the Virginia delegation.

The RNC’s bus driver responsible for transporting delegates somehow “got lost” for well over an hour until a critical Rules Committee meeting adjourned. 

Blackwell and the Virginia delegation were heading up the efforts to defeat new RNC rules proposed by Washington, D.C.-based insider attorneys

These rules are designed to turn the Republican Party into a top-down organization and strip power away from state parties and grassroots activists of every stripe.

All efforts to vote down these onerous rules were ignored despite a clear split in the voice vote.

Sadly, these rules will now govern the party.

While it is almost certain we did not have the votes on the floor to win either of these battles, a fair and open debate and recognition of our motions would have been a better way for these problems to have been handled.
It didn’t have to be this way.  And quite frankly, it’s a shame.

It’s a shame for Ron Paul supporters.  It’s a shame for conservative activists of all stripes, and it’s a shame for the Republican Party.

However, you and I have much to be proud of.

Many of the amendments our campaign fought for were included in the new GOP platform.  Four years ago, many politicians in both parties scoffed at our efforts to audit the Federal Reserve. 

Now it’s in the Republican Platform – along with internet freedom, war only under a Congressional declaration, support for a gold commission, and fighting back against domestic drones.

We also forced the establishment to cave in and seat more of our delegates than they wanted to.

Instead of being shut out of the convention, Ron Paul was able to walk the floor and talk to his delegates Tuesday afternoon.

Coalitions that have been built over the past several weeks on these battles will last long into the future.

Our liberty movement is growing.  It’s growing fast. 

And the underhanded actions we’ve seen over the past week are sure to drive more folks into our camp.

I’m proud of our liberty movement.  I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished.  I’m proud of you.

I strongly believe you and I are the future.

Winning won’t be easy.  Our opponents are determined to maintain their iron grip on power.

But their days are numbered – if I can count on you to keep up the fight.

The Ron Paul R3VOLUTION is not coming to end. 

Our R3VOLUTION will not end until limited government, free markets, sound money, and respect for individual liberty, constitutional principles, and a pro-America foreign policy are finally restored in America. 

And you will play a vital role in making this a reality.

For Liberty,  

John Tate
Campaign Manager 

P.S.  The establishment is going to use every trick in the book to hold onto their power.  

But they know you and I are the future of the Republican Party.  Their days in power are numbered – if I can count on you to stay involved.

Our R3VOLUTION did not end today.  It’s only beginning.

Well, as you may have surmised, the Republidrone is a worker-bee for the Republican Neocon Establishment.  It’s the person who does whatever it takes to get others to vote for the Neocon, even when it’s absolutely not in the best interest of the drone, to do same.  It’s a person who will fight, tooth and nail, even engage in hand-to-hand combat, lock reasonable and well-reasoned individuals out of “his” party, in order to keep in the “ONE GUY” the RNC says is what the country or party, state or county, want them to support.  It’s a person who does not listen to the person he’s voting for, because he doesn’t need to.  The RNC, of course, has “his best interest in mind”, when it tells said drone to fight to WIN.

I came across such a Republidrone, yesterday.  He seemed like a nice enough guy, but Republidrones know how to get what they want.  They are well-mannered and well-indoctrinated to vote for and get others to vote for the Neocons when doing so is against their own best interests.

Republidrones are the worker-bees in the Republican party who do what they are told to do and only what they are told to do.  They get their news from the television newzz.  They are lulled to sleep by the MSM.   When they do go online to gather other information, their searches start and end with the emails sent to them via their local, city, and state Republican Party.  The Republidrone is not a thinker.  He’s a do-er.  And this is what makes this worker-bee the most dangerous.  Just as in real bees, the worker-bees are large in number, and they all do the same thing.  And, as you would find it difficult to engage a worker-bee guarding his own nest lest you be stung (repeatedly) by the many Republidrones, inside, you will find it next to impossible to engage one of these Neocons.  In general, we cannot make them think, as they now fight by instinct.  The bigwigs, as would the queen-bee, do their thinking for them

Yes, there are Demodrones, too (just as there are plenty of Democratic Neocons), but that would be another post.  Let’s just stick to the Republidrones, who have been following the RNC, especially this year.

