More On Israeli Directed Energy Weapon and WHY This is Important! (reblog, my post.)

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Mid-East

I originally wrote this for The Ugly Truth, and am reblogging it, here:

More On Israeli Directed Energy Weapon and WHY This is Important!

Pete Santilli posted an article. in January of this year, about this new weapons system, “Iron Beam”.  Pete seemed quite excited to learn more about this, and I am sure it is due to the fact that he believes a DEW *or at least one DEW* is what had been implemented in NYC on 9-11.  Most of what he’s posted regarding this DEW is accurrate in so far as what Israel says about their plans (MSM, Vet Today, etc,,, Feb 2014), but I don’t think calling it, “Iron Beam Defense..”, system is telling much of the truth.. It is far from being  the whole story.

The Iron Beam, Israel, January, 2014.

I looked up what Israel says about the weapon, which is far from being a defense system.  This is from Jerusalem, one of the Jewish newspapers:  

Israel plans laser interceptor ‘Iron Beam’ for short-range rockets

JERUSALEM — Israel plans to deploy a new missile shield known as “Iron Beam” next year which would use a laser to blow up short-range rockets and mortar bombs, a defense industry official said on Sunday.

The system is designed to deal with threats that fly on too small a trajectory to be engaged efficiently by Iron Dome, the Israeli interceptor credited with an 80 percent success rate against rockets fired by Palestinian militants.

Both shields are manufactured by state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. While Iron Dome launches radar-guided interceptor rockets, Iron Beam’s laser will super-heat the warheads of shells with ranges of up to 4.5 miles.

(full article:  )

Now, let’s say Israel is actually planning on firing or *beaming?* qassams out of the sky.  First of all, WHY?  Isn’t Iron Dome effective?  I mean, collectively;  Iron Dome and the Jews’ good luck and special status by their, “g-d”, is all they need, right?  So, why the need for Iron Beam, anyway?  Do they need it?  Let’s consider what this laser technology can actually do!  It is a PULSE-laser system.  It works by rapidly disintegrating the target.  Are the soupcans (fireworks) lobbed by Hamas (and others) actually worth employing this sort of technology, or is there something far more sinister at play?  I would say, absolutely;  something really ugly is in the works.

One obvious question might be, when this pulse-laser, “misses”, what happens?  Does it simply not hit anything?  Or, does it continue on until something or someone is disappeared?  Obviously, lasers continue on through space until something is affected.  Given the level of responsibility we’ve seen IOF  employ in regard to conventional (kinetic) weapons, is  it even smart to allow any of them access to this sort of, “HEL”?  Yes, the most moral army has nicknamed their High Energy Laser, HEL.   

Another consideration is this:  when we contemplate what Israel admits they have access to and understand what it means for civilians in Gaza and the rest of Palestine, we have to also bear in mind that they already have a much more filthy version of the weapon that they are not talking about.  The US Military Industrial Comples operates in the same manner.  We have been using DEWs, like Backscatter, to control crowds  by disabling people  who’re, “hit”.  But, it was not Backscatter and it was not HEL that hit and  disintegrated the  neighborhood block, in Gaza  last month.  

The Directed Energy Weapon leaves very little evidence –  of anything.    They have figured it out:  No evidence, No crime!  I think that should worry everyone on this planet!

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