Posted: January 21, 2013 in FREEDOM

Any idea what may come next?
Anyone think they may want to use this in order to place restraints on all of us regarding the internet? I would not put it past our government.

The Ugly Truth


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  1. DrMeatwadPhD says:

    I hear what you are saying Anne. If ‘the media’ asked the right questions then there wouldn’t be an opportunity to make holes in the story grow into theories of what really happened. I wonder if they are sticking to a few points, like the ME’s high velocity ammo wounds in the kids and adults, while only hand guns were found inside. How many hand guns, 2 or is it 4 now? The lack of informative questions and answers are what is the problem. It makes professional “journalists” look like paid off shills. There should be camera data from the entrance feed, still a no show with that stuff. So many answers that would stop speculations are not forth coming.


    • annebeck58 says:

      Hola, Dr Meatwad. Thanks for posting!
      When it comes to the guns found at the scene (and ultimately reported on- within a day or two), there were two rifles. One was found in the school, so they say, and one was shown to have been found in the trunk of the car.

      My thing, in general, with the “newz”, is that they do spout half-truths, as well as errors, in their own rush to be the one(s) to put out the information- to have their own bylines used, which all of the AP will use for the lifetime of said story. In doing this, they gather rumor and conjecture, and then have to come back and correct their errors, print retractions (which a lot of people will never see). Quite a few people take the different stories and run with it- like, “they were lying to us, then, or now”. And I think it’s a lot simpler than that. They print trash. We know this. It’s why we have stopped reading or listening to their reports. But, some still go back to it and think they can glean truth from the lies?
      I think this is silly.


  2. I see the otherwise decent discussion board here to be contaminated with a familiar ‘virus’.


    • annebeck58 says:

      This is the cray-zee offender of Hesham Tillawi, rather then the usual idiot(s)… They would NEVER post here, because I’d have all of their information if they did. I already do have their info, but it would be confirmed, once AGAIN.

      This is just kookiness.., and I guess it’s my turn?


  3. George Habash SUPPORTER says:

    Mark Glenn is a secret Kataeb (Lebanese Fascist organization) member, and an idolizer of the Guardians of the Cedars! Nothing more than a helpful Hitler lover (with a Hitler blow-up doll) [ANTI-SEMITE] for the Zionist to demonize the Palestinians!

    His anti-communist propaganda is helpful to split the Palestinian Liberation Struggle! Among the leading groups (and indivisuals) are Marxist-Leninist.

    Groups: PFLP, DFLP, PPP [outside Palestine] LCP, CAOL, SCP, JCP
    Indivisuals: Comrade George Habash, Abu Ali Mustafa (assassinated by Israel), Ahmed Saadat (currently in Israeli prison), Niaf Hawatmeh (currently in exile in Syria), George Hawi (assassinated by Israel), Musin Ibrahim, Khalid Bakdash, Fu’ad Nasser

    Down with Fascist like: Mark Glenn, MC Piper, Keith Johnson, Mark Dankof, Victor Thorn, Mike Delany, ZionCrimeFactory, Carolyn Yeager, Deanna Spingola, CW Porter, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, German Rudolf, Michael Hoffman, William Pierce, Irv Rubin, Avigor Lieberman, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shelley Rubin and other BIGOTS!

    Long live Socialism, URA!!!!!!!!!!
    Long live Marxist-Leninism, URA!!!!!!!!!!!
    Long live the Palestinian Liberation Struggle, URA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Demand that Mark Glenn call me. If he doesn’t, it show’s that he is a coward and doesn’t like debating real anti-Zionist like me!

    Mark Glenn is likely a close friend of Amine Gemayel, and probably gives money to Samy Gemayel to support him to become president of Lebanon (TO CRUSH THE PALESTINIANS THEIR)!

    Can Mr. Mark Glenn take my calls once it reaches him!


    • annebeck58 says:

      Comrade: Please stop posting trash on my blog. I am not best-pals with Mark Glenn. I do enjoy his blog, generally, and I sometimes respond to his posts there. I am not telephone pals with Mark, and in fact, I’ve never spoken to him personally.
      So, you are barking up the wrong tree if you want me to tell Mr. Glenn to call you. I don’t know who you are, but I expect Mark does. However, Mark Glenn does NOT subscribe to my blogsite, so you may want to go elsewhere to insist on him contacting you.


      If you insist on repeating this tripe, I wil be forced to block you.. and that would be a first for me, here. Alright?


    • annebeck58 says:

      Oh, say, Alex (I am pretty sure you’re Alex from NY, right?)..
      Did you see that I had posted on TUT, advising Mark that you’d been asking after him? I don’t know anything else I can do to have Mark take you calls, as I really have limited access to him, and am sure I have even less say-so in what he chooses to do or not.