Funny, and I mean by this, ironic; I received a call from a Republidrone yesterday, as it turned out, this was more evident the further along we got into the conversation.  This drone was in my area (my precinct, even) and wanted me, as a true conservative Republican precinct chair, to help him win his race for Texas State Legislature.  *yes;  he called me a true-conservative, and it’s funny, since no true conservative can vote for a Republican of this ilk.

So my initial thought was, let’s see if this guy will answer a few questions, and I asked whom he voted for in the recent primary race for president (I thought I asked which candidate he supported, but he argued I had said, “voted for”;  Republidrones love to argue, but they don’t like explaining their own actions.)  His response was, “of course, I voted for Romney”. I buzzed him. (You know, “Ahhhhk- wrong answer!”)
That was not the end of the conversation. As he’s only about five years younger than me, I asked him why the GOP/RNC/TRP/TCRP was so willing to vote for or install (by going so far as to commit fraud and assault others) yet another Neo-con (emphasis on con) as our president. We also had discussed how bad all Neocons are for the party. I asked if he would not want the party back to what it was when he and I were children. He used the “Reagan” buzzword.., with that tired line, “I most closely align myself with Reagan”, so I had to ask; “Reagan in 1980 or Reagan in 1984?” (He thought it was a trick-question.)  If you’re not aware of the difference, ask Dr. Ron Paul.  Reagan, in 1980, appeared to be a real libertarian conservative.  Fast-foward to 1984 (or, more likely, 1982), Reagan was a complete and utter Neocon.  I’d almost argue it was him who was the father of the Neocon movement in the USA.  Reagan, following his election, was the reason for Dr Paul leaving the Republican party.  And, I soon followed suit.

The whole conversation left me thinking, once again; as I cannot go with the long-time, too-many-termed-legislator who’s currently/still installed, and this guy didn’t really get it, that the Republican party used to BE the liberty party (or, the party of true libertarians) which means I cannot vote for or support him, I will most-likely abstain from that portion of the ballot, OR, I will go with whomever the Indy is, in that race. My vote will be one against the Neocons, either way.

WHY do these people, who actually believe they are running because they, “want to do some GOOD, for a change”, so quickly and completely align themselves with the Neocon-garbage?
WHY did this man, who really wants my help, vote for Romney?
Guess what? He never did answer this question.
And this is all I wanted from him; the WHY.

How can I spend my hours and my time or tell the people who count on my opinions when making their own decisions (as did I count on Ron Paul when it came to Ron Paul’s support of Reagan in 1980), give my support to someone who will not answer the only question I want answered?
Simply put; I cannot. And, I will not.

I cannot abide the Republidrone.  I cannot abide their master, the RNC, either.  Perhaps I should do, as I was advised by my County Chairwoman, Rosemary Edwards, and remove myself from the party.  Yes, I sent Rosemary an email, to explain why I cannot just jump in head-first to support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, for POTUS and VP, as I cannot support what they both are;  Neocons and higher-level Republidrones.  Her response was, essentially, if I don’t like it I should leave.

How that’s for, “Unity”?  What kind of party is this? (more…)

And somehow, we are supposed to accept this? Those who would vote for Ron Paul cannot turn around and vote Romney.. Mitt IS the anthesis of Paul. Mitt is NOT for LIBERTY. Mitt is closer to evil than Paul could ever be, and for this, WE cannot GO MITT.
Thanks to Ben Swann for another GREAT post.
People, get ready; wake up and BE the change you want to see. This means you, GOP; and I mean ALL of the GOP. Figure this out and SEAT your ELECTED DELEGATES. Or, lose what you think is YOUR Party.

Finally, I am ready to sit down and discuss what happened 29 May, 2012, in the combo-primary in Texas.  It’s called a combo-primary as both Democrats and Republicans hold their primaries together (or combined) and ANYONE may show-up to vote in either primary.  I did vote early, the prior week, as I would not be working in my own precinct’s primary.

