We ARE Change. Maireid Maguire, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and ultimately; IRAN:

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Mid-East, Palestine, Zionism
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Ms Maireid Maguire is absolutely correct. It is US; it is Canada and Europe and Australia and all of the. “democratic Western world”, that is destroying Syria and her government. It is being done at the behest of the lunatic-state of “israel”. The sooner all of the world realizes this- and PAYS ATTENTION TO THIS- the better off we will ALL be!

One thing the Snowden thing has done is taken ALL of America’s eyes off of Syria and even Egypt. We saw what the animals would do, in Libya, we’ve been watching both Egypt and Syria kick-off and continue to worsen over the past couple of years. And, though we saw a “bloodless military coup” in Egypt, last week, it turned into a BLOODBATH during Sunday morning prayers- this is typical Muslim behaviour? I think it is not. But, the military in Egypt owns much of the country (some say as much as 40 percent), and they are dealing directly with the Zionists; their LUNATIC neighbors, who want more of the Sinai, just as they want a final directive on the GOLAN HEIGHTS, and as much more territory as they can claim while the Arabs are busy staying ALIVE.

Everything that is happening there benefits, in the short-term and long-run, ONLY ONE ENTITY. It’s not the USA and it’s not Canada. It is surely not the people of any MId-Eastern state, save one. And that nation-state is the only one that really does NOT belong there!

America needs to STOP FUNDING ISRAEL– and give Palestine back to the PALESTINIANS! But, as long as folk on the ground in these states are willing to settle for a small percentage of monies and some bit of power, it is going to get worse. Once Syria and Egypt have, “normalized”, under Zionist RULE, Iran IS next.

ALL of the West AND the East need to work this out before it IS too late- and we are nigh upon that time.

And, now, the video of interview by WeAreChange of Ms Maguire:

**Due to the weird changes in wordpress, you may have to click on the video(s) in order to watch!

  1. bigcree1 says:

    From an eyewitness who encountered this horror. We all read about it and now we can reaffirm the reality of this dire situation being foisted upon the people of Syria and their elected, respected President Bashar al Assad by Zionist NATO, U.S. Gulf States and the filthy illegitimate ‘State’ israel. The latter so called ‘State’ is a haven of criminal miscreants, reprobates, misfits and hardcore Sociopaths who have no legitimate claim to Palestine. And it is the land which is THE Issue. These freaks mean to push out all Indigenous inhabitants from their rightful homelands only to create a ‘Greater Yisreal’ or at least what they see as ‘their divine right’. This deplorable Cult has converged upon the entire region with this goal, this objective ever since the bogus Balfour Declaration circa 1913. It has taken two world wars (brought on by the same criminal element) the destruction and theft of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria the Golan Heights and Egypt. It is being ripped apart. A virtual rape is occurring in the region to a people and their homeland just so a small in number bur fully armed and out of control psychopathic rogue group of greedy, malevolent anti human scum can steal even more land, resources and other things it covets under the pretense of bringing ‘democracy’ and ‘liberation’ to the people who did not ask for this kind of ‘assistance’ nor did they invite these takfiri fake ‘Muslims’ called ‘Salafist/Wahabists to charge into their homeland at the behest of their jewish cousins. Yes, these Saudi backed ‘rebels’ are thugs. Private mercenary assassins, who do not represent Islam in any way or form, but are of the same blood thirsty, barbaric Cult as the Talmudic scum they receive money , support and weapons from. This rogue element of takfifr cannibals are acting on orders and paid to instigate turmoil, death, misery at such a massive scale; if left unchecked will eventually result in a massive exodus of Christians, true Muslims and secular people from a Country which as stood up to their jewish masters in defiance and support of the Palestinians. This is another reason they are being so violently attacked, slaughtered and raped. This madness must be stopped, or we will have even harder work to do in removing it from the face of the planet. They are hell bent for achieving this ill gotten dream of hegemony and they must be defeated. It will take a worldwide Peace Keeping but armed fighting force of willing and cohesive Internationals to rout them out. I see this coming in the near future as there will be no other solution. Our common enemy is damned determined in their directions of destruction and will only stop when they meet a sizable force of combatants who will not allow them, to take another step towards their vile objectives.


  2. annebeck58 says:

    Another from TeleSur:
    *not sure, but think this is Brazi (or Bolivia?) television news:


  3. annebeck58 says:

    Don’t know why I have such problems embedding videos in body, but hope the video by WEAreChange with Ms Maguirre will post here:


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