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This is a wonderfully heart-touching video, from ALJezeeraEnglish; I find it somewhat deplorable that the US Media wants nothing to do with presenting stories such as this, while at the same time, I appreciate the American news and information that comes from the other side of the world.
This is a ~25 minute video. It’s worth the time spent to watch and see what our OWN Native people go through. Please consider the content and, if you have it in you, try to do something positive for our Pnaci people.
In my opinion, we have done too many awful things, broken agreements, stolen land, murdered the elders, and it truly is well past time that we help those left.
I have another blog, on, talking about plans to go up to Pine Ridge, Oglala/Sioux Nation, to help with building and re-habbing homes. This effort is still in the very early planning stages; i had hoped to have found many more volunteers for this program, but it’s not happened as of yet.
IF you can (and most of you can) give to these people, please do. If you feel you can be of assistance in any sort of fixing. handy-man’ning, etc.., please send me a note or post it in a comment.
Thanks for your giving spirit!