So, when prospective voters would walk in the door, our first question (after obtaining either voter-i.d. card or driver’s license) was, “With which party do you prefer to affiliate yourself?”  Approximately one-fifth of voters in this heavily neocon (Dem Neocon and Rep Neocon) area went with the Democratic slate/primary.  Fine.  No problem there.  Of course, we did not hand out paper-sample-ballots to these people prior to asking which ballot they wanted to vote-on, so they would see especially pertaining to the presidential primary, who their choices would be.  We also did NOT tell any of these voters that, if after they saw the choices, it was legal for them to step-out of the booth/poll and ask to change affiliation.  Doing this would have created more work for US and we (well, most of us working) did not want any extra work.  Regardless, each of the people wanting to go Dem went Dem.  Fine.

The other four-fifths of voters chose to go with the Republican slate (though the majority made it known they were NOT usual Republicans).  When asked for their party-affiliation, people rolled their eyes, sighed, and said ,”Republican”.  Some said (well, many said), “I am voting Republican, but only for THIS election”.  We heard, “I am voting the RON PAUL party”.  Some said things such as, “My father would slap me for this, but I am choosing the Republican party to vote for” and even one person had to say, “My mother will roll over in her grave, but I am voting Republican ONLY TODAY!”  This sort of thing happened ALL day long.

And, I know;  I have been after people to get the video EVIDENCE in all primaries and caucuses, as well as conventions, yet i video’d NOBODY.  Had I not been a judge, I probably would have done so, but as i was a judge, it was on ME to respect the privacy of ALL voters.  I did, however, make little notes (no names or other identifying info;  only check-marks) so I would have a pretty good idea of how these voters (remember, in a NEOCON neighborhood) were going.  For this reason (and I was THERE from six in the morning until well after the polls closed at seven in the evening!) I do believe that what I saw was probably the way Texas went.

As MY number was a conservative ESTIMATE of sixty-six percent going with RON PAUL, I have a feeling the real percentage for Paul was seventy-two percent.   I am SURE that the numbers for Paul v Mitt were completely FLIPPED, for none other than Flip, himself,  It is just NOT possible that Mitt took Texas and, particularly, Austin or Brazoria County (HIS OWN DISTRICT!) or San Antonio (Behar County). where Dr Paul worked for so LITTLE in their poorest hospital, Santa Rosa.

And there is zero chance that anyone in Texas or outside of Texas can convince me this vote-flipping was NOT DONE.  People think it’s a chore to flip the votes?  Do me and yourselves a favor;  check out the film, “Hacking Democracy” to see just how simple that IS.  Then come and tell ME that I am wrong in my estimation of the FRAUD and Vote-Stealing/ flipping in the (not so) great State of Texas, okay?  Of course,  the convention is still to come (end of week), but this bothers me more than all of the other cases of fraud and vote-stealing we know  transpired  throughout ALL of this primary season.

And, it’s all to ensure Obama  WINS this year’s election?  IS the GOP suicidal?  Given these smarmy and disgusting acts, I can only say:   They need to figure this out before the have NO party left!

***  Addendum:

When I talked, earlier and elsewhere, about other judges breaking the rules of the STATE ELECTION BOARD, here are a couple of examples.

I had my election-judge-training on the Saturday prior to our Tuesday vote and there were a lot of do’s and don’t’s we were given.

First of all:  the biggest DON’T was, NO CELL PHONES and NO Surfing the WEB as judges.  All cell- phones must be turned, OFF;  all day long, the other Democratic judge was on her phone, texting and talking, with whomever.  I was shocked as SHE was the person who put the sign up stating, “NO CELL PHONES;  TURN THEM OFF”, yet she felt as is it was fine for HER to break this rule?  Funny (not).  The Republican judge had just gotten an i-pad.  Supposedly, this was so she could get a book, online, and read it while waiting for something to do (there’s  a lot of hurry-up-and-wait in judgeship or clerkship).  Well, she could not figure out how to download a book to her new machine, so the same Dem judge (texting the entire day) showed her how to do it.  At one point, hours into the day, I went and asked the Rep judge what book she had gotten.  As it turned out, she had not gotten a book, but had spent all day on ABC_news site.  Who knows if she had been posting messages or comments or filling-in the ABC team?  I don’t.  And, I kind of want to know.

