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I have been paying attention to the brouhaha created by Jewish Voice for Peace (or Pieces of Palestine) and, “the Campaign”, and that whacky Ali Abuminah’s site (which I blocked myself from years ago) over Alison Weir’s refusal to blacklist other supporters of Palestine (true supporters of Palestine, not half-hearted supporters of Israel like JVP and, “the Campaign”. Electronic-whatever..), I finally decided to tell, “the Campaign”, what I think of them and to ask be (finally) be removed from their mailing list.

This is what i had to say to Ms. Balzer:Featured image

To Whom it May Concern:
(Ms. Anna Balzer)
After years of frustration with USCEIO’s negative actions aimed at many supporters of Palestine (whom I stand by), and as it seems that being pro-Palestine is taken as being, “anti-semitic”. by your organisation, I would prefer to be removed from your list of supporters.  I was quite frustrated when you attacked (repeatedly) Gilad Atzmon and many others who’ve done wonderful work for Gaza and for all of Palestine, as well as for the USA (and all of the West) by exposing the truths of Israel and the Diaspora Jews, but, your wretched behaviour toward Alison Weir, of If Americans Knew, is far too much for me to accept or gloss over.
I stand with Palestine and with all honest supporters of Palestine.  It is obvious, “the Campaign”, does not.  For this  reason, I do ask that you please just remove me from your mailing list(s) and from any and all future correspondence.  Unless and until USCEIO is willing and able to take an honest look at herself in the mirror and make adjustments which would be positive for the Palestinian people, I want nothing to do with, “the Campaign”.
It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I write this, but as I’ve watched over too many years, “the Campaign” seems to care more about so-called anti-semitism then they do about the people we are supposed to be supporting.  I honestly hope this leaves you searching your soul(s) and if you are able to change;  to come up with a way to get back on the right path, I hope you will contact me and wish me back.  IF the Campaign figures it out, do send me a note and I’ll be happy to return.   However, I would not return without Ms Alison Weir, Gilad Atzmon, and many others I’ve come to respect and to like.
Minimally, please do end this charade.  Your bad behaviour is helping nobody.
Anne Beckett
Austin, Texas
I do hope everyone who supports Palestinians and the Palestinian right of return will also remove themselves from the lists and campaigns by those who are obviously working within a two-state (one-state) solution.  There can be no two-state-solution, and those who support Israel are fully aware of this fact.  How could they not be?
Jewish Voice for Pieces (of Palestine)
and USCEIO (e-i-e-i-OHHHH, I get it, now!)
should be ended, just like the state these entities actually support:  Israel.  One cannot serve two masters and these entities don’t.
Thanks for paying attention.
Viva Palestina!
and FREE Gaza!

PalGaza_Aug2014_AUSTIN 007

Palestine Solidarity.
If you’ve read my recent post regarding the problems we ran across with the Palestine Solidarity Committee in Houston and Austin, Texas, you may believe Gilad Atzmon is an extremist and PSC has every right and reason to, “disavow Atzmon.” But, is any of what PSC says against Atzmon valid? Does Gilad hold extremist (and, as they say, racist) views? In fact, does it make any sense that those who claim solidarity with the people of Palestine, would go up against Atzmon? Forget that nobody I’ve heard from, or read words by, has bothered to read anything Atzmon has written. Ignore the fact that their words against GA are based in absolute conjecture and rumor. In fact, let’s forget about their fight against Gilad and, instead, look into their purported struggle against Israel.
How does one fight/struggle against the Jewish state and balk at discussing Jews? Changing the word, Jew, to, Zionist, doesn’t fool anyone except for PSC-members. PSC should not be so dishonest as to use the words interchangably. Besides, doing this can too easily be explained away, as does the PSC, that half of all Jews are not Zionists. Again, I say, really? You see, I used to believe that tired line: “Every Zionist may be a Jew, but not every Jew is a Zionist.” I used to spout this line, myself! As I have grown to understand a lot more about Zionism and Jewishness and particularly about the Jewish state, I can finally state, if one stands with the state of Israel, or refuses to stand against Israel, he or she is a Zionist. Refusing to speak the truth of the Jewish-state of Israel should give everyone a clue; said person is a Zionist, or would at least be a zionist-sympathizer! The only Jews I can view as anti-zionists are those who refuse, on moral grounds, to live in Israel while calling for the complete destruction of Israel in favor of the rebuilding of Palestine. Anything less and said Jews and PSC-membership are Zionists. Perhaps this is a more comfortable position taken by the newly un-brainwashed, but it is a dishonest stance.
Why would I call the newly changed PSC, Zionist or, at least, pro-Israeli? Well, just look at who’s front-and-center in their groups. Are these groups run by Palestinians? Yes, in part. However, their chairs are not open only to Palestinians. No; they are now filled by Western Jews. Is this not a bit suspicious? Like America’s Congressmen, who are ever and always on the side of Israel, is the questionable allegiance of the PSC Jews not to be questioned? Would the group, Jewish Voice for Peace, select non-Jews to run their show? I think not. Yet Palestine Solidarity groups are led and co-sponsored by Jews. Does this make any sense? I did think this was a problem specific to Texas. I thought only Texas’ PSC was confused. However, as Gilad Atzmon tours America and finds the only black-listing he encounters comes from the PSC, I am seeing that the PSC has been infiltrated and changed by the Jews. And, yes, it makes me sad. For I thought we had a good thing going. I thought the PSC would possibly have a chance to help Palestine. Heck, I thought they wanted to help Palestine! I thought I could join with them and we could finally do something positive. Now, when I consider who’s running the show, I see this will never happen, at least not from this group. And this would mean it is time for a new group or, minimally, a new leader, to take hold and actually get back to the original intention set out for PSC. Perhaps you think Gilad Atzmon is this leader? I’ll ask, but don’t think he wants the job.
One thing I absolutely know is this: Ali Abuminah is not the correct person for this important endeavor. Abuminah has allowed the new PSC members and chairs to re-mould him into a puppet for the Jewish-state of Israel. This is certainly not what Palestine needs! Palestinians already have this man in Palestinian-Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas, the jailer of Gaza. The Palestine Diaspora does not need a new Abbas. For, as Israel enjoys the unelected Abbas at the helm of Palestine politics, the Jewish state does also enjoy having Abuminah at the head of PSC. Why? Neither gets anything positive accomplished for any part of Palestine. How does anyone not see this for the problem it is?
Color me frustrated.

