Barb & Biff’s Big Night in Austin

Posted: March 9, 2017 in Mid-East

Because, sometimes, one has to laugh!

Springtime in Austin is great-  if you remember to look around to see what there is to see.  Last weekend, I saw a LOT!

Enjoy!Barb & Biff’s Big Night in Austin

Barb & Biff’s Big Night in Austin

  1. Darwin26 says:

    Looks like Common Grackles, a pair of males. ~ Truly, a nasty unwanted bird

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    • annebeck58 says:

      I know what they are. They are funny, regardless…
      I’m hoping to catch the vultures which nested, last year, on the light pole above the hospital a few blocks away.. (Maybe the hawks, too.)
      Thanks for watching.

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