Another DON’T that had been stressed to ALL of us was this:  IF anyone comes in and wants to know if anyone else (Spouse, Neighbor, Child, for example) had yet voted, we were to politely tell them it was NOT possible for any of us to get the info and pass it on to them.  Well, at one point, I was asked to look-up a name (spouse of the voter, if I recall accurately), and I said;  “I am sorry, but I am not allowed, per Election RULES, to give you that info.”  This same Dem judge PUSHED me aside and did the search. She gave the info to the person requesting same.  She did this at least a handful of times throughout the day.

We were to NOT allow folk to loiter around the polls.  This should be a no-brainer, but as we were also in an OPEN school, it was a difficult one to stick to.  However, it surely WAS our job, collectively, to send people on their way as much as was possible.  No, each judge and even a couple of the clerks, sat and chatted with neighbors and others (friends and families), to the extent that voters (who were requesting help with using the machines) were IGNORED, because the noise-level was SO high!

It was a brouhaha.  It was, at times, a hullabaloo.  It was completely wrong, and I really don’t even know who I should complain to.  So, I am leaving it to any and all of you who read this: IDEAS?  Should I contact the local or State of Texas Election board to complain?  The precinct I worked was NOT in compliance with many rules, which were very fresh in MY mind, and it was more than irritating.  I bet, if I refresh my memory of other rules, these ladies found a way to BREAK them!  With something this important, should there not be a remedy?

Now, in the coming elections, I am my precinct’s chairwoman.  I hope I can get people working in MY precinct;  more willing to play by the rules, than those I had to work with in the precinct next to my own.  What a disappointing day!


^^^  Hopefully my final edit.  One other extremely strange happening occurred, about 2 hours from end of voting-day.   All voting-places were equipped with wi-fi (which they call, “mi-fi”) and, as you would think, the mi-fi needed to be turned “on” to transfer votes to the central office.  As we set-up, from six ’til just before seven, in the morning, the same Democratic judge was reminded,  “Turn on the mi-fi at seven!”, by our county tech guys, there to facilitate our primary, and scheduled to come back a few times during the day.

Well, it appears that nobody (whose responsibility it WAS to turn-on the mifi) bothered to get this done.  Yes, our tech guys drove by in their van and waved, at around noon.  We did not see them, again, until between 4:30 and 5:00 pm (with polls scheduled to close at seven).  They were certainly in a tizzy, as they had just been told that we had NOT been transmitting votes, wirelessly, all day.  uh-oh.  Somebody had “forgotten to turn on the mi-fi”, though she swore she had.  The ladies seemed to find this amusing.  I did not;  nor did the young tech-guys.   And I am left to wonder, what happened with the votes before that time?  I don’t know.  I don’t know if, immediately after the mifi was turned on, a cumulative total was sent to the man office, or not.  I do know that the laptop computer was taken to the CD-25 meeting place (or I hope it was), by the Dem judge.  And so, who really knows where this, “Mitt Romney swept Texas by 72%”, number even came from?

In my opinion, that number came from the 72 percent of voters who went with PAUL.  I won’t be convinced otherwise.

If you are unaware, thusfar, regarding what’s transpired in Clark County, Nevada, here’s the skinny:Ron Paul delegates, once again, TOOK IT HOME.  The State’s GOP has accepted this.  It is, after all, the voice of the people who cared enough to be delegates that voted-in Paul as their nominee. And, Vegas, via or along with the RNC (Reince Priebus) has decided to simply NOT accept this.  The RNC chairman;  Reince Priebus (sp?- who cares?), and did decide to break rule-11, at least in it’s theory.  They may not have specifically broken Rule-11, as such rule(s) apply to the State Offices of GOP, but in its practice, they did.