unnamed (3)

Former Israeli, former IDF, former Jew, Gilad Atzmon starts his USA tour this week, in Houston and then comes to Austin!!  Because we’ve had problems (in Austin, of all places?) with the self-appointed Central Texas arm of the ADL (and the freak, Craig Berlin, says, JDL) who’s attempted to close-down one of Gilad’s shows, we are providing information about LOCATION on an individual basis.  I know it seems a bit nutty, but the Austin, “music scene”, is run by some unattractive characters who happen to also run the bipartisan-mafia, in Austin, and all over the USA.

If you would like to come hear Gilad speak and play jazz(!!), send a private email (here or in twitter) or contact:

As talented a musician as Trevor Labonte is, he’s essentially lost his ability to earn a living via his chosen profession, in Austin.  Who’s created his problem for Trevor?  It is the same (usual;  Berlin, aka, Protape) despicable excuse for a human as that’s harassed Gilad, as well as me, and anyone who points out the truth of Israel and Palestine and, “free speech”, in the USA!  I think it is extremely important that we, minimally, fight back by going to hear musicians and speakers we care about.  Do not allow these Israel-firsters and dual-citizens (anywhere in the USA) to tell us who can or cannot play music or make speeches, here!    We must also take a long look at the farce of our Palestine -Solidarity Committee, who seem to only do what the israel-first group allows.

No wonder Palestine gets nowhere when this terrible group of subverters is who they’ve got, “on their side”,  For me, it has been a huge let-down to see the truth of those supposed to be working for Gazans and for all Palestinians.  I wrote to the, “Interfaith Council”, who say they are on the side of Palestine, to ask them about hosting Gilad’s tour date in Austin.  This is what I received, in return:

Gilad Atzmon has been disavowed by the Palestine Rights movement for his racism and anti-semitism.  I’ve attached a copy of Ali Abunimah’s article on him.
What group are you with that invited him? Who is “we”? 
Bernice Hecker, ICPR coordinator
Now, Gilad Atzmon is far from being a hater, of anyone, but the ICPR doesn’t seem to comprehend that they are using the exact same ploys AND words as the ADL!  What good is this group to the people of Palestine?  I find them imposssible and worse than our irritating ADL manipulators.  Someone needs to speak to them, and if they had open minds, I know Gilad Atzmon could explain the problems of allowing the wrong people to lead the group.
And I hope to see MANY of you, in Austin, Thursday night!

When I look at what Israel does, almost daily, and then exponentially, every few years, in Gaza, the West Bank, and what is left of Palestinian East Jerusalem, I am aghast! How does any country get away with such horrific and brazen shows of brutality in this age of enlightenment and electronic filing? Every image of Gaza comes to us within moments. Before we can take it in and react, multiple images, thoughts, and emotions follow. And Israelis seem to be not effected by these images and photos. One question: How is that? What kind of special power does Tel Aviv hold? Or, is it a sort of mental defect and/or disease within her people..?

Sure, Israelis and dual-citizens holding allegience for and with israel are embedded in our American government, and this is no small problem. They perpetrated many crimes to get there, in US Congress and White-house.  The connivance which had to have occurred behind the scenes to master such a fete is/was despicable.. But, the American federal government is not our people and is hardly reflective of us. D.C.;  little-israel, does not speak or act for US.  We, as a nation of mostly caring individuals, are not as easily manipulated as our government, or are we? Aren’t we too smart to watch the MSM, which always and ever precedes the name, “Hamas”, with code-word, “terrorist-organisation”? Haven’t we all gotten past the overused notion that, “Israel has a right to defend itself.”? We know this is a fallacy and that Israel has never defended itself against Hamas or the PLO and even the Palestinian Authority; though in the case of PA, the only offensive move they have made is…? I mean, hmm; does the PA ever do or say anything that any Israeli might ever find remotely offensive? I suppose, if one concedes that by virtue of the fact that they have continued to exist (and maintain some sort of, “power”, even after voted-out by Palestinians(!!)) might be offensive to Bibi and the rest of the Israeli nutty-yahoos, one can state that Israel has the right to defend itself against the PA.., but that would really be stretching it.

Yet, there is something else. There is a strange power at play in Israel and, of course, in all of the West. What is it? Of course, there are constant harassment by the regular hasbara teams, as they are everywhere. Sometimes, you find a lone hasbara-cel (like on RT’s CrossTalk or, The Debate, on PressTV), but they are generally accompanied by other hasbarats such as one invariably encounters in youtube. And rather than lessening in strength, in consideration of how much truth is available these days, the hasbarats are coming out of our ears! Yes, they are everywhere! Go watch any video that mentions Israel, even in passing.., or that mentions Gaza or Palestine (at all), and check out the comment-thread, and you find the filthy liars for the lunatic-state there. It is as if they know when people are watching these videos and, the moment a thumb-up is made or one positive word regarding Palestine/Palestinians written, they are there to pounce, slander, distract from the subject, and out-right avoid the subject. The youtube-hasbarats are the ugliest form of liar in that entirety of internet! Nobody says, “poor children of Gaza”, without going through a verbal beat-down. Does this tactic work to change minds? No, but.., does it matter? That sort of hasbara agent is there to wear US down and to prevent teaching anyone anything but a lesson; don’t talk about Jews, or Israel, or Gaza, or Palestine, or Palestinians, and don’t you even think it! A decent person must either develop a very hard exterior, or selective reading skills, or both, in order to ignore the yt-hate-style hasbarat. Youtube officials, google plussers, and most other site-admins of internet byways have pretty much left this part of the online experience, like a Wild-West show in which we are the entertainment. The only way to avoid it is: Ignore the words while removing them and blocking the hasbarats. This is the only way to keep ones sanity and get anything done, online! No, they are not the only form of hasbarat, but they are the most vile.

