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The Santorum “camp” has organized, finally, and kind’a- sort’a. However, it’s been just enough organization to make very poor decisions. It seems that the MO GOP Leaders have received a letter, or a missive, if you will; it states that signers of such letter will proffer: there is NO reason to re-do their sham of a caucus in St Charles, Missouri, and all delegates should simply be BOUND to represent Rick Santorum. Sorry, but what? Did I understand this correctly?
Santorum is “boss” of MO GOP, it seems, and L’il Ricky (Satan) is allowed to tell the (temporary) heads what they need to do; how they need to run this game, and, especially, that all UN-Bound delegates (which includes ALL delegates in MO) will just become bound delegates. It’s not in the bylaws or rules of the MO GOP, but to make life easier for Eugene Dokes, let’s just give Missouri to L’il Ricky. Yes, this is what was written and came in, from “on-High” (like LilSatan would HAVE to be high to think he has this power); the letter, which leaves a particular area blank- the SIGNATURE.
Santorum simply expected Dokes and other party-heads would SIGN this and force the people to go along with it!
The People are not going along. In a secondary video, captured discreetly by a member of the MO GOP (nice going), Eugene Doke’s representative and friend states, more than once, “We just don’t think it’s fair for Ron Paul to take over our caucus” (ahem!).
Excuse me, sir. Ron Paul has taken-over exactly NOTHING. These people do not really “represent Ron Paul”; they/WE DO represent our votes and the votes or wishes of those we know. It is OUR votes you are attempting to discredit. It is OUR word you’ve attempted to silence. You must be very careful when trying to discount the thoughts and words of approximately one-thousand delegates, or you will actually lose your party, by losing US.

In St Charles, it was not only voters for Paul who ended up silenced. There were also Romney voters/delegates there. They were (also) allowed NO say, and this is against everything a caucus is about. NO caucus is pre-ordained to be run by or FOR any particular candidate. A caucus is a meeting in which the people/ delegates speak and urge others to come to the side of their chosen candidate.. it is NOT a coronation, and neither is the national convention a coronation. It’s a VOTE and a DISCUSSION. Please understand that WE get it!

So, folks, there you have it. One person who needs a LOT of accolades and atta-boy’s, is Brent Stafford (the man who was jailed for attempting to continue their caucus, at the appropriate time and place, and was arrested– falsely- for tresspassing). Please watch the Missouri Delegate Vote Fraud (on my site, here), look up Brent. and let him know you appreciate all he’s done.

And, I have a final point; the MO GOP would have gotten away with this, had people not video’d this caucus. It should remind you to bring your camera(s) or phone(s) with you to your primary or caucus or delegates meeting(s) and all GOP meetings. Get the evidence; you never do know what game they will try, next. Due to the videos, this attempted fraud is exposed, and the MO GOP will actually have a DO-OVER caucus.
Do not let them wear you down. Show UP. Video;
Save the date: 10 April, 2012!

** One final piece of evidence: Bryan Spencer, the buddy of Eugene Dokes, caught on video– discussing how Dokes and HE planned and plotted to overtake this convention with votes for Santorum and only Santorum:

And, for your information: Both Dokes and Spencer ARE running for State-Rep positions. Please spread these videos around, everywhere, to prevent them winning anything. If I had any say in this, the only seats these men would have would be electrified. (too extreme? maybe so..)