The Debate, #PressTV, Paris

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Mid-East

And who did or did not do it….“>Press-TV the Debate

How I wish otherwise intelligent folk would pay attention to Kevin Barrett.  He states, quite plainly, what the true problems are with, “IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh”, and all of the alphabet-soup sorts of Takfiris spawned by Israel, with a big assist by USA and EU.  Given what these (not so) Muslims do, the truth should be obvious.  This is NOT a Muslim plot to run the world.  Instead, it is simply more of the usual.

And, to the WN groups (for example);  it truly is time you figure out one main problem you are causing and.or going along with.  When you seek to separate yourselves from others, based on race or religion or any other basic reason, you re separating yourselves from those who might fight along side you in this battle against, “israel”, and those they run.  There shall be no actual revolution as long as you continue to participate in such idiocy.  So, open your eyes and figure it out.  You are doing the world NO good by playing the game set up by those you call your enemy.



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