Projected End Date for Indian Point Plant Comes into Clearer Focus

Posted: February 8, 2017 in Mid-East

So glad this one is being closed.
Now, it is time to shutter the rest of them; say goodbye to the Cartel!

U.S. NRC Blog

Neil Sheehan
Public Affairs Officer
Region I

April 30th will mark a decade since Entergy submitted a license renewal application to the NRC for the Indian Point nuclear power plant. During the intervening years, thorough NRC staff reviews and a complex hearing on the proposal by the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, the quasi-judicial arm of the NRC, have moved steadily forward.

indianpointBut then came an announcement on Jan. 9 by Entergy, the plant’s owner, and New York state. Under an agreement reached between the two parties, Indian Point Unit 2 would permanently shut down by April 30, 2020, and Indian Point Unit 3 by April 30, 2021. (Indian Point Unit 1 ceased operations in 1974).

This represents an earlier retirement of the reactors than proposed in the company’s license renewal application, which sought an extension of Unit 2’s operating license to April 2033 and Unit 3’s to April…

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  1. horse237 says:

    The Wigner effect (named for its discoverer, E. P. Wigner)] also known as the discomposition effect, is the displacement of atoms in a solid caused by neutron radiation. What does it mean? It means that nuclear power plants discompose over time. That is why we were supposed to take down our nuclear power plants after 30 years.
    America has 99 nuclear power plants and their average age is 36 years which is 6 years beyond its expiration point. I wonder what the accountants at the utility companies will say after the first couple of meltdowns in America.
    I am new to this site. I came here from my site because someone linked from here to there.
    I have not written about Wigner for a long time. I do remember a story set in San Diego. 19 race horses died at Del Mar race track in San Diego. Sounded like fallout from Fukushima to me. is my blog.


  2. annebeck58 says:

    Wish people would pay attention to this!


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