Why do these hasbarats and paid israeli-trolls continue getting away with this? There are a few reasons. In many cases, this is their JOB! This is how some hasbarats and erstwhile online freaks put a roof over their heads and McDonalds’ in their ever-expanding bellies. It is how they cover that next pack of Camel-no-filters, and the latest emailed packet of porn. They are not nice people and each and every one is paid to be more filthy than the last. Many times, they do not even speak to the, “virtues”, of the lunatic-state as they don’t have to! The point is not promotion of Israel. The point is to take you down, one way or another. This type hasbaranimal slanders all decent people. Again; it is their job. They make up stories about whomever the target is, not a care given to the veracity of such stories, and if they find out anything *real* about decent folk, at all, they play with that truth, turning it into the most vile filth, which they post and spread far and wide. This sort are best avoided. They truly do not care a whit about Israel and they care less about you. Their cause, then, is not the Jews. Their cause is ensuring nobody has a positive thought about Palestine. Their cause is a filthy cause, but it is not as all-encompassing as the hollow-cause (holocaust.)

What can we say about the holocaust?

No; really.., what CAN we say about the holocaust?

If we don’t wish to be put through the ringer of hate, set onto and run up and down the well-worn and meandering road of the, “anti-Semite”, there is little we are able to say on the subject. We cannot say, “holocaust”, unless we want to pay for it. Yes, it is as if there is a hollow-cause TAX (and there ought to be, charged to those who envoke it for pleasure or to one-up his opponent.) For, the holocaust has been overdramatized, lied about, pretended, over-used, and abused to DEATH. The claims run from silly to disgusting, but most made no sense in the beginning, and are easily disproven. Due to its overuse, I generally refuse to call it, “holocaust”, opting for my more correct, “hollow-cause”. Some people don’t like that I have changed it. Some find it silly. But, considering I am usually dealing with the emotional equivolent of fourth-grader, when fending off barbs of the hollow-cause, I find that my word play makes more sense. And, if I can offend a hasbarat (as one cannot hope to make them think), my mood is already better.

After all of the years of study, questioning, and pointing and laughing at the most inane claims of the hollow-cause, why does any person even go along with, “gassings”, or, “human-skin lampshades”, “shrunken-jew-heads”, and, “six-million dead”? How can any thinking adult human not understand the complete stupidity all of it is?
To me, most of the stories from the hollow-cause had to have originated as old-wives tales, or cautionary tales that one would weave in order to warn children.. The tales remind me of stories my elder siblings would use on us younger kids, like that about the haunted witch-house, used to warn kids away from a woman who, as it turned out, was a bit of a mental-case and possibly or  probably dangerous.
Imagine the setting; Germany 1941, whatever-camp. A woman is burdened with children who won’t behave. She points to the delousing rooms and threatens the kid(s): ” See how they kill bugs there? That poison will kill you, too. If you’re not good, I’ll have the guard put you in with the sheets…”, and it really is that simple.
Similar tales can be made up, and most likely were createdholdisraelaccountable2 of an already creepy place, the crematorium. What kid (including those outside of Germany) has not held negative and fearful ideas of the funeral pyre? Imagine the threats posed to children to keep them in line, and there you have it; half (or more) of the hollow-cause stories explained!

There should be a big difference to the typical, thinking adult; we don’t continue believing impossible fantasy stories once we mature! So why do otherwise mostly-intelligent people close off their ears and minds to the TRUTHS about the asinine and ridiculous tales of the hollow-cause”? It just makes no sense! But people cannot help themselves. What is it that causes this abject refusal to comprehend the truth? Cognitive dissonance(?); sure. Even those who know there are problems with the stories cannot get over the tales of the poor put-upon Jew. They cannot get over the last hurdle. I find these people disappointing. I do not get them. And, anymore, I simply do not care enough to try and get them or it.
I’ll leave the reader with one thought: If there was a holocaust of six-million people, why were and are there so many survivors? Why would Hitler not simply kill them all?

Please;  for the sake of this planet:  Just think!


*A small slice of one of the MULTIPLE pro-anti-Gaza/Palestine arguments. from youtube:

David Chiodo: I support peace…
+Himilo Communication Yes… and Hamas never kills innocent woman and children…

Anne Beckett:  +David Chiodo  PROVE IT.  Show one FACT about Hamas murdering either a woman OR a child.
Hamas is NOT the boogeyman you have made them out to be.  They are not a, “terrorist org”.  They aren’t even a military group.
And, it has not been Hamas shooting these essential fireworks into EMPTY FIELDS in, “israel”, (stolen from PALESTINE.)  One of the main ideas behind this latst/(sic) current barrage of MURDER on Palestine was to take another slice of LAND from Gazans. “IsraHELL is cutting away another forty-percent OF Gaza for their OWN use..; for the squatters they call, settlers.
You really ought to wake the heck up. 

David Chiod:  Every freaking time they strap explosives to a ‘martyr’ and have them detonate it inside a crowded market.  What I don’t understand is if Muslims truly think that it is God’s will that they kill Jews…and Gentiles for that matter… and God is infallible…  then why did God create Jews and Gentiles in the first place?

Anne Beckett   IF there is a god and this god created anything, it would be PEOPLE this god created, not, “jews and gentiles”..  That separation of people into groups came from?? JEWS.  If you read the bible (by man, not written by any, “god”) you should realize it was a product of world jewry.

