Posted: December 4, 2018 in #AustinWild

CLaws #AustinWildIt is the boy kitty; feral cat, who stops by for a bite and, if he can manage it, a few scratches..

  1. bigcree1 says:

    He’s a robust cat! You have a friend for life there!

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    • annebeck58 says:

      Hey, Shadow! We hope so. He is a shared kitty. He’s actually feral, and the neighbor and I are taming him, just enough, so he can get his g’nads snipped off.. We had his sister, “DangerKitty”, for a bit. She was gorgeous. I promised the neighbor I would handle the medical, if he kept her, in at night, safe from the coyotes. After a few weeks, she returned one night (she always came back around five, for dinner) with this guy, her big brother, “Buster”. Then we had two to manage.
      The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, DangerKitty was killed, by the neighbor behind me. It was so very sad. She truly was my muse. I am going to put up some posts, of her, and soon.


  2. william Crain says:

    All the streets in heaven are paved with dead cats. There is nothing more virulent than feral cats who have no excuse to live. Strays and loner’s trapped and carded off to nearest Animal Control. Feral Cats are menace to themselves, ALL Birds, and Reptiles of whom Feral Cats have put into near extinction should be protected not left to the menace of Feral Cats. Feral Cats are like Jooz raging into Palestine ~ Death to Feral Cats and you know who.


    • annebeck58 says:

      Dude. This is why we fixed this guy’s sister, and are scheduled to fix him within the month.
      But, like all other creatures, cats do fit in the great cycle of life. If you killed them all, there would be nobody to quell the rat population, particularly now that the big birds are dying off.
      I am not a big-time cat lover, but, even I see they have a place.
      Housecats are a waste when it comes to pest removal. That is why we allow the ferals to stay outdoors, all day, and they only come in at night– and to my place- before dawn.


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