#FUKUSHIMA ; Just One of the Big Lies, As Told by USA-MSM & Japan’s Media

Posted: April 16, 2015 in California, Japan, Northern Hemisphere, Pacific Ocean
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And I am referring, only, to the farce of the, “Unit-Four Spent-Fuel pool OFFLOAD.  I have no idea how anyone who’s paid any attention to any part of the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant can believe the story of the offloading of Unit-Four’s pool(s) as the pool was and is nonexistant within days or even hours after the quake/ tsunami, and this pool has been gone since the building absolutely exploded. UNIT-4, FUKUSHIMA DAI’ICHI, post explosion:


The thing is, the top floors from above the fourth story,  were blown-out and removed, by Tepco, after this explosion, yet before the sham began;  ” the offload of spent-fuel rods”.

Prior to the tsunami, quake, explosion(s), and fires, too, where was the spent-fuel pool situated? That would be floors/stories/levels 8 through 10. If these upper stories went missing, and we are aware that they did, how the heck could there even BE a fuel-pool, or a pool of any sort, inside of Fukushima Daiichi unit-4? Here are a few more images which were actually posted by Tepco:

Because floors 5 through ten were removed;  and Tepco did post video of this, too,  there could no longer be a spent-fuel pool in unit four and has not been a pool in unit-four for at least four years. I am not sure how many times or in how many ways I’d have to say this to be understood.

The entire story regarding removal of fuel-rods is a load of hooey.

There just can be NO pool there. Post explosion, there are/were no floors in that building. When the, “reporters”, went into (ahem) Daiichi unit-four, they were BLINDFOLDED. Why would they be blindfolded before they arrived at Fukushima Daiichi? I’d say this is because they did not go there.  I don’t believe anyone could survive being inside of Fukushima Dai’ichi unit-4, or 3, 2, 1, and probably units 5 & 6, either. The air is full of deadly isotopes, This would mean the game played with or on these, “reporters”, is obvious. The building they did go into had nothing to do with Fukushima Daiichi unit-four.  It may not have been anywhere near the site and my best guess as to what they went into is?  I’d think it was Fukushima Daini.  But, it could have been any nuclear reactor building, as all of Japan’s sites are in cold shut-down, save Fukushima, which was put to bed HOT.

Why make up such stories about this horrific event?  The sham of the Unit-4 spent-fuel offload  was devised to distract the public from the truth of 3 full-core meltdowns (and given the temperatures reported from within reactors 5 & 6. there might have been five meltdowns) and to prevent the world from thinking about the HUGE explosion of mixed-oxide radioactive fuel from unit-four. And it gave the, “news media”, something (pffftt) positive to talk about and look forward to,.

Here, from youtube user, Hatrick Penry’s book, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, an internal NRC email:

Based, solely on this (FOIA) release, I don’t see  how anyone ever believed the SFP-4 hoax.

A couple of weeks back, Tepco finally told the truth; Plutonium-241 (FUEL RODS) from unit-four are found IN the Pacific ocean, floating atop the water. No wonder sea-creatures are dying off, so rapidly (besides the amount of tritium that has overtaken hydrogen atoms of water, making tritiated water, which WILL suffocate the sea-animals and fish, to DEATH.)

As for the general public, they simply want to see what they want to see, and this does not mean that what theyre seeing is true or factual, And the newzzzz-folk go along with it, happy to be the repeaters of the big LIES. 01_001

Next, however, the US MSM and the Japanese government are starting the game of, “Spent-Fuel pool rod and debris removal from Fukushima Dai’ichi Unit-three”, and this photo, directly above, is Unit-3.  Can anyone point out the spent-fuel pool (or any pool, at all), and convince ME that it has fuel rods IN IT, and that these rods can be removed?  Honestly;  my (financial) offer still stands!

  1. sammorxman says:

    Hi, Anne, you are so right. Thank you for bringing me around. They had me, dammit. Now they don’t.


    • annebeck58 says:

      Really, Sam? Don’t take my word for it, though…


    • annebeck58 says:

      I just added (only) one of the internal emails from the NRC (via FOIA, a guy named. “Shazzam”) and posted oin the book by youtube user, Hatrick Penry, “Somwehing Wicked his Way Comes”.
      Spent fuel pool four went dry. When this happens, the zirc-cladding catches fire, and this causes a huge explosion (which did happen at six in the morning, 03-14-11.)
      Still people think that fuel rods were offloaded from that fuel pool?
      I don’t see how.


  2. bo says:

    & why does my avatar appear with a strange drawing I never chose as my avatar ..? Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • annebeck58 says:

      Yeah, I don’t know, Bo.. Others have asked about these avatars, too. I think you need to choose your own or wordpress will assign one to you. (Maybe I need to find a better collection of avatars, though?)


  3. bo says:

    I was even confused by that whole ‘unit 3 spent fuel pool gate warped’ news recently. It seems even those skeptical of TEPCO try to meet them halfway .. and say ‘well.. I guess it’s severely damaged but there’s still spent fuel pool in unit 3..’

    But.. so confused.. it looks so.. damaged..
    But then there are all those archived pics of unit 3 pool.. fuel is damaged.. but there’s water.. & fuel .. I mean what is that..?


    • annebeck58 says:

      Know what I think about Unit-3’s pooling-water? I believe it is the basement or basement level(s). I’ve no idea how far down, in stories, these reactor buildings were dug and built, so can’t say it is just one level. But, as they have poured water onto the thing for a long time, and as water from behind the site is still streaming through and is being caught-up into the various buildings, I think it’s likely what they are seeing as a, “spent fuel pool”, is actually just pooling water. All it really takes for water to pool would be dam(s) of some sort (like walls) and if the water is continually going through, it will continually pool.
      Unit-three is one I’ve really looked at and into, and their latest about removing anything from SFP-3 finally got me saying something, besides on others’ sites.

      I’m just tired of being lied to. I mean, it’s not like if they were able to clean-up any of this, it would be less dangerous. But, it gives the masses a false sense of security. That bothers me. It keeps the nuke-pukes lying about it and other things, too.


  4. bo says:

    Great site & great article anne kudos !!
    Thank u.


  5. annebeck58 says:

    This post came from a comment/ response I wrote a few weeks ago. It was before the melon head (whale) dolphins washed ashore, suffocating to DEATH, about 40 kilometers from Daiichi. What was found when the dolphins were opened-up and examined? Their lungs were completely white! And, it has been reported that the horror felt and suffered by the mammals IS due to radiation. I say it is the tritiated water that’s been replacing sea-water, in the Pacific, thanks to Tepco.
    The world is in trouble.


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