*A small slice of one of the MULTIPLE pro-anti-Gaza/Palestine arguments. from youtube:

David Chiodo: I support peace…
+Himilo Communication Yes… and Hamas never kills innocent woman and children…

Anne Beckett:  +David Chiodo  PROVE IT.  Show one FACT about Hamas murdering either a woman OR a child.
Hamas is NOT the boogeyman you have made them out to be.  They are not a, “terrorist org”.  They aren’t even a military group.
And, it has not been Hamas shooting these essential fireworks into EMPTY FIELDS in, “israel”, (stolen from PALESTINE.)  One of the main ideas behind this latst/(sic) current barrage of MURDER on Palestine was to take another slice of LAND from Gazans. “IsraHELL is cutting away another forty-percent OF Gaza for their OWN use..; for the squatters they call, settlers.
You really ought to wake the heck up. 

David Chiod:  Every freaking time they strap explosives to a ‘martyr’ and have them detonate it inside a crowded market.  What I don’t understand is if Muslims truly think that it is God’s will that they kill Jews…and Gentiles for that matter… and God is infallible…  then why did God create Jews and Gentiles in the first place?

Anne Beckett   IF there is a god and this god created anything, it would be PEOPLE this god created, not, “jews and gentiles”..  That separation of people into groups came from?? JEWS.  If you read the bible (by man, not written by any, “god”) you should realize it was a product of world jewry.

That you go along with it is (almost) amusing.
NO GOD would go along with the MURDEROUS ATTACK*s* on Gaza and all of Palestine.  I mean, do you think any god WOULD?  If so, why, “create… gentiles”, in the first place?  — for SPORT?
I mean;  does any of what comes out of your thick head actually make ANY sense?  Honestly, guy;  that idea (all of it) is NUTTS.

IF you are not a Jew, why would you think Jews, “chosen”?  That’s a nutbag idea..  and ideology.
I would laugh, but so many babies and mothers are DYING because of this thought-process, that it makes me sick.  Have you never really considered what it is you believe in??  really??

By the way:  WHEN was the last, “martyr”, created?  WHEN was the last time ANYONE, “strapped explosives”, to his or her chest in order to take out the  jews?  If you don’t know, I can give you a hint..  (ten years ago).  And, still.  HOW desperate would one be in order to do this?  WHAT would cause such desperation?  Have you ever pondered this idea?

Start thinking.  Stop just, “believing”, based on someone else’s ideas.  OKAY?

And, a voice of reason:
+Anne Beckett WOW, You go girl. 
DO people actually cotten-to the idea that their GOD or any god has made Jews & Gentiles? Did this god make two different groups?  Or is it three groups?  Four?  How many large religions are there, in this world, and would any god make these different groups for a reason?  What would the reason be, if so?  Do Christians actually believe the Jews  a CHOSEN Race, better in every way than themselves?  If they do think Jews are chosen and going to wherever it is the chosen people go (or stay?) after death, why are they not ALL clammoring to the synogogues in order to BECOME JEWS?  
Or, is this because they ALSO believe Jews are Jewish,by BLOOD?  Would this be the main reason behind ethnic-Jewry?  I will say this:  the whole thing makes very little sense to a thinking person!
In case you’d like to see the whole back-and-fro, check out this link:
  1. The wisdom of the bible I find is totally confusing; the commandment “thou shalt not kill” is stated but the whole old testament is a bloodbath and in many instances, sanctioned by the creator. The “chosen people” seem to be here to make the rest of our lives miserable, that is if you survive their cunning theft of our money, wars and divide and conquer means to destroy the white race. Those few have incredible wealth while the many live near starvation. Is God a loving entity or is he a figment of our imagination that keeps us under control while others more aware devour the rest of us?


  2. Franz Seiler says:

    WHY did, “God”, make Jews and Gentiles?
    As far as I can make it out:
    It’s the ones that take part in the Kol NIdre ritual that ‘make themselves’, ‘set themselves apart’ (from all other People) by not perceiving that the text ‘all texts are invalid’ contradicts itself logically, is wrong, is not meaningful, starts an endless chain of tasks: if it’s right, it’s wrong……
    Mutandis mutatis, the same is true of the oath ‘that all oaths are invalid’
    ……. both these phrases can be extrapolated from the text of the Kol Nidre without any change of meaning….
    In other words: thinking the Kol Nidre to be a right and meaningful text implies that logic is wrong, that logic is ‘Antisemitic’….
    The casuistry you can develop on this Basis is without Limits. As the medieval scholastics put it succinctly in Latin: ‘Ex falso sequitur aliquid.’


    • annebeck58 says:

      I completely agree, Franz.
      Then again, to me, religions are contradictions. The most contradictory would be judaism. And you are right to envoke the Kol Nidre, which basically reeads: “I am making an oath to do wrong in the coming year, as I did in this past year, and I will be forgiven..” (by god.)
      Judaism, the religion, makes no sense, particularly to any compassionate human being.


      • Franz Seiler says:

        Quote ‘religions are contradictions’ End of Quote
        Certainly religions are dealing with concepts, notions that surpass our thinking. To that extent religions are also our acknowledging that we – at any given moment – know but a (little) part of ‘what it’s all about’, which can well serve to keep us from making exaggerated decisions.
        ‘God’ surpasses our notions, concepts, understanding. ‘Theology’ is the scholarship, science of what surpasses our understanding; isn’t it nice?! (contradictory, but not logically contradicting itself. etc.
        Most notions, concepts do have their (Counter)concept(s), ‘oppositional concepts’. But the concept ‘world’ does not have such an ‘oppositional concept’ ‘everything is but part of ‘the world’.
        So this might become a long detailed text — Needs to be done ever so often, but not here.
        As far as I can make it out: Judaism, the Judaists try to exploit this Situation systematically while the Christian teaching is: Live with this, do not try to exploit this to your Advantage. Looking at ‘organized Christianity’ they are often enough far from this Initial teaching……..
        Best regards


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