Former US Marine: President Obama should be tried for treason

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Mid-East

Below is the transcript and video for what might be my best interview ever.  There are more things I would have liked to touch on, such as 9/11 and Palestine, but in 25 minutes there is only so much one can say and I was guided by the questions.  For those who do not know I have a new show called Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East on The Peoples Voice and as a volunteer producing and presenting this show I need some support to carry on.  I simply cannot work full time and take care of family responsibilities.  Your support is given with a promise that I will speak about issues like the ones below and more with the best platform possible.  The image below is the link to support and/or share far and wide;

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The Middle East is at its boiling point. Syria is devastated…

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  1. SlackerSlayer says:

    He says it in his opening about the western powers working for the scumbag israeli goals to take over the greater mideast, in total. “From the Nile to the Euphrates rivers”. But when they wrote their religious myth, it was the Tigress and Euphrates rivers as the two rivers they were referring to. The Nile river was no where in sight. I liked to use the phrase “DAMNed jews” referring to the zionist of israel, or zionNazis as they should always be referred to, if not DAMNed jews. Why “DAMNed jews”? Simply because, if their plagiarized religious script would in some strange Hollywood horror movie come to reality, they would all be DAMNed in their Gods view for pretending that their exile from an israel is over. This is also why they are so hung up on their liars figure of six million jews being killed at the German nazi hand durring WW2. Those numbers of six million killed have been proven to be a lie. Like the older children trying to scare the younger children with camp fire horror stories, that they have taken as their reality. The six million figure of dead jews, happens to be one of their many required Prophecy events that must come true before they can claim their God has gifted them that land of Palestine.

    But you know all of this Anne. For that, you are counted as one of the few smart ones that do not take their propaganda at their bold faced liars word for it.


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