That you go along with it is (almost) amusing.
NO GOD would go along with the MURDEROUS ATTACK*s* on Gaza and all of Palestine.  I mean, do you think any god WOULD?  If so, why, “create… gentiles”, in the first place?  — for SPORT?
I mean;  does any of what comes out of your thick head actually make ANY sense?  Honestly, guy;  that idea (all of it) is NUTTS.

IF you are not a Jew, why would you think Jews, “chosen”?  That’s a nutbag idea..  and ideology.
I would laugh, but so many babies and mothers are DYING because of this thought-process, that it makes me sick.  Have you never really considered what it is you believe in??  really??

By the way:  WHEN was the last, “martyr”, created?  WHEN was the last time ANYONE, “strapped explosives”, to his or her chest in order to take out the  jews?  If you don’t know, I can give you a hint..  (ten years ago).  And, still.  HOW desperate would one be in order to do this?  WHAT would cause such desperation?  Have you ever pondered this idea?

Start thinking.  Stop just, “believing”, based on someone else’s ideas.  OKAY?

And, a voice of reason:
+Anne Beckett WOW, You go girl. 
DO people actually cotten-to the idea that their GOD or any god has made Jews & Gentiles? Did this god make two different groups?  Or is it three groups?  Four?  How many large religions are there, in this world, and would any god make these different groups for a reason?  What would the reason be, if so?  Do Christians actually believe the Jews  a CHOSEN Race, better in every way than themselves?  If they do think Jews are chosen and going to wherever it is the chosen people go (or stay?) after death, why are they not ALL clammoring to the synogogues in order to BECOME JEWS?  
Or, is this because they ALSO believe Jews are Jewish,by BLOOD?  Would this be the main reason behind ethnic-Jewry?  I will say this:  the whole thing makes very little sense to a thinking person!
In case you’d like to see the whole back-and-fro, check out this link:

A while back, I, “favorited”, and, “retweeted”, a few posts by @GiladAtzmon, in twitter.  One of my twitter-followers, @AliAbuminah, decided to jump in and explain to me why I should not go along with what GIlad says.  And I had forgotten, til today, to tell Gilad about it.  Since twitter limits us to such a small number of characters, I sent GA a short email:

> Your Name: Anne
> Your Email: *****
> Subject: Ali Abuminah (sp?)
> Message: Did I tell you that Ali and I had a short argument?  He said I needed to use the term, Zionist, rather than Jew.  I should not go along with Gilad Atzmon, “because nobody likes the words he uses”.
> I told him I agreed with you because you were right, not because it was popular.
> He un-followed me on twitter after that exchange.  I thought it was funny and very telling.
> Excellent posts, particularly lately!  I’d imagine a lot of Jews have gone extra- nutty over you today.
> @

The latter part of my post to GA had everything to do with his talk in Geneva, recently, which I had finally gotten around to watching in its entirely.  I’d recommend this talk, in particular, to all!

The link to this most excellent post:  

If people want to figure it out, this is a great jumping-off point.  May it become your tipping-point!

First of all. I just spent a full hour editing the original post, as wordpress did not allow me to enter text in the first transcript of this post. And, so, for those who follow this blog and received an empty page? I apologize! I will try and make-up for that with this word-filled post!

But now, back to the original title:
Today started as many other days; Check the emails, go on to to have my say, and post their links (with my thoughts) in twitter. Sometimes, I go back to twitter to see what people thought of what I said, and sometimes not. This day, I did, and perhaps I should not have? For by the end, it all boiled down to these four words: You sound like Hitler!

How was this? It started with this one tweet (from me):
‏@AnneBeck58 3h
‘Israel behind US police state’ via @sharethis Remember this as day you received proof; Israel RUNS USA- completely
To which he responded:
@mikedowson222 2h
@AnneBeck58 @ShareThis We know, but there’s nothing you, I or anyone can do about it. hiding behind the holocaust while committing their own
*** and, we went back and fro, in a fairly calm manner:
*ME* @mikedowson222 @ShareThis I know & U know, but many do not. Awaken the Masses. #Revolt may be necessary 2 create any TRUE change.
*HIM* @AnneBeck58 @ShareThis @GiladAtzmonIsolated individuals are impotent, you’ll never beat the Zionists at their own game, they’re too clever.
*ME* @mikedowson222 @ShareThis So, do we simply give up?
*HIM* @AnneBeck58 @ShareThis No, but the status quo can never be challenged, any attempt would be both dangerous and futile. They run the media…
***and, on and on…, until he said:
@AnneBeck58 @ShareThis you’re beginning to sound like Hitler!


Is that not always the come-back? Have we all not heard this before? This guy thinks he cares about this nation AND the world, yet he so easily employed those four USUAL words: “You sound like Hitler”. It’s a game-ender. It is a ridiculous notion, in my opininion, especially as Hitler did not ever, “sound like Hitler”! He, at least, did not sound like the Hitler of Jewish lore! This particular guy, who is (not?) running with the Zionists, still came up with that phrase? If he could so easily spit that out, what hope do we have? Perhaps this was the point, but I am not sure.
How do we combat this repeated comparison to Hitler and the Nazis? Or, do we? DO we resign ourselves to preaching to the choir in hopes that they will decide a REAL revolt IS necessary? Do we just hope those in our groups and in earshot will finlly stand up with their arms and armor and start a revolution?
Our police and sherrifs are being trained- BY ISRAEL, in Israel (Palestine). We pay for this to be so. A great percentage of OUR tax-dollars are given, via the DHS, to Israel for their security. Well, what about American security? How secure are we when we attack many other nations, particularly in the Mid-East and N.Africa, with no rationale other than, “isreal needs us to do it”. But, here at home, if you have ever even seen how SWAT operates, you are also aware that they are not “only” cops, but are backed-up by our military! WHAT?– you say? Yes, it is true and I have seen as much.

Well, here’s an idea, and with Obama about to take US into yet more war(s) for Israel, let’s tell our kids (our enlisted kids, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc..) they must simply not show up!
When our enlisted personnel are called to get on board the planes and ships to Yemen, ask them to refuse. If you are enlisted, PLEASE: DO not get aboard! When you’re called to go into Syria (as we’ve been trying to make that happen for a full two years– PLUS), for Israel, PLEASE REFUSE!