So, to make it clear to ALL, Clark County (CCRP) has passed a RESOLUTION to Rule-11a, and this is it:

RNC Rule 11(a) Resolution

WHEREAS Republican National Committee (RNC) Rule 11(a) states that “The Republican National Committee shall not, without the prior written and filed approval of all members of the Republican National Committee from the state involved, contribute money or inkind aid to any candidate for any public or party office except the nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing deadline for that office…”; and

WHEREAS the clear intent of Rule 11(a) is to ensure a fair, unbiased process for determining which candidates will receive the endorsement and support of the RNC during general elections; and

WHEREAS multiple viable candidates are still actively campaigning for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States; and

WHEREAS the Republican Nominee for President of the United States will not be selected until the Republican National Convention in late August, 2012; and

WHEREAS RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced on April 25, 2012 that the RNC had selected Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney as the RNC’s “presumptive nominee” and that the RNC would be merging with the Romney campaign; and

WHEREAS the RNC has subsequently begun providing the Romney campaign with significant financial resources and manpower, assisting it with organization and fundraising; and

WHEREAS these acts by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC Executive Committee constitute multiple flagrant violations of RNC Rule 11(a);


1. The Clark County Republican Party hereby condemns the actions of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC Executive Committee, and demands that Mr. Priebus resign as Chairman immediately for his rolein these egregious violations of RNC Rules,

2. The Clark County Republican Party hereby declares that so long as more than one candidate is actively campaigning for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States, the Clark County Republican Party will reject any and all attempts by the RNC or any other organization to pressure or coerce the Clark County Republican Party into supporting or coordinating with any one specific candidate,

3. The Communications Director of the CCRP shall issue the attached national press release pertaining to this matter within 24 hours, and the Secretary of the CCRP shall transmit electronic or written copies of both this resolution and the above referenced press release to the RNC Executive Committee, The Nevada Republican Party Executive Committee, the executive body of each county Republican Party within the State of Nevada, and the entire membership of the Clark County Republican Central Committee within 5 days of acceptance. Additionally, a copy of this resolution and the attached press release shall be displayed prominently on the home page of the website for a minimum of 30 days.

Clark County Republican Party May 15, 2012


Now, what will this mean?  I understand that the Nevade State GOP is attempting to stop this “shadow party” (scum of the earth old-party GOP mainstay(s)) from continuing on, to prevent them from giving ANY sort of assistance to the Romney campaign, which it seems they have already DONE.  I know, in other states, such as Maine, and perhaps Nevada, they have tampered with and/or falsified Delegate Slates, in order to split the Paul votes, so that Romney could and would take a majority of votes. And I do believe that this in-kind collusion with the Romney campaign is also against the gist of Rule-11.   Well, the Paul-ites (or, Ronulans, to quote Doug Wead) were too smart for this one-sided “official” ballot and Paul DID take a great majority of delegates from Nevada, which will be seated in Tampa.  There were, I believe, some Romney delegates that made it to their final slate, but the RNC and some states’ GOP are not satisfied with pluralities of votes;  they want them ALL, so this latest resolution HAD to be done in order to stop them. Where does this guy, Reince Priebus, get off either completely breaking OR changing this rule;  mid-game?  How do these folk in the Republican National Caucus/Convention think they have any right to dismiss ANY delegates, and not just Paul delegates?  This melding of campaign monies with RNC monies (or GOP_Nevada monies,  the other way around) is breaking this specific rule, and it’s simply disgusting.  Yet, these RNC folk call US, “animals”, and say WE are not qualified or credentialed to be seated in our own states and ultimately at the national convention floor,  in Tampa (August).  ** Yes, these are the same folk who actually resorted to physical VIOLENCE when they did not get their way on votes!!  HOW insane ARE THEY?  And, of course:  Who are they ??  How do they think it’s okay for them to silence us and dismiss OUR votes, merely due to the fact that they don’t like the way the votes went?  They did not get their way, after all of the dirty-convention tricks, so this is what they do?

And from my comprhension of the Party’s rules and Election Laws, it’s not just RULES they have now broken, either.  They have now, officially, broken ELECTION LAWS as such laws pertain to campaign funds and contributions.  And they somwhow THINK they are right?  In a word, they are, WRONG.  And, they shall pay for this, too!

“Meanwhile in Nevada and other states, the RNC and/or GOP are working tirelessly and endlessly and repeatedly toward their OWN demise”.

