Time to Take a Good Look at Hawaii and the rest of the USA, and Canada, and what has happened, there.

Posted: March 31, 2015 in California, Canada, Death, Japan, Life, Oregon, USA, Washington state, West Coast
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First, we’ll look at the waters off Hawaii, where this guy and his friends went out to document what they might find while on vacation.  This video was made and posted in 2014.

 I don’t know, but, what is the point of diving anymore?We’ve seen, from Mexico up into Canada, on the western coast of the USA, many creatures are crashing/ dying.

In 2011 and 2012, sardines washed ashore in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.  People were aghast, but nobody wanted to figure out why this happened.  There was no el-nino.  There was no red-tide.  From the LA Times:  April 20, 2011|By Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times … Last month’s massive dieoff occurred after millions of sardines swam into King Harbor and suffocated. (Now, why was this?)

2012, 2013, 2014, it was Sea-Stars:    Sciencetimes and so many other publications have reported this is a virus.  But, the only virus they found  was one that stars have lived among and with for decades.  SO, it wasn’t that;  yet, have they come up with any other ideas as to the massive deaths?  No.   This is what they have maintained (LA):   Feb 3, 2014 – Millions have died from a “starfish wasting disease” that has been afflicting the ocean … Scientists are baffled to what has caused the starfish dieoff, but they suspect it is some sort of pathogen.  *it wasn’t, but they’ll stick with that inane rumor*

Also, in 2012, began the mass die-off of those cute little sea-lions.  Each year, since then, the number of dead and dying sea-lions, washing ashore in all parts of the West Coast, has grown exponentially.  This is from NatGeo:

Mysterious Sea Lion Die-Off Strikes Again on California Coast

Feb 13, 2015 – Tiny sea lion pups are washing up on beaches in unusually high numbers—for the third winter in a row.

From, The San Jose Mercury News:

Sea lions desperate for nourishment dying off in alarming numbers …  It’s 7:30 a.m. at the Marine Mammal Center, and the sea lion pups are famished. For the past five weeks, volunteers have been desperately trying to nurse back to health more than a hundred sea lions found stranded along the state’s beaches in a mystery that’s threatening one of California’s most lovable sea creatures.

The tidal pools up in British Columbia are missing a lot of life.  It’s not just sea-stars and kelp, though they’re missing and confirmed dead, too. It’s the anemones, stars, along with all kinds of kelp and alga.  But, those anemones,  so vibrant and absolute proof of life, which every diver spent time spying and photographing, are gone.  Anyone who cares, and everyone should care, needs to go take a look at videos and photos by  Dana Durnford, aka, TheNuclearProctologist.com, aka, BeautifulGirlByDana (in youtube.com).   Not only are there very few anemones, but snails, sea-cucumbers, sea-sponges, plankton, and all of the tiny creatures from the nurseries and natural hatcheries of the ocean, have simply disappeared.  I don’t think they packed-up and left for warmer (or cooler) waters.  They have died. They are gone.  They won’t be seen again, at least not up in BC, Canada.  That’s terrible and scary, too, for the ocean provides what all animals, including man, need in order to survive on this planet.

Let’s talk sea-birds.  The Cassin Auklet is dying off in droves!  Some might think, who cares about this little bird?  Does it really matter that it may just die?  Think again..  Here, a report, from NatGeo:

Mass Death of Seabirds in Western U.S. Is ‘Unprecedented’

Jan 24, 2015 – Blue-footed diving seabirds called cassin’s auklets, including this one, have … Researchers are wondering if the dieoff might spread to other birds or even fish.

And, from SOTT:  

Pacific seabirds dying in record numbers – 100,000 auklets

Seabirds in the northwest of US and Canada are dying in their thousands, but no-one knows why.  So far, volunteers have found around eight-thousand carcasses of the blue-footed seabird called the Cassin’s Auklet along the coast from British Columbia down into northern California.  Scientists estimate as many as 100,000 auklets – most of them young – have died. The question is why .(really?)

The Brown Pelican:  La Jolla, California, seems to be one of the worst places to be a bird.  This pelican, which was removed from the, “endangered species list”, is now more endangered than ever!  So is the California banded-pigeon (no, not the usual flying-rat of the city;  they seem to be okay..;  this is their, “country cousin”)  The California blackbird (which is actually a tri-colored bird) is dying and falling out of the sky.  Why is this?  It seems these birds have been growing tumors in their beaks!  They end up not able to eat or breathe, and they die a horrible, suffocating death.

 Here’s a great map of die-offs in the US:  https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zkyG3w_e9ris.kZXuhwFuocYo&usp=sharing  This map is often updated because it has to be done.

The Snow Geese;  in the past month, the Canadian Snow Goose has been dying.  Yes, these beautiful birds are, literally, “just (falling) out of the sky..”, and again, nobody knows why!(??)  From RT.com/USA:  

2,000 dead snow geese ‘basically… just fell out of the sky’ in Idaho

Volunteers and Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) staff members spent the weekend collecting the carcasses of about 2,000 migrating snow geese that died mid-flight. Its officials believe the birds were killed by avian cholera.

“Basically, they just fell out of the sky,” IDFG spokesman Gregg Losinski told Reuters.

Snow geese breed on the tundras of Canada and Alaska during the summer, and spend the winters along both American coasts, as well as in marshes, grasslands and wet areas near ponds. These birds were migrating back to their nesting grounds in Northern Alaska from the southwestern US and Mexico, and died while stopping at Idaho’s Mud Lake and Market Lake Wildlife Management Areas, IDFG said in a statement.

(NO;  nobody has proven avian-cholera has actually killed any of these birds.  It is only a GUESS, and they won’t be coming back to that with more proof, as there won’t be any proof of this disease.)