In Israel, there is a wonderfully caring group of Refuseniks, who will not enlist and/or will not show up to go into yet another war based on the lies they’ve been told. Thus-far, Americans only skip going to war by killing themseleves, at a rate of 22 to 27 vets and enlisted, per day. And most of America have no idea this is even transpiring.

All I want to say to the guy who had a problem with me is: WAKE UP! If you are really on the side of right and you HOPE people can bring about a lasting change, DO NOT ENVOKE THE NAME OF HITLER. For, when you do this, you fight their battles for them. And what else do they need other than US fighting with one-another rather than with them?

And I would ask the same of everyone who comes across my blog and those blogs by others telling the truth: WAKE UP! Just look at what we are, now, and have been doing, especially in the Mid-East and at the behest (or the insistance) of Bibi the Nutty-Yahoo! What, about this, is okay?

DO not use the name, Hitler, to describe anyone who’s trying to get more Americans to do right. Do not use the name, Hitler, at all- unless and until YOU are ready to tell some of the REAL TRUTH about the man!
Thank you.

Harry Fear and a Palestinian (so-called) “terrorist”, discussing armed resistance, in Gaza. She’d been jailed after hijacking a plane, back in the sixties. in regard to the plight of the Palestinian people/ And, guess what? NOTHING has changed, what with Cast-Lead Ops (back in 2008 til 2009) and Operation Pillar of CLOUD (changed by Bibi to, “operation pillar of DEFENSE”, which is a total load of tripe, in order to make it more palatable to the rest of the world.
The November, 2012, horror or massacre of Palestinian, starting with the MURDER of a young Palestinian football-player, Hamid, being shot in the HEART – via some very strange munitions that left two very small injuries to the boy’s chest and heart, while no bullet and nothing to show what had entered his small body…
The young boy, Hamid, LIVED tor futboll – soccer and was a fan of Brazil’s soccer team. He was not shooting, “rockets”, into Israel. He was living the life of a young boy and doing the best of it as one can manage while under OCCUPATION and MILITARY MIGHT.

Rest in peace, Hamid.
Thank you, Harry Fear, for ALL you have done and continue to do for HUMANITY, particularly in GAZA!
As long as Israel continue to MURDER the children of Gaza and all of Palestine, the RESISTANCE will continue to grow. Regardless of the West’s changing the narrative and calls these children and their families, “terrorists”, the resistance MUST continue.

And the people of America, who’re now experiencing a wee small taste of what Zionism IS, had better figure this out. I’d say we must get it and work it through, before it is too late, but we’ve reached that time. “Our government” has been taken over by all of these pro-Israel lobbyists (AIPAC, anyone? LOOK IT UP!!) and there is not much left we can do..
..but, REVOLT!

As they said back in my day; It is time we *Stand-UP for right. *Sit-In for PEACE.. *Occupy our government’s buildings. and maybe just completely FREAK OUT! They’ve brainwashed us for about six and one-half DECADES. We’ve been lulled a’sleep by those whose sole purpose is to do US harm! GET UP- Figure it out, NOW!

“Pull back the curtains, throw up the sash, stick your head out the window, and yell: I AM MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GONNA TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!”
Only WE have the power to fix this.

Dr. Khoury-Machool contributed this article to The OtherSite – Truth? Justice? Peace?