Are they crazy, or. is “the party” SUICIDAL?  They need US more than WE need them, especially now!  Speaking of who needs whom;  the Jesse Benton emails did NOT say all of what’s being reported.  Benton (and Paul) have never stated they would support Romney.  Neither has said the good doctor is out, either, because he is NOT OUT!  Yes, Benton DID say he believed that Romney will be the party’s choice in Tampa, but Ron PAUL said that we ARE taking this to Tampa and HE plans on leading all of his delegates there.  Do these words sound like the words of a man who’s dropped out?  Please, before you all speak regarding these emails;  READ THEM.  And, do not bother with the lying msm (whether paper, tele, or online), okay?  DO NOT pass on their rumors and lies to ANYONE.

And one final thing;  this last moneybomb fell short, and i am sure this has everything to do with the emails from Benton, as well as the false reporting on said emails, via the most ridiculosly LYING (s)Newzz folk in the WORLD/  Please do donate, NOW, to the Paul campaign  As, and I’ve said it before, what price, LIBERTY?  Donate NOW!  As Always;  DO NOT BELIEVE THE MSM AS THEY ARE GETTING MANY OF YOU IN A TIZZY AND have gotten SOME (mamby_pamby) SUPPORTERS TO DROP OUT. DO NOT BE THEM!  CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY AND STAND UP WITH RON PAUL!


AND from ONE Paul delegate in Clark County;  the MITT and RNC/GOP of Nevada State Convention: cheating ballot.  THIS IS NOT an “offical ballot”, though they have clearly stated it is!  Yes, this IS one way they CHEAT!!Image

Rule #11a states:

(a) The Republican National Committee shall not, without the prior written and filed approval of all members of the Republican National Committee from
13 of 41
the state involved, contribute money or in-kind aid to any candidate for any public or party office except the nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing deadline for that office. In those states where state law establishes a nonpartisan primary in which Republican candidates could participate, but in which the general election may not include a Republican candidate, the candidate endorsed by a convention held under the authority of the state Republican Party shall be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the Republican nominee


As I comprehend Rule #11, and as it applies to each state’s runs and ultimate vote(s) on the national convention floor:

Many people believe Rule #11 will simply remove Romney from the NATIONAL ELECTION process, but as the rule applies to the STATES, per state, I do think this is not the case.  Yes, all is not lost.  In fact, Mitt Romney SHOULD be removed from some state’s ballots, immediately, and this is why:

I studied up on rule-11, as written for each state’s delegation. and, where i see the main difference between what happened and what people believe will NOW happen is this:.  Most think Mitt R should drop out or be removed, NATIONALLY, and based on Rule#11, BUT as I see it, Rule #11 would remove him, one state at a time.  We should immediately begin with removing his name from the (national) ballot in the state of Maine, as well as in Nevada…

Rule-11 pertains to the STATE conventions and the STATE delegations’ votes on the national convention floor. IF a candidate conspires to commit FRAUD along with the State’s GOP, as we saw in Maine and Nevada (and probably Iowa and Missouri and other states), said candidate cannot BE on that state’s ballot. Well, people who were employed BY Romney’s STATE campaign offices, at least in Nevada and Maine, did work WITH each state’s GOP OFFICE, to produce and pass-out fraudulent slates (of Ron Paul supporters) in order to split the Ron Paul vote, hence insuring a win for Romney. It didn’t work, but here is where we NEED to implement Rule-11… We do have plenty of proof of this fraud, at the state level (thanks to delegates for Paul- Ginger in Maine, as well as certain Nevada Ron Paul delegates), and we need to USE this proof!

Why is this important?
In Nevada, where delegates are *sort of* bound, the Ron Paul delegates did promise to vote, first round, for Romney (as he supposedly won that ridiculous beauty-pageant– again, most likely fraudulently).. However, IF Rule-11 is applied to remove Mitt from their state’s ballot, when it comes to the NATIONAL delegation from Nevada as well as Maine, Romney should NOT even be an option. The good folk of both states should not have a chance to even VOTE FOR Romney when it comes to the NATIONAL CONVENTION vote. And, these (STATE GOP AND STATE ROMNEY DELEGATES) people are planning on playing this same fraudulent game in Oklahoma, today!!
I think we need to get the Ron Paul campaign, as well as delegates for Paul,  to file exceptions within Maine AND Nevada, to remove Mitt from both State’s BALLOTS. Yes, their conventions (state level) are over, but the people voted-in to represent the state are still going to vote in Tampa. Romney should NOT even be a choice, as he and his campaign, in collusion with the states’ party officials, has ruled himself OUT.
And, this needs to be taken on IMMEDIATELY, before the usuals in the RNC decide to, again, simply remove Ron Paul delegates from their states’ delegations. Yes, they are working toward this end.

