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Harry Fear and a Palestinian (so-called) “terrorist”, discussing armed resistance, in Gaza. She’d been jailed after hijacking a plane, back in the sixties. in regard to the plight of the Palestinian people/ And, guess what? NOTHING has changed, what with Cast-Lead Ops (back in 2008 til 2009) and Operation Pillar of CLOUD (changed by Bibi to, “operation pillar of DEFENSE”, which is a total load of tripe, in order to make it more palatable to the rest of the world.
The November, 2012, horror or massacre of Palestinian, starting with the MURDER of a young Palestinian football-player, Hamid, being shot in the HEART – via some very strange munitions that left two very small injuries to the boy’s chest and heart, while no bullet and nothing to show what had entered his small body…
The young boy, Hamid, LIVED tor futboll – soccer and was a fan of Brazil’s soccer team. He was not shooting, “rockets”, into Israel. He was living the life of a young boy and doing the best of it as one can manage while under OCCUPATION and MILITARY MIGHT.

Rest in peace, Hamid.
Thank you, Harry Fear, for ALL you have done and continue to do for HUMANITY, particularly in GAZA!
As long as Israel continue to MURDER the children of Gaza and all of Palestine, the RESISTANCE will continue to grow. Regardless of the West’s changing the narrative and calls these children and their families, “terrorists”, the resistance MUST continue.

And the people of America, who’re now experiencing a wee small taste of what Zionism IS, had better figure this out. I’d say we must get it and work it through, before it is too late, but we’ve reached that time. “Our government” has been taken over by all of these pro-Israel lobbyists (AIPAC, anyone? LOOK IT UP!!) and there is not much left we can do..
..but, REVOLT!

As they said back in my day; It is time we *Stand-UP for right. *Sit-In for PEACE.. *Occupy our government’s buildings. and maybe just completely FREAK OUT! They’ve brainwashed us for about six and one-half DECADES. We’ve been lulled a’sleep by those whose sole purpose is to do US harm! GET UP- Figure it out, NOW!

“Pull back the curtains, throw up the sash, stick your head out the window, and yell: I AM MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GONNA TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!”
Only WE have the power to fix this.

  1. annebeck58 says:

    Well= yeah! WordPress elves came in during the night and fixed my video problems. glitch.
    Hopefully, I can now (always) embed videos at normal size!

    Thanks, all who helped with this: now you deserve a big cup of joe and a NAP!!!


    • bigcree1 says:

      Well that’s good news Anne! The problem is solved. Now people can see the video and click on it without glitches, problems etc. I’ll drink to that! Coffee time!


      • annebeck58 says:

        It was something I could not have worked out, so I am thrilled that I was finally able to find the right person (within the WP community) who sent my question and problem to the people who COULD fix it– and they did.
        So, YAY!


  2. bigcree1 says:

    She is freedom loving and very brave. It’s not ‘Nazism’ we all fight as one people on this earth; but Bolshevism. The founder of the israeli Terrorist Haganah was Ze’v Jabotinsky (Bolshevik).


    • annebeck58 says:

      Thanks, Shadow. I completely agree!
      Nurder-Inc, sent over there by OUR American govt (G-men) at the time, was a Jewish MAFIA group. That’s who set out upon the people of Palestine during the murderous rampage upon all of Palestine. I think CIA and others believed they could essentially kill two birds with one stone; remove that element from US, and take care of the, “Palestinian problem”. Obviously, that did not happen (either case).


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