Meanwhile I moved to the side of the road, away from the center of the conflict. A passing taxi picked me up and took me to Shifa Hospital in Gaza. During the whole journey, I heard bursts of fire.    At the entrance to the hospital about thirty doctors in white gowns stood waiting for casualties. I was the first. They took me into the operating theater, and ten doctors, including surgeons, all began to treat me at once. One of them took my blood pressure, a second my temperature; a third checked  my stomach; another connected me to an ECG machine. I was injured in the face, next to my nose. While they were stitching me up under a local anesthetic, a lad of about 17 was brought into the hospital. He had been shot by soldiers at the incident in Bayt Hanun. From the operating table, I saw in the mirror the barrel of a gun waving nervously across the windowsill. The second casualty died on the operating table, right next to me.    I left the theater straight into the hospital courtyard. Seven soldiers stood at the side and arrested all the youths who came to inquire about the condition of their wounded comrade. I decided nevertheless to try to reach the meeting place. A man was waiting for me there, and he took me to the leader.    The condition was that I should not know his name nor other identifying details such as where he lived, where and what he studied. Later I saw him in action, giving orders, receiving reports, directing thousands of people against the army. Twice I saw IDF soldiers withdraw.    He speaks perfect literary Arabic and also good Hebrew. His speech is open and decisive, laced with figures and data. Every half hour he received up-to-date information from his people on what was going on in the Gaza Strip. Around him I saw five people who kept him supplied with news. During the day, I was with him in various parts of Gaza and the refugee camps of Jabalya nad Shati’. He always stood erect, steady, almost without moving. In every place, people were drawn to him as to a magnet. I talked with him as we walked along the paths and alleys between the houses.    The Gazans who saw me at his side asked what I was doing there. They expect that journalists, foreigners as well as Israelis, will sit in the military headquarters or travel about surrounded by 20 jeeps, take a few photo- graphs, and leave. The leader said about this, “We told all our people not to believe the signs which say ‘Foreign Press’ because the settlers, the army, and the occupiers are behind them, in order to hitch a lift and get into the Strip.” But despite this, he said, “The progressive Jewish journalists are the most intelligent and best people in Israel.”    The bandage on my head broke some of the barriers of suspicion. As far as I was able to tell, he spoke to me candidly and with a great deal of honesty. “They are not really demonstrations and this is not a revolt,” is the leader’s contribution to the debate in Israel. “This is a war that continues 24 hours a day. We are working in rotation. The order was that the youngsters should go in the front, facing the fire, and they don’t hesitate to do so. They block the army’s central route. It is the first time in history that this has happened. I go through the whole Strip and instruct them in the camps. It’s not just school children. By now it includes everyone aged from nought to a hundred. Here is a 55-year-old woman who took part in the events and was hit with a stick by the soldiers. The women are not afraid. Ninety percent of the people in Gaza belong to political groups. They don’t need instructions from anybody. In any case, people who live under occupation and oppression do not need someone else to incite them.”    How do you organize the demonstrations now?    “Once, in order to start a demonstration, we would send the children to organize a disturbance. Now, everyone is out on the streets at 3 in the morning. Not ten or twenty people, but hundreds. We don’t have a timetable, but we already have a custom, waves of people going out, at 3 am, in the morning, at midday, early evening. From the evening until 3 am, we sleep and organize. Sometimes, if the situation demands it, we even go out at 10 pm, because during the night, the army doesn’t effectively control the streets and doesn’t know the local topography, so we are in control. For instance, yesterday in Jabalya refugee camp, there were demonstrations all night and there was not a single soldier, even though there was a curfew. The soldiers simply fled, because thousands of people formed a sort of moving human wall, and nothing will work against something like that, neither an iron fist nor bullets.”    Aren’t you afraid?    “It is forbidden. It is simply forbidden to be afraid of anything. The occupation authorities think that if someone dies and they take the body and permit the burial only during the night, then there will not be any disturbance. But our thinking has already passed this barrier. The new system is that we snatch the body from the hospital and bury it and turn this into a sort of spontaneous demonstration. We also forbade the doctors to give the bodies to the military authorities, and anyway the doctors are not in control of this, for we have no difficulty in snatching the bodies. For instance, in the past few days we have snatched four bodies and organized night funerals which have turned into demonstrations. Then the whole area, like Khan Yunis yesterday, is out on the streets. Not a single person stayed at home. Thirty-five thousand took part in that funeral. During the funeral, we injured seven soldiers. Yesterday, I made a few trips, from Khan Yunis to Rafah and from Rafah to al-Burayj. There were tens of thousands, and until 3 am the army could not break in. The distance between the Gaza sentries and the army was fifty meters, and the army simply didn’t dare to come in.”    In one of the side roads, someone came up to him and said that a 17-year-old boy had been murdered in Bayt Hanun. That was the lad who had died on the operating table next to me. All the time, he received reports, how this youth had been struck, whether with a stick or something else, on what part of the body, and where this had happened. He explained that the distribution of leaflets from any organization was forbidden, but if he wanted to he could organize the distribution of leaflets every day, without problems [sic]. “We already know how to identify their civilian information. We feel their presence, particularly in the mornings. We have seen to it that the army does not know who the inciters are. The authorities will not see another inciter. There is an instruction, and everyone goes out, quite spontaneously. There are no single inciters.”    When I asked him about the role of the leader in directing the masses, he was modest. “No, not exactly a leader. More like a giver of order.” But the hours that I spent in his presence showed that his orders are carried out with an almost religious obedience.    This is how he sees things. “Out of 650,000 residents of the Strip, the occupying authorities have so far arrested 47,000. Every one of them is already his own leader where he lives. The arrest creates a leader. We cause the politicization of the people, and they like this because they need it. Let no idiot think that external forces are directing what goes on inside. The people inside belong to all sorts of organizations, which are like political parties of the nascent state. Even those who do not belong to any group identify with the overall struggle.”    Over the years, a sort of quiet hatred has developed among the residents of the Strip for their compatriots in the West Bank. They feel neglected, even forgotten. The journalists reporting on events in the territories usually set out from Jerusalem. They easily reach Ramallah or Bethlehem, but rarely get to Gaza. So the West Bank naturally gets press coverage, even when much more important things which are happening in Gaza don’t find any expression in the media.    Loyalty to what is called “unity of Palestinian ranks” prevents the Gaza residents from expressing their frustration, but many of them feel that the national leadership in the West Bank looks down on them in the way town-dwellers usually regard residents of some distant province. The leader was only prepared to say these few words about the differences: “The Gazans, if they decide to do something, carry it out to the end. The West Bank is almost paradise compared to the Gaza Strip. Even such a simple thing as a passport is denied to them. The only thing that most of them have is a refugee card.”    Perhaps  this is the reason that the Gaza Strip has always been distinguished by a large measure of independent action. At the end of the 1960s, the underground groups used to organize under the umbrella of one of the Palestinian organizations, but even when contact was made with the leadership outside, it was hard to maintain it. Decisions on activities were taken in the Strip, and the residents usually got hold of the arms and sabotage materials by themselves. In recent years, it has been decided to maintain a strict separation between the armed groups and the activists considered “political.” In no case have shots been fired at the army from among the demonstrators, which should have been likely to lead to a bloodbath. The local leaders are responsible for this discipline.    “Every quarter has its own leader, who is usually some major personality. He will be known for this high political consciousness, for his charisma, and he will not have to do that much persuasion, for the situation helps him, and he will just have to give the signal. Every one of these leaders has already become a symbol. In a large quarter, there will be two or three leaders. The detainees are usually political people, who belong to an ideological current and not necessarily to a particular organization. The leader creates around himself an organized mass which at any time can go and do whatever is necessary. In effect, we want the army. We don’t demonstrate when it isn’t here. We want it in order to confront it, in whatever way we can.”    Referring to the efficiency of the organization, he said: “Yesterday, five hundred women went to Bayt Hanun, and they only knew of the planned trip five minutes before they left. The conscription of all levels of the population is in effect like a military operation. When we want to operate through the whole Strip, our short experience has taught us that within a few minutes we can block the main traffic route leading out from the Strip. When the army says that it has opened the main road, it is a lie because the road is blocked by our people.”    