A team of University of Idaho researchers studied geese more than a decade ago. They found that less than 5 percent of healthy wild birds were carriers of the avian cholera bacteria.

“Our results confirm the hypothesis that wild waterfowl are carriers of avian cholera and add support for the hypothesis that wild birds are a reservoir for this disease,”Michael D. Samuel, the head of the research team, said, according to the Daily Times Gazette.  (*again, this is a virus or bacteria that these birds have lived with and among for years, with no ill-effects, and surely, not dying from it.)

Let’s talk SALMON:  It’s Springtime (almost) and hatcheries are letting go their salmon into the rivers.  It is what they normally do, but the past four years have not been normal for salmon.  Salmon have been dying soon after being released into the wild.  From KCET:  

If Delta Salmon Die, They Could Take Orcas With Them

**Yeah, they’re worried about the Orca, a newcomer to the area, a mammal that really doesn’t even belong there.  But, if it gets people thinking about and looking at the huge die-offs of salmon, then, okay:

(this time, they blame it on drought..)

But there are other species threatened by our diverting water from the Sacramento Delta that don’t lend themselves so well to pro-industry PR. There are the Sacramento’s once-mighty runs of salmon, themselves the foundation of an important industry. There are prehistoric-looking sturgeons and steelhead beloved by anglers.  And there’s one Endangered species threatened by Delta diversions so popular that the last time the ag industry took it on, the nation’s animal lovers rose up in protest..  That beast?  The orca, Orcinus orca, also known as the killer whale.  No, there aren’t orcas living in the Sacramento Delta, though they have been known to visit from time to time. But the Delta is crucial to the survival of certain orcas’ main food source, the Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha). The more water we take out of the Delta, the more imperiled the Sacramento’s Chinook salmon runs become — and that’s bad news for the orcas that depend on them.

There are many sea-mammals and fish and birds that live by the sea that are dying, which  I truly don’t have the time or the space to mention, here and now.  But, scientists and marine-biologists are seemingly not talking with one another.  The fish guys don’t seem to know that the birds are falling out of the sky.  The sea-lion watchers fail to acknowledge the huge number of salmon and even sardines (huge part of the sea-lion diet) that have simply washed ashore, dead as door-knobs.  Why is this?  I would think it has everything to do with the fact that they’d have to all comprehend that something is taking out LIFE in the Pacific.  Something has the ability to cross species.  Something has the power to change the water (tritiated water is deadly!) these cretures live in and alongside…

It seems none of these scientists want to be labeled as kooks, and this means nobody wants to say, FUKUSHIMA!

For much more information, check out, #ENEnews.com

  1. Don Jusko says:

    Hi Anna, The jacaranda are starting to bloom so I’m off to paint them. This is the only post I’m making this morning, I don’t like lying, sarcasm or jokes, we stick to the truth, I like that. PYB? who’s that. Spell it out for me. I guess acronyms are another thing I don’t like. Don, good morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • annebeck58 says:

      It’s PTB, Don.. Powers that Be (in this universe.) In other words, the nuclear-cartel. Enjoy painting! That is something I really ought to make time for, particularly as that’s what I went to school to do..


  2. Don Jusko says:

    The dieing is happening all the way up the food chain and we are next. We are poisoning the earth with the chemicals we are developing in the name of money. The canary in the coal mine died of poison in the air, the sardines died because of poisonous water. We can not escape our heaven to a hell on earth. Don Jusko

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don Jusko says:

      It’s not that we can’t develope better ways, conglomerates dash new and better technology as soon as it’s discovered. Follow the money.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don Jusko says:

        The electric car in 1990 passed the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate passed in CA. The California Energy Commission said it was more efficient and less polluting than gas even if you used electricity from coal or oil burning utilities. The auto manufactures and the Federal Government sued the CA Air Resources Board.


        • annebeck58 says:

          This ridiculousness about the E-car doesn’t actually surprise me.
          The nuke-cartel is at least as powerful, and evil, as the Oil & Gaz industry. Believe me, we have a lot of filth coming out of O&G, and I don’t just mean carcinogens.

          We have to be better consumers.
          How about the hydro-car, also in Cali, whose maker refuses to work with other makers to create pump-stations that will work for all of these cars? That guy epitomizes the expression, “cut off your nose to spite your face.” It makes me wonder what is really behind such a ridiculous decision (money.)

          Btw; thanks for your comments!


          • Don Jusko says:

            Hi Anne,
            The surest bet is Cold Fussion. Don’t let it get buried.

            O gave Georgia 2 nuclear plants to get on the first presidential ballot.
            Where’s the Birth Certificate?
            That has me thinking.
            Did you know Maui is considering not planting sugar?.. and hemp is not even on the table.
            Just the leaves that they burn could make a lot of alcohol.

            Maui let the first solar electric windmill die from no maintenance.

            Liked by 1 person

            • annebeck58 says:

              Don; I agree. “Cold-fusion” = free energy! I don’t know when, but I do think the PTB are going to finally go through all of the oil & gas this world holds. That’s evidenced by the insane willingness to destroy this land by fracking (what a stupid idea that was/is.) So they will have to accept wind & solar & hydro-power, or, they’ll have to allow people to get their own free energy. Of course, this might finally happen after Fukushima does a real number on the USA.
              All we can do is stay tuned in, pass the word on, and fight to create and avail ourselves of that free energy (and the third will be the most difficult, as they will fight against that the hardest.)


      • annebeck58 says:

        We are developing much better ways. I live in Austin, and Austin has been going green, for a while. About two years ago, I was told that if I chose solar-power, my utility bill would go down. It did! It’s down by about 75%. Now, who wouldn’t choose this?
        Oh, the evil folk of the nuke-cartel, and those who believe nuclear is, “green”.
        They have no clue!


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