Rachel Corrie; ten years hence.

Posted: March 17, 2013 in FREEDOM, Gaza, Palestine

Murdered by Israel, 16 March, 2003.

Never forget = Rachel Corrie, ten years dead, thanks to Israhell Occupation Forces and Catapillar-USA. Beautiful young woman.

The Ugly Truth

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  1. blinky says:

    WOW Annebeck, you’re truly a gem in the pool infested with “my skin is prettier than yours” types!

    “There are certain forums and blogs I cannot bother myself with, and it has everything to do with the ugliness posted. The bigotry and racism is so far out of bounds, I don’t want to be associated with these people. I really don’t want anyone to think I am racist based on me sharing (ANY of) their posts/ blogs as I don’t see them as doing anything positive for society, as a whole. They are doing nothing o get others to see what Isra-hell is doing (not only to Palestine but to much of the world, including the USA.)”

    Agreed billonth times with you! Normally, I wouldn’t frequent TUT as I have seen it as a nest for all types of with racial supramacy mindset based on skin color, how pathetic is that? I don’t trust Mark Glenn either for many reasons, although not planning to bore you with my rant about Glenn.

    Speaking of atheist, you’re right…it is a slur as imposed by the religious bigots! Very glad to found your site. :)


    • annebeck58 says:

      Hey, Blinky!
      Thanks, Doll. Good to hear from you, again!

      The multiple Delaney rants are something else, too! Stupid me; I decided to go to a site: Total Fascism (just what the name implies), and was thoroughly disgusted, and sad for the writers, therein.
      How awful.

      I think I’ll be more discerning when checking out other sites’ articles, because some are just terrible.


  2. 1bigcree Shadowhawk says:

    This brave young lady gave her life for the people being persecuted and genocided in their own land. My deepest and most heartfelt respect to her and those who follow such as Italian Peace Activist Vitrio Arrigioni on April 15, 2011. We will never forget them.


    • annebeck58 says:

      Yes, Shadow. She did give her life, as have so many in Palestine, and our government has not cared. What a sad statement that was for US, and I mean all of us.


      • DrMeatwadPhD says:

        All that talk of caring for the people that elect the politician, is just their base lie.

        I only we had a Rachel in every grammar school yard. The seeds are spread from there.


        • DrMeatwadPhD says:

          Ps, have you noticed, I’ve graduated?? PhD now. Rollin rollin rollin…


          • annebeck58 says:

            Haha. Yes, DrMeatwad (PhD).
            So, what field is the PhD in??

            I wish we could vote or I wish our votes counted as they are intended, but I honestly don’t see a way out of this situation, except for (possibly) showing up and counting hands.
            I also think the “secret voting” idea needs to be thrown out the window. Why keep it secret? I think that’s so they can CHANGE the votes– or toss the votes, or do whatever they will to ensure the correct person*s* (s)elected. Disgusting how that runs here.


      • DrMeatwadPhD says:

        Get the machines out of the ballot counting. That out come is too valuable, that it can wait for the hand count to be completed.


        • 1bigcree Shadowhawk says:

          The Voting machines are run by Jewish owned companies. Surprise. So they have now been introduced in guess where? Venezuela! Yes, as the Election Process for a new President ensues. Maduro is clearly the people’s choice as well as of the late Hugo Chavez; who was assassinated by Zionist wet agents using bio weapons. The Zio Puppet Capriles Rudonski (HoloHOAX Survivor) has been hyped and promoted to the Nth degree by the Zionist ‘Media’ with such repetitive zeal it would dizzy the dead. Watch out down there Venezuela! The supremacist Jews want your oil & petroleum. They will do ANYTHING to get it. Throw the tool Rudonski out on his backside with a dire warning to stay out!


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