Thanks-giving Phone Call..

Posted: November 26, 2012 in FREEDOM

I spent the week leading up to Thanksgiving, online, in twitter mostly;  talking with people about the horrific events in Gaza as perpetrated by the Israeli Occupation Force and the IAF (they call them the Israeli Air Force, but I’ll leave the “A” up to your interpretation.)

Thanksgiving day in America;  I spent holding my breath for Gaza, that this mutually agreed to cease-fire would hold. It didn’t, as I expected, but things began to go back to, “normal”, for Gazans.  I mean, if you can consider cleaning up parts of dead bodies and rust-red blood from the streets, trying to replace windows and sashes which had been blown-out by Israeli weapons of MASS Destruction, patching holes in walls, as, “normal”..  life was getting back to what it was prior to this hellish rain of bombs onto Gaza..

Then my friend from back-East phoned, Friday, to see how my holiday was.  Well, I said, “I spent it on twitter;  I didn’t eat.  I was too busy trying to tell more people about the truth of the bombing of Gaza.  I could not eat because I know many in Gaza are also not eating.. and I already have so much, by comparison, so it didn’t seem necessary… ”

She spoke one word.

She asked me one question that I really was not prepared for.

She asked me, “Why?”.

I did not know how to respond.  How does one pour her heart out, speak her fears regarding other humans, to a person considered a friend..  and respond to the question, “Why?”

Oh, I could have gone into one of my long diatribes.  I had a lot of reasons why.  I’d already told this friend, “why”.  But, she obviously did not hear me when I first told her about my day.  What was going to change her ideas on Gaza and all of Palestine?  It seems it was not me.

And it causes me to reconsider just what sort of friendship I have with this person.  Is she not the caring individual I’d assumed she was?  Is she still brainwashed by the tools for Zion?  It’s very possible.


So, the next time she calls and I see her name and number on the caller i.d., I will probably consider answering that call, but, I already know I will think, “Why?”

  1. speak truth says:

    I have been following the debacle in Gaza and Israel since early 1970’s. I wrote a story about my autistic son and was chosen to spend a summer at a Columbia Pictures workshop in NY. There I met a young Palestinan woman and we became good friends. Until then, I always believed what I was told about Israel. She opened my eyes and they have never been closed since. I have read every book I could get my hand on, and stay up today with a variety of organizations from the Palestinans to Jewish Voices for Peace. I am always shocked at how little information the american people have on this issue. A neighbor of mine believes that the Israelies were always in Palestine and the “Arabs” as she calls them, declared war and took land from them? In writing on local blogs I have been called every name in the book, including antisemite! It makes me feel sad for those who havent a clue what is truly going on. On Nov. 29, 1947 the zionists were given parts of Palestine. I will always remember that day, (because its my birthday). Over the next two they zionists began looting, land grab, forcing Palestinans from their homes, brutally beating and bombing until they now have most of what was Palestine. A google of a map of Palestine 1947 and a map today, proves just who the real aggressor is. While there are many good Jews around the world who march with us, who blog and write for justice and peace, we can only hope the people in that horrific video of the hatefilled zionists will one day gets what’s coming to them. In the meantime, it is up to all of us educated on the issue, to inform, and educate others to the real truth. Until we do that, until we get our US Congress to stop backing zionist physically, economically and stop sending them our tax dollars there can never be peace. It is the zionists who claim Palestinans want to drive them into the sea, but we know better…This is the largest land grab in our history, its happening right now, and we must do everything in our power to end this horror…on behalf of the people of Gaza the West Bank and declare a two state solution. Many want a one state solution, but that would never work. Palestinans would simply remain 2nd or 3rd class citizens under Israel. Apartheid Israel is aptly called apartheid because they insist on a Jewish only state. That means no Christians, no arabs, no Palestinans, no blacks from Africa.


    • annebeck58 says:

      Thank you for such a well thought out response.
      I agree; the difference between Zionism (social evil) and Judaism (religion) is night and day.

      I don’t think I will ever understand people, mothers in particular, who continue to go along with the Zionist entity in the mid-east. It’s one reason why I could not find the words when my friend asked me, why? I wanted, afterward, to say: “Are you serious with that, why?”. But, instead, I said something like.., “babies are being murdered, along wth their mothers and fathers, and we; the people of the USA, are paying for this horror show.” I know it came out a lot more feebly than it sounds here. I was simply thrown.

      And yes, I also was ever on the side of Israel, without knowing what that really meant.
      I finally woke up during Cat-Lead ops, and I don’t have patience with those who paid that no mind, either.
      It is frustrating to be asked this. It’s triply-frustrating when the person asking the, “question”, is supposed to be an intelligent friend.

      thank you, again, for your wonderful comment. I concur.


    • annebeck58 says:

      Though I am very late in responding to you, thanks so much for telling your story. I appreciate it and I agree with your every word.
      I hope to hear from you again!


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