Please do NOT forget, as your state is holding their conventions AND “beauty pageants”:  videotape ALL votes, for Paul, for USA, for HONESTY.


Y’all did seem to think this was NOT possible, that Ron Paul could win, or was winning, or that WE were winning.  We ARE.
For what I have also said for about a year is this, and you must understand;  it is US, it is OUR votes and would be our voices they’ve tried so desperately to silence. I talked with a LOT of people who felt they had been disenfranchised, from DailyPaul, the day after the Iowa caucus sham (initial vote)  to RevPacLive’s site, on Stupid-Tuesday.  I had posted  a couple of times, in DailyPaul:  Video your VOTE and CAUCUS, and actually met some resistace or what I felt was silliness (such as, “let’s all wear the SAME SHIRTS on election day so WE will know who we voted for”.. sorry, but DUH.)  And, it was not until I met up with delegates (thanks, ALL delegates and future delegates, LibertyPainter, for instance, at Rev Pac Live!) and convinced them to VIDEO THEIR CAUCUS VOTES, that this started happening.  THIS:  making videos of the events (and scams) at the caucuses and state delegate conventions  happens to be the ONE thing that the usual mainstays of the GOP/ RNC comprehend that  they cannot fight.

WE have the VIDEO evidence! This has caused many old-timers in the GOP to finally step back and realize they cannot win for LOSING.  I am not  a Spring Chicken, and I am not poking fun at them for age, just for the amount of time they have spent on doing terrible things which have begun to destroy the GOP/RNC and the USA.   When it comes to their faces and voices and names being “caught on video”?  – These folk do not want to keep getting themselves in trouble by scamming and defrauding the PAUL vote.  In most cases, they are forces to aquiesce and all the true vote to stand.

 I am thrilled with each and every person who’s done this;  taken out their i-phones or small cameras, and usually secretly,  made sure to get the evidence.
So, kids, PLEASE do keep it up. More conventions are coming up this week and this month, so convince ALL delegates to FOLLOW the RULES and VIDEO the VOTES.  We had a few primaries or caucuses (mainly beauty pageants) in the country, today, and I am looking forward to see what the Paul voters have come up with.  If I find any new videos of today’s occurances, I will pass them on, and I hope you will do same!

In particular, to:  Brad (in the video);  you can now thank me for getting on this.. early. It’s not only me, of course, but this was the idea I had after I saw the IOWA SCAMMING VOTE (I did tell you it was FRAUD, no matter what you want to say).. and now, Ron Paul delegates have SWEPT Iowa. Dude, I had told you that would be the case, and that the votes had to be miscalculated, back in January.  That night, I had a dream about how WE would make the GOP pay attention…  in my dream, we won because we video’d the votes!  The whole world IS now  watching this, yet you still want to say that most of these shams of votes (or vote-counting) is NOT fraud?  C’mon, Brad!

TO everyone else – please DO keep it up. Be sure YOU take a camera and/or phone to the conventions. Make SURE you get all of this information on video.  Begin your videos as soon as you get to the floor, or as you enter the building or room (need to know if they are blocking anyone from entry without just cause)..  Have clear cards and extra batteries, if you can, POST and Share, everywhere.  Remember, though; MANY of the state’s conventions are running for a LONG time (into the later hours, even when scheduled to end at dinner-time), so you will need enough space and battery power to ensure you catch whatever there IS to catch and report!
And, again when you do post these; ADD:
@GOP_VOTE_FRAUD to tags of ALL of these videos.
Thanks, again.

You have ALL done a great job thus far, but we are NOT done yet!!

Go RON PAUL and GO Ron Paul DELEGATES!  Y’all are just wonderful!