The McMonstrosity Up the Block:

Posted: July 29, 2017 in Mid-East

OKAY- WHAT the HECK IS That? Dressing, making,

Published on Jul 29, 2017

Ugly is the new Beautiful! Yeah; remember, “Orange is New Black?” Well, it seems the latest craze is ugly, and unattractive is the latest fad, so much so, that people think it is beautiful or inspires beauty. It doesn’t.
In this online (and outside or real-life) American society, I’ve noticed women and girls are dressing and making themselves up to appear much more unattractive than they would be. From what I understand of what they say, this is to repel men, as they believe that ALL men are terrible beings, akin to and no better than wild (prey and pack or herd) animals. This idea of dressing ugly seems to be inspired by feminists of yore, but, these, “new feminists”, seem to be missing the whole point. We did not stand up for women in order to put down men. We did it to help ourselves and our families. There is no charm in the latest fad, kids.
All the while, today’s young women (and girls) appear to be impressed with and by ugly design. Ugly colors we thought dead and buried, back in the seventies, are back, and they are IN like Flynn! The uglier it is, the more popular it is, today.
This, in my estimation, is taking UGLY-DESIGN craze much too far. It is the craze of the crazies. This building a house influenced by this FAD of ugly-design is something I am sure these home owners will live to regret. Can you imagine someone, or anyone, wishing to purchase this monstrosity in a few years? It may be, “super-cool”, today, but all fads pass, crazes are passe in no time. Surface design will not stand the tide of time or scrutiny of the discerning eye (and mind.)
It is, at this moment, a thing to laugh at, as is all art a thing to consider; it is not a thing to build, permanently. In a way it reminds me of these whole-body and/or facial tattoos, which most people regret, within in a few years. But, like tattoos, removal is going to be a lot more difficult than is the original placement. The whole, “I’m in your face so look at me”, ideology is one most people grow out of… This house will not grow with them.
Of course, it’s not mine and would never be mine, even though I do consider myself an artist and I do accept many forms of art, even those outside of the norm. This; I do not consider this art, though I am sure the new-home owners do, and their architect (or architecture student/s) obviously does…
This home seems to be the perfect example of society’s ugly and how it’s been accepted (or how some people have been deluded into accepting it) by the up and coming generation.
Either way, the architect (or architecture class?) has made a killing off of this thing. He or she or they have been adding to the project for at least a few years. I expect they are being paid(?)

Music from Free Music Archive, Damiano Baldoni, “Celtic Warrior”, from Lost Dinasty. This is for enjoyment, and possibly to help people to see, and to think. I monetize no videos, and use music posts, for free.

  1. Darwin26 says:

    I donno, the house seems just fine to me…eccentric for the Rich i’m afraid but nothing is uglier than womens platform shoes and any similarities; Even uglier is the Narcissism that comes with more than 3 tattoos ~ i think ‘puke’ is an equally apt description…


    • annebeck58 says:

      I think you missed the rest of it. From the angle of the image YT chose as cover, it may seem fine, but it is very weird and seems to contain each and every design/architectural element, from many different styles and eras, and only one per. Nothing about it fits.
      One person, in youtube, described it as the opposite of Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision, and I think this is the most apt description of what it is I see each and every time I wish to leave my neighborhood.. I have to pass the ridiculous monstrosity to get anywhere, and, it is ugly.
      I’m actually expecting them to build a MOAT (and maybe a drawbridge) next. I’m also afraid if I say it, out loud, it will happen.

      BTW: why would anyone glue paving stones atop of adobe? And, why a lilac (concrete) dome, out back, to match the indoor domed object? What is the domed object, indoors? Is the one out back for some sort of movie-theater? This thing is an assault to all of the senses. It nearly spreads into the street, on top of it, and they must have someone in the tax-assessors’ office and building-code enforcement offices, to get away with some of what they’ve done.
      Believe me, it truly is ugly.
      It reminds me of the worst clunky shoes. And it would be like wearing two shoes (big eight inch platforms) from two different pair of shoes, or one platform shoe and one Sketchers high-top boot. This is how it looks, in person. The neighbors are less and less thrilled, as it goes on, and on, and on. Ugh. (And this is an extremely tolerant neighborhood, but, this is too much.)

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      • Darwin26 says:

        i grew up in Los Angeles ~ when you get out of the ticky tacky boxes ~ nothing looks the same. You might want to look up famous Spanish Architects. For me in particular is Gaudi, Anton i think his first name. Not a straight line at all, simply Beautiful.
        i’m not saying Architecture is art… i feel there’s too many regulations and necessary for sure but it’s in the same vein as a ship…It appears this ‘ship of sorts’ doesn’t float for you, that’s ok however there’s an immeasurable ‘aesthetic’ and even if it was to trash current aestheticism it would still be aesthetically pleasing if you grew up in ticky tacky boxes.


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