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Here’s a reality check for Voters, for Delegates, and especially? For the “Grande Olde Party”. themselves. We are no longer willing to sit idly by and allow the GOP to (s)elect OUR candidates/ our presidential nominee, for US.
As I stated many times in the past and even here, in yesterday’s post. “Is Ron Paul Losing?”, Dr. Ron Paul’s supporters become Delegates, as we know we cannot trust the “usual delegates” of the party, considering what has become of the GOP and who’s taken it over– the NEOCONS.
It kills me, a little bit, each time I hear one of “them” stating, proudly; “Yes, I am a Neocon”, yet they want to take it a bit further and call themselves conservative. These people are not conservative in any shape or form.
They are not conservative in regard to TAXES.
They are not conservative regarding WAR.
They are not conservative regarding all SPENDING.
These Neocons are not conservative when it comes to BIG(ger) GOVERNMENT!
Many of these politicians, in all parties and surely in the GOP, have run around on their spouses (Newt, because he “loves his country too much”?), so they are not conservative in their MARRIAGES.
These people may be conservative somewhere, but I really don’t want to try to figure out in which aspect of their “take take take” lives they are considering themselves, “conservative”.
So, if YOU are “Conservative”, as all Republicans were when I was a child, your only choice for our next POTUS would be Ron Paul. Find me one person who’s more conservative (alive, please) and I will be happy to throw my support behind him or her, too.
Thanks and enjoy this wonderfully educational video!
While you’re at it, also thank Ben Swann (twitter: @Fox19BenSwann, or youtube: BenSwannRealityCheck).

One small edit/ add: Regarding Mittens; Tell me what tying one’s dog to the roof the car, while on a family vacation sort of a road-trip into Canada, is; IS that CONSERVATIVE? Is it just stupid, cruel, and ridiculous? Certainly that is not something one should teach children when it comes to pets (or ANY animals). I’ve almost come to expect such a story out of our own Texas gubbner; Puh-Rick Perry, but coming from Mr. Holier-Than-THOU Romney, it just feels smarmier. Someone call Cesar Milan, or, the animal control folk. This man needs a talking-to, as well as some training!