Trevor LaBonte of “The Ugly Truth,” first interview with Press TV

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Mid-East
  1. SlackerSlayer says:

    Thanks Anne, I had to go to the other page to get the video. H.R.707 is just the typical covering their asses when they attack others,,, following the lines of the old joke about a jew beating a man to death and screaming bloody murder as if it was the jew man being beat.

    There’s no punishments met out in h.r.707 if someone were to be found (never stated who determines what is what in h.r.707) to be a speaker of “hate” against the jews behavior, just a propaganda opportunity for the usual suspects to lie some more and to gather evidence of other lies.

    As I asked in the other page comments, are they also going to track the false flag “dressed up as Arabs” (mandated quotes because it was Real, many times and what they said themselves) or any other demographic the jews hate and intend to Frame for their False Flag crimes, and those graffiti and fire bombings of jewish locations committed by other jews? Will these stats be among those they examine?

    Of course those are rhetorical question for you Anne.

    (trying to be quiet as the rat sleeps)
    take care.


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