Posted: April 15, 2016 in Mid-East

I completely agree with Nahida.

Poetry for Palestine


Someone who believes that:

  • Jews are the “chosen”, to love them is mandatory on every human being, and not to love them is a demonic feeling punishable by law
  • The unique suffering of Jews is unmatched and incomparable to any other, if you dare compare it to others’ your thoughts are criminal, punishable by law.
  • Racism exists in every group of people except Jews, confronted with evidence they proclaim those racists are not Jews, they are mere Zionists.
  • Laws which applies to all people do not apply to Jews, for when they commit a crime they cease to be Jews, but if they engage in a positive act, it is paramount that you emphasize they are Jews.
  • If you utter the words Jewish supremacy in any shape or form, you are a notorious “antisemite”.

Barack Obama has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Criminal Israeli President Shimon Peres

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  1. Darwin26 says:

    My LtE in Monday’s Billings Gazette ~ Omg, this is hasbara 101, essentially the Hebrew word for ‘propaganda pusher’; ‘Always the victim’ is a central theme to hasbara creativity; which boils down to: ‘you can never do enough America, can’t you see ‘We are God’s Chosen People’… Oy Vey, Nancy May.
    Transference of guilt to patriotism is applied as a con-game, evidenced by Ms May’s letter “…jaw-dropping death sentence…”yiiikes How could you be so cruel America/UN?’ Well Nancy, there you go again; America Gives Israel $3.5 million dollars a Day; The yearly sum deposited every January, free, and it’s Not enough. And a few weeks ago, ‘You’, the American Taxpayer gave Israel $38 Billion over 10 years in Arms and its accoutrements. Only ‘God’s Chosen’ can receive these staggering amounts of Free Money… you heartless Americans/how could you house the UN?
    And Talk about Election Influencing, no country tries harder to influence all elections in America than do the Israeli’s; as evidenced by Prime minister Netanyahu, exhorting a joint Congress Mar 2015. Extorting our representatives thru junk patriotism, crying in his beer, delivering the hawk squawk about how America must give more to a Nuclear Bomb possessing /threat that ranks 16th out of 126 Militaries in the World. It’s never enough America.
    This poor tiny theocracy, freely indulges in genocide, culture eradication, water shut downs/poisoning the wells, demolishing crops and orchards of rightful residents…Since 1948 the narrative is: Israel is the Victim because the Palestinians made them be monsters.
    A good solution would be for Israel to be booted from the UN for innumerable Failures to comply.


  2. Тhanks fоr ffinally talking ɑbout >​Judeophilia | annebeck58 <Loved it!

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  3. Darwin26 says:

    Abraham was the first Zionist ~ from there they (all Jooz) are All hypocrites


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