He stressed: “It is not correct that the mosques are center of incitement. We only use the mosque loudspeakers, nothing more. Now the whole community is united in one front. At the moment, it doesn’t matter who the organizations are, even though it is known that the Popular Front is more revolutionary than Fateh. The basic presence on the ground is of the Popular Front and Fateh, though in terms of numbers, Fateh is bigger.”    Suddenly he disappeared. I don’t know where to. He didn’t say goodbye or farewell. I met him again about an hour later in Shifa Hospital, in which his forces had been besieged for the past five hours.    Shortly after 11, I arrived at the Red Cross building, in which about two hundred lawyers had been barricaded since the morning. At 11:45, they decided to go out for a silent procession to the hospital, which had filled up with casualties over the previous two hours. A strange procession in the Gaza street, many grey heads, tens of men in suits and ties and polished shoes, marching silently between the smoking tires. In the hospital courtyard, the leader received them. “Take off your ties and join in with everyone else,” he told them. Some of the elderly lawyers were offended. After five minutes, they were all busily throwing stones at the soldiers surrounding the area.    A small mosque stands next to the hospital. The leader went in, put a few guards at the door, took over the loudspeakers, and let his men in. The news of the death of the boy from Bayt Hanun started to spread, and hundreds of people streamed toward the hospital. Within an hour, thirteen people arrived at the hospital with gunshot wounds. Among them I saw a girl who had a bullet in her bottom, and a youth injured in his arm – two holes, entry and exit wounds of the bullet.    All of the hospital buildings were already full, thousands of people. Many of them were seeking shelter from the shooting in the streets, assuming that the army would not enter the hospital. It was hard to pass along the corridors. Shooting was heard again. Close, very close. The leader started to send his people out. The youths went out first, the adults next, and all the women behind them. The leader instructed them to pass stones from the rear to the front. A chain was formed, and a rain of stones was thrown out. After each barrage, the leader ordered, “Everyone, inside!”    The soldiers started to fire at a youth on the second floor of the east wing. He jumped into the courtyard to escape from the shots. A few soldiers came into the hospital grounds. The youth tried to escape, but saw a soldier facing him. He stopped running, stood facing the soldier, opened his shirt, bared his chest and said “Shoot!” The soldier pointed the gun at him and, from a distance of fifteen meters, fired.    This happened in front of my eyes, less than twenty meters from me. The soldier’s face is engraved in my memory. From all around shouts were heard, “Wounded! Wounded!” The shooting continued. The leader or- dered, “All the women, out, to the wounded.” They went and fetched the body and put it on a stretcher. I went into the theater. The doctors told me that the bullet had cut a main artery. Immediately it was known that the boy was dead, masked youths came and took away the body. The soldiers withdrew about 300 meters, to ‘Umar al-Makhtar Street.    The youths marched with the body in a short procession and disap- peared within minutes. A few hundred people arrived with each further casualty or body. They started to make Molotov cocktails in the hospital. I saw a little boy take a bottle from the floor, pull out from his pocket a plastic flask of turpentine and a rag, fill and seal the bottle, light a match, and throw it. Flames started to rise from the tires which had rolled into the courtyard. The leader told me that, in addition to the stone and the Molotov, they had returned to an ancient method: the sling and stone, like David.    The soldiers, who in one of their assaults had come very close to the hospital, were trapped between the burning tires, and hundreds of demon- strators started to surround them. The soldiers tried to flee, but the demonstrators managed to capture one of them. All of his comrades ran.    The captive was stripped of his clothes. His jacket, his pack, and all of his equipment were taken. Nobody touched his body, and he was released wearing only a pair of torn trousers. If they had wanted, they could have killed him. They opened the pack, searched it, and asked where the grenades were. Some of them started to dance, with the rifle magazine in one hand and a “V” sign on the other. They threw the soldier’s jacket and shirt on the ground, and pressed around to trample on them.    I asked them, “What are you so happy about?” and they replied, “It is the greatest humiliation for the occupation.”    After this victory, the leader found a few minutes for me. “Once it was difficult to hold even a strike,” he said. “Today, they strike easily. The army opens the shops, and they close them. Rashad al-Shawwa, who no longer has any influence, says that what is happening in the Strip is an expression of people’s despair. But those in despair do not struggle. They surrender. We don’t actually have firearms, but even so, if the situation continues we won’t only push the soldiers back to Eretz Junction [the major road junction outside the Gaza Strip], but to Tel Aviv.”    My injury started to bother me. A few doctors ran after me, offering me ice compresses. One offered me antibiotic capsules. By the way, after midnight, when the hell was already behind me, I was forced to wait for four hours for treatment in Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.    A further casualty, who had been shot in the head, was brought to the hospital gate. He died a short time later. His body was snatched. The soldiers again entered the hospital courtyard. Bursts of fire were heard in the building. The echo added to the noise and confusion. People started to barricade themselves inside. There were already a few casualties, but there had been no time to treat them. The leader shouted to the women to go out and treat the wounded, despite the danger.    For each casualty, twenty people rushed to give blood. Twenty-eight casualties arrived within a short time, three of them with serious injuries. One of them died at 7 pm. In the operating theater, tens of doctors were working without a break, like a conveyor belt. At about 1 pm, a ten-year-old boy was shot in the hospital courtyard, in the sight of his mother. His body was wrapped in a green hospital sheet and placed on a wooden board, adorned with two palm fronds.    I went up to the roof. At 3:15, the aerial attack started; a helicopter circled 18 times and dropped tear gas grenades. Everyone started to cough. Those who didn’t get gas from above got it from below. Shots were heard from the direction of the helicopter. I heard the army loudspeaker announce that the hospital had been declared a closed military area. The area was attacked from three sides. The iron gates were broken down at once, and 45 minutes of shooting started. Forty Gazans were arrested. Many were injured. I saw a man running, dragging his foot.    I felt like a live target. It’s good that my tape is on, I thought. At least it will be able to record how I was killed. Meanwhile, about thirty jeeps entered the hospital area, and shots were heard from all directions. Some of the injured jumped over the hospital fence into the neighboring orchard. Others fled into the alleys between the nearby houses, into which it is hard for the army to penetrate. I heard the shouts of the mukhtars, who are being beaten with sticks.    I went into one of the nearby houses and dialed the Ministry of Defense, the prime minister’s office. Engaged. No line. I dialed the Knesset. They told me that there was not a single Knesset member on the premises. “They are somewhere in the area, but it is impossible to get hold of them.” The operator managed to get hold of Tawfiq Ziyad. “I will raise this in the Knesset,” he told me. I also contacted the Red Cross. They said they would come. They didn’t come. I checked my pulse. One-hundred and twenty beats per minute.    A demonstration of thousands of people from Shati’ refugee camp reached the hospital. They had heard of the deaths. In the street, I met the doctor who had seen me when I was injured in the morning. He suggested that I rest at his house, with the help of some pills for the pain. Another doctor was sitting in his house. They both checked me. They said that perhaps I had a broken chin. At 4 pm, the curfew started. Night began to fall. The army cut off the electric supply, and the residents sat in dark homes and lit candles. In the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem, Ariel Sharon lit the first candle of Hanukkah in his new home.    I went onto the roof of the doctor’s house. All around, there were gatherings of people and burning tires. The soldiers had disappeared. The darkness, say the Gazans, is the best weapon against the occupation forces. There were thousands of people in the streets. That was what the curfew looked like. I contacted the paper, seeking a way out. Two Gazans checked the terrain and told me that the main road was blocked. The doctor suggested that I slept at his place. At 9 pm, the electricity returned. “Now the stone rules the streets,” they warned me. “Whoever goes out is in danger.” I decided to go out.    I walked about a kilometer through the empty streets to the police station. The gate was locked. The police pulled out their guns and pointed them at me and only after they had checked my documents permitted me to enter. When the car from the military government came to take me to Eretz Junction, a few police went up to the roof of the police station in order to protect me for the ten meters I had to walk in the street to the car.    At Eretz Junction, less than ten kilometers from the center of the events, a few drowsy reservists sat. They asked me what was going on in Gaza and how I had been injured. I told them that I had been asked to act as a referee in a basketball match between Maccabi Hebron and Hapoel Gaza. The crowd attacked me, I explained to them, and said that the referee was a son of a whore. One of the reservists told me that he was a basketball player himself. He asked me about the level of the Arab players and who won the match.