      Hope this is clear, now, to you!


  4. George Habash SUPPORTER says:


    Zionism can’t exist without anti-semitism! In fact, if you notice the propaganda of the Zionist, they always use anti-semites in their propaganda to demonize opposition to Israel as if it is racist!

    ALL ANTI-SEMITES ARE LOVED BY ZIONISTS (Mike Delany, David Duke, Kevin McDonald, ZionCrimeFactory (Joseph Trumpeldor), Carolyn Yeager, Willis Carto, CW Porter, Ernst Zundel, Mark Dankof, MC Piper, Mark Glenn, and other Fascist!


    • annebeck58 says:

      George; I really do not think it’s a, “chicken and egg”, sort of thing. There was Zionism long before this (newer) so called, “Anti-Semitism”. Zionism has to do with creating a homeland for Jews, ONLY, and it may have spurred a lot of Anti-Semitism, but I guess it’s not the only thing that caused this. One of the main reasons for this disgust with AK-Jews in Israel is their taking of this land, Palestine, and mistreating the land that WAS inhabited. Had “Israelis” wanted a land for their own, for Jews only, they should have looked elsewhere (and I know they did, too.)
      And, one has to accept the Jews (and I mean ALL Jews) of Israel are Semites. Personally, I do not accept this. Semites are generally darker, ,more swarthy, than many Khazarian Jews. Ashkenazi Jews are not the Semites (or indigenous people of the land). They moved there before and during WWII, and since.
      That would leave the Palestinians as the actual Semites, as well as some Arab jews, as indigenous people of Israel. And darker, Arab Jews, are mistreated in Israel, too. They are absolutely viewed as a rung-lower on the ladder of hate and apartheid one finds in Israel/ Palestine.


  5. annebeck58 says:

    I do not believe Adam Lanza was a Jew. He may have been, but I do not think this is the case. Even if he were, it doesn’t change anything of the true story, does it?

    The main gist of this post is regarding how ADL is using the truther-stories to go at us, which is anyone who looks honestly into 9-11, Palestine, and many other hidden problems we’ve got going on in this society. The conspiracy-theorists, aka truthers, have gone a bit over the top on this one, in my opinion. Please click on the story link to understand what the whole thing is about, okay?


  6. lre says:

    If the jews did do it
    1. They would not use a jew kid to take the fall for the shooting . Put they may want to have the kid have a name that would be suspect and not much of a past .
    2. For theater , sympathy , to cast blame in another direction ,etc , etc . You have a token jew kid in the mix and you then make sure you do something to the kid to make kid stand out from all the other victims , liking … say shooting that victim more than all the others .

    Also the / those people running around in the woods before they released them did they check for gun shoot residue on their arms ?


    • annebeck58 says:

      Did I say any Jew did this?
      To the contrary, I’ve been trying to get people to comprehend that sometimes, what is simply is.
      I posted this mainly because I am sick to death of certain “truthers” going on and on about this story. The truth is bad enough. I do not think they need to go further off the rails with the (mostly crazy) conspiracy-theories. Perhaps you want to re-read the post, including my introductory comment, if you want to know what I think?


      • Ben says:

        You’re honestly surprised people that your fellow travelers are stupid, self-destructive, clueless assholes? Just curious–you’ve actually read their posts and talked to them in various forums, correct? If the answer is “yes”, it’s hard to take your dismay here seriously.


        • annebeck58 says:

          Well, I certainly don’t waste my time in reading all of their posts. Once I see where a few of them are taking it, I don’t feel it’s necessary to read all of what each one says. The thing is, they mostly say the same stuff.. They get it from the likes of Fetzer and Jones.

          Just because I don’t think a Jew did Sandy Hook does not mean I think there are not bad Jews (esp in Israhell). But, I do not believe every crime in this world has been committed by, solely, Jews.
          That is crazy-talk. Obviously.

          But, yes; I have been surprised (initially) at the number of people who went off to the land of the certifiable., until I found out who they were following.
          Then I was sad.
          And I do not consider them fellow travellers of mine, as we definitely take diverging paths.


        • annebeck58 says:

          Idiocy always surprises me. I know, it should not, but it does.
          I forget that not everyone is, “blessed”, with a well educated intellect.
          It is sad.
          But, yes, it catches me off-guard, OFTEN. (And I do point it out, even when it comes from those I am friendly with. You might be surprised at how that goes!)


  7. lre says:

    If the jews did do it
    1. They would not use a jew kid to take the fall for the shooting . Put they may want to have the kid have a name that would be suspect to those who are jew wise , conspiracy theorist or any other candy that you could
    2. For theater , sympathy , to cast blame in another direction ,etc , etc You have a token jew kid


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