Gilad Atzmon exposes the Jewish Left as the gatekeepers of Zion

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Mid-East
  1. Darwin26 says:

    Why do they have to call it the Jewish Left? why no Jewish Liberals? of Jewish Democrats ? i don’t feel that the word ‘Left’ helps with targeting the vermin. I see he calls Amy Goodman the Jewish Left but she recently had and anti-Israel guest which shocked me to near coma ~ perhaps just a token. i didn’t hear the name Abuninah, Barghouti? or the names on the list from the Palestine Community website but then i didn’t have time to listen twice before an all day birding expedition to the Pryor Mtns :)


    • annebeck58 says:

      Gilad does talk about the Jewish right, center, and left. I wish you could have been in Austin the other evening, as the entire discussion centered around this very thing. He actually drew-up a bell-curve and placed which parts of the jewish-political movement was where. The jewish-left is essentially the largest and so ends up nearly dead-middle on the curve.
      But, he definitely talks about the others. It does fit though; the jewish-leftists (in the USA) have taken over the Democratic party and in a different way than they handle the Republican partiers.. Also, the jewish-left IS the gang of AZZ; anti-zionist-zionists.

      This is a very short segment of his talk in Houston. His whole presentation (aside from music) is over two hours long. And, yes; he does talk about the jewish-infiltrated Palestine-solidarity fools. Gilad especially talks about them, in Texas, as we’ve had the idiots shut-down his show(s), or try and do so, They had to change venues at the last minute (day before), in Houston, because PSC actually got the first gig stopped. Believe me; we talked about Abuminah!
      When Trevor posts all of the video from Houston’s presentation, I will re-post it, here.
      I didn’t get to go to Houston and Austin was a different sort of thing (more of a conversation.)


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