From @GiladAtzmon, via @DinaSulaeman, Indonesia Center for Middle East Studies;

Posted: July 30, 2017 in Mid-East

This is surely worth the read:


  1. Corrected spelling misstakes, publish my last post. please


  2. Darwin26 says:

    As always, Gilad is brilliant. I prefaced my share of this interview with: Abraham was the first Zionist.
    thank you Anne.

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    • Not, impressed… Gilad was asked by me to get more informed about the criminal religion of Judaism

      , but he wouldn’t contact the former rabbi Yaron Yadan, at

      He was more anxious to find out if the former rabbi had found out that he might call.

      He knows that if he exposed the criminality of Judaism to his following, he would actually help the Palestinians, because people would understand why Jewish soldiers can kill Non-Jewish children without even blinking and why they become aquitted in court

      People would, from understanding the criminality of Judaism, stop believe in the Holohoax, and then sanctions against the criminal apartheid regime would come immediately, but then his lecturing caréer would be over, because of the problem already being solved.

      He does only care about his career as a “dissident”.

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      • annebeck58 says:

        I think you have made some presumptions, here, and there.
        Regarding Judaism; he doesn’t go into that, just as he doesn’t delve into any religion, but from what i understand (from his mouth), he is not in favor of any religion, at all,
        In regard to the hollow-cause, he has spoken up on the subject, at least to me, and in front of others in my home. I don’t know where you’ve gotten the idea that he does not blame what happened, and what did not happen (and how it is all an overblown lie, and absconding with the horrors so many others; Poles, Russians, Germans, etc.., dealt with and taking the suffering as their own, while they really did not suffer OR DIE, in comparison) on those who yammer on about their, “shoah”, but again, he certainly talked about this to me, in my home. I know this is what set off my (albeit crazy) neighbor and had her throwing a major temper tantrum (cognitive dissonance a la hollow-cause tales) before leaving my spot. It was Gilad’s words that primed her rage, and when I said, “If the jews didn’t wish war with Germany, they should not have declared war ON Germany”, she went mental. When I told Gilad what happened (as the neighbor waited ’til he was outside, smoking, to go into three-year-old-child mode), he agreed with ME. Gilad has written many articles about the Big Lie, and much of what he talks about in, “The Wandering Who”, would have made no sense if he believed the Big Lie had any truth(s) backing it up. THEY despise him for, “denying the holocaust”, so I think you should do a lot more research.
        And stop being so bitter.
        What have you done, other than preach to your ever-shrinking choir, to advise people of this truth?
        I have said it many times; GIlad and I do not agree on everything, but on this, we do, whole-heartedly. I am sharing it, here, because I do not see the point of sharing it (again, repeating others moves) in farcebuk. Why? In this arena, it will capture more eyes than it ever would, in FB (for me.) And, again, I am not thrilled with the idea of preaching to the choir.

        I am also against any and all religion. The fact that I don’t yammer on about this does not mean this is not my position. I simply pick my battles wisely.

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      • Darwin26 says:

        I just wanted to say thank you for bringing up something i never heard about : 1. ‘Failed Messiah site’ and 2. this ‘Halacha’ rules to live by ~ i’ve glanced at the Torah and will not likely do more ~ life is too short to spend time reading that Shit and then puking…it’s just that revolting.

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        • Ask yourself why you think Gilad and other Jews, think that you don’t need this information for protecting your own children and to understand the Palestinian cause.

          Would it perhaps be that you, God forbid stopped believing the Jews, which is far worse (for them) than if your child drowns while a Torah observant Jew watches…..

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    • annebeck58 says:

      That he is, Darwin; both. Abraham might have been the first Zionist, or, this could simply be the tale…


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