Today, finally, Palestine was recognised as a state (essentially) when she was given, “Observer Status”, via the UN.

You could have knocked me over with that proverbial feather.

Certainly, as much as I wanted for Palestine to be recognised, I did not expect it.  I read everything posted (which was not a lot) about the back and forth;  the struggle of Palestine to achieve Observer status, and given what Palestine (Abbas, of the Palestinian Authority) was being pressured to do, such as give-up the right to take Israel to the International Criminal Court for their crimes against humanity, for (at least) Op Pillar of Cloud. 

I really thought Palestine attaining, “Observer Status”,  this would not happen in my lifetime.  It did.  And I am trilled!  I hope it is a stepping stone..  I hope it’s only a short-step toward giving all people of Palestine their freedom.  And I really hope it gives them the right to take Israel to the ICC, today and anytime in the future, when the ILLICIT state again bombs Gaza and murders Palestinians, just because they feel like it.

Of course, I have questions and concerns:

Did Abbas give up the right of Gaza/Hamas to take Bibi Netanyahu (@netanyahu for my twitter follows) to the ICC?  Will Israel ever be forced to stand trial for their latest murders of Palestinian innocents?  I hope Abbas did not give in or give up.  But, I do not yet know the answer to this question.

Will Hamas, the elected leader of the Palestinian people, finally be treated like the humans and leaders that they are?  Or, will they continue to be labeled as “terrorists”?  I think people should look at the truth of Hamas.  Though they were weaponized by Israel, years back, they have acted in the best interest of Gaza and would act in the best interest of all of Palestine, had the Zionist state not completely separated the West Bank from East Jerusalem and, especially,  from Gaza.  I believe this was by design.  Surely, most people see this, too.  For, though the majority of the world does not seem to be aware of this fact, Hamas has been struggling to stop all of those qassams from going into the (Palestinian) no-man’s land or squatter’s territory of what is really occupied Palestine.   If  their, “neighbors” (to put it nicely) are worried about these few qassams, they should just get out of Palestine!

One more time:  Hamas is not responsible for most projectiles fired into the other side of that ever-moving wall of Israel.  Hamas has struggled to catch and jail resistance fighters who do fire-off qassams.  Yet, during, “Operation Pillar of Cloud”, Israeli Occupation Forces and Israel Air Forces targeted these very Hamas policemen and police-stations, when they were not murdering babes and other innocents and not targeting news-media and hospitals and schools.  Isreali Occupation forces targeted women and children, intentionally..  So, what was it Israel and Bibi wanted to accomplish in the latest massacre?  Does anybody have a valid response to this question?

Until the people of the world wake up to the truth that Hamas is far from being a terrorist-organization, Israel will continue to act with reckless abandon.  Israel will keep acting like, “terrorists “, they say they despise and fear.  And until the USA and EU and others, particularly Westerners,  figure this out, the world will continue to be in a terrible state.  Of course, the USA voted against Palestine obtaining this observer-status.  And what did the UK do?  They wimped out and they took the no-vote route;  they abstained.

My wish now, for Palestine, is that the latest recognition by the U.N. will mean more positive accomplishments are on the way.  I hope this will mean the Israeli siege against Palestine will end.  But, I suppose we shall have to take this one step at a time.

For now;  congratulations, to Palestine.  I am sorry my own country’s government sided with the terrorists of Israel.  I am sorry they are puppets to the Zionist regime of Israel and I do hope they will wake up very soon or be voted out, if possible, before much worse happens.

Now, don’t cry, Gaza and Palestine;   for we are with you, at least in spirit.  And, I do believe that much more hope IS on the way.