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Today, finally, Palestine was recognised as a state (essentially) when she was given, “Observer Status”, via the UN.

You could have knocked me over with that proverbial feather.

Certainly, as much as I wanted for Palestine to be recognised, I did not expect it.  I read everything posted (which was not a lot) about the back and forth;  the struggle of Palestine to achieve Observer status, and given what Palestine (Abbas, of the Palestinian Authority) was being pressured to do, such as give-up the right to take Israel to the International Criminal Court for their crimes against humanity, for (at least) Op Pillar of Cloud. 

I really thought Palestine attaining, “Observer Status”,  this would not happen in my lifetime.  It did.  And I am trilled!  I hope it is a stepping stone..  I hope it’s only a short-step toward giving all people of Palestine their freedom.  And I really hope it gives them the right to take Israel to the ICC, today and anytime in the future, when the ILLICIT state again bombs Gaza and murders Palestinians, just because they feel like it.

Of course, I have questions and concerns:

Did Abbas give up the right of Gaza/Hamas to take Bibi Netanyahu (@netanyahu for my twitter follows) to the ICC?  Will Israel ever be forced to stand trial for their latest murders of Palestinian innocents?  I hope Abbas did not give in or give up.  But, I do not yet know the answer to this question.

Will Hamas, the elected leader of the Palestinian people, finally be treated like the humans and leaders that they are?  Or, will they continue to be labeled as “terrorists”?  I think people should look at the truth of Hamas.  Though they were weaponized by Israel, years back, they have acted in the best interest of Gaza and would act in the best interest of all of Palestine, had the Zionist state not completely separated the West Bank from East Jerusalem and, especially,  from Gaza.  I believe this was by design.  Surely, most people see this, too.  For, though the majority of the world does not seem to be aware of this fact, Hamas has been struggling to stop all of those qassams from going into the (Palestinian) no-man’s land or squatter’s territory of what is really occupied Palestine.   If  their, “neighbors” (to put it nicely) are worried about these few qassams, they should just get out of Palestine!

One more time:  Hamas is not responsible for most projectiles fired into the other side of that ever-moving wall of Israel.  Hamas has struggled to catch and jail resistance fighters who do fire-off qassams.  Yet, during, “Operation Pillar of Cloud”, Israeli Occupation Forces and Israel Air Forces targeted these very Hamas policemen and police-stations, when they were not murdering babes and other innocents and not targeting news-media and hospitals and schools.  Isreali Occupation forces targeted women and children, intentionally..  So, what was it Israel and Bibi wanted to accomplish in the latest massacre?  Does anybody have a valid response to this question?

Until the people of the world wake up to the truth that Hamas is far from being a terrorist-organization, Israel will continue to act with reckless abandon.  Israel will keep acting like, “terrorists “, they say they despise and fear.  And until the USA and EU and others, particularly Westerners,  figure this out, the world will continue to be in a terrible state.  Of course, the USA voted against Palestine obtaining this observer-status.  And what did the UK do?  They wimped out and they took the no-vote route;  they abstained.

My wish now, for Palestine, is that the latest recognition by the U.N. will mean more positive accomplishments are on the way.  I hope this will mean the Israeli siege against Palestine will end.  But, I suppose we shall have to take this one step at a time.

For now;  congratulations, to Palestine.  I am sorry my own country’s government sided with the terrorists of Israel.  I am sorry they are puppets to the Zionist regime of Israel and I do hope they will wake up very soon or be voted out, if possible, before much worse happens.

Now, don’t cry, Gaza and Palestine;   for we are with you, at least in spirit.  And, I do believe that much more hope IS on the way.



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Lieberman Calls for Immediate Forced Ouster of Abbas

With the UN General Assembly expected to overwhelmingly endorse the recognition of Palestine as a “non-member observer state,” the Israeli cabinet is reportedly split on exactly what sort of retaliatory moves they should make, and when to make them.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is leading the call for an immediate forcible ouster of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, while others say Israel is in no position to do this so soon after the Gaza War.

A moderate group led by cabinet ministers Dan Meridor and Benny Begin are calling for Israel to hold off on any move to see if Abbas tries to take action against Israel in the Hague, saying they should only oust him after such a move. Both Meridor and Begin lost badly in the Likud primary, however, so their influence is in serious doubt.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz is proposing a “compromise” between the two of simply seizing all Palestinian tax dollars in retaliation. This has been suggested several times, but Israel does this so often at the slightest provocation it hardly registers as a response to the more hawkish members of the cabinet, who favor more dramatic retaliation, no matter how unwise it might be.

Now, if you’ve followed my posts, at all, you know I have one:  In fact, I was not given the “mouthy medal” for nothing!  And, in particular, when it’s about what the bastard-state does to the civilians (yes, CIVILIANS) in all of Palestine, but especially to those imprisoned in the Concentration-Camp that is Gaza, I have to speak out.

(This is my response to the above post:)

Hang on there…  I see it’s upside-down day, again. First, Izrahell bombs the crap out of Gaza.  The bastard-state then breaks a cease-fire truce by killing another Palestinian and injuring too many more young men…

This is after, I should note, the “only democracy? in the Mid-East” had MURDERED SIXTY-NINE Palestinians and maimed scores more, in one year?  This was after a year of complete CALM and the deaths and injury of how many in the Zionist-state? NONE. Not ONE.  Nada.  Zip. Zero. Zilch!

And the pigs of the Izrahell government, along with the UN “Security Council”, are actually considering taking further “Revenge” upon Palestine?  Some are seemingly more reasonable (yeah, if you can call it that) than the majority.. but still.   Their manner of revenge is siezing the bank-accounts of all of Palestine?  How dare they??

They want Revenge on Palestine;  on Gaza?? For WHAT???

If anyone should be fearing (justly deserved) revenge by the saner people (if there are any in the UN’s General Assembly– hell, look at that wimp, Ban Ki Moon!), it would be Israhell.  Yet, they are considering further attacking Palestine, in this manner?  Again;  what CHUTZBAH!

Whenever the Zionazi are involved in these proclamations, it really is:  Upside-Down-Day. I shall never comprehend this sort of, “thinking”.  LIE-ber-Man??? should stop by my house for a nice bowl of soup and a chat.  I’ve plenty to say to that particular bastard.

Nothing makes me more angry than this sort of thing. (Yes, Obviously- my apologies to those who are offended, with the exception of those Ash-Can-Nazis..)

I cannot stand what it happening to Palestine.. to the ever shrinking-territories, crushed into by the always-movable WALLS of the Bastard-State. And you all know I hardly cuss, but this is too much.  So, if you are offended by my take on this, or if you are bothered by my (seldom used) cursing, but, well:

Sorry if you are offended…, yet i am not.

Thanks-giving Phone Call..

Posted: November 26, 2012 in FREEDOM

I spent the week leading up to Thanksgiving, online, in twitter mostly;  talking with people about the horrific events in Gaza as perpetrated by the Israeli Occupation Force and the IAF (they call them the Israeli Air Force, but I’ll leave the “A” up to your interpretation.)

Thanksgiving day in America;  I spent holding my breath for Gaza, that this mutually agreed to cease-fire would hold. It didn’t, as I expected, but things began to go back to, “normal”, for Gazans.  I mean, if you can consider cleaning up parts of dead bodies and rust-red blood from the streets, trying to replace windows and sashes which had been blown-out by Israeli weapons of MASS Destruction, patching holes in walls, as, “normal”..  life was getting back to what it was prior to this hellish rain of bombs onto Gaza..

Then my friend from back-East phoned, Friday, to see how my holiday was.  Well, I said, “I spent it on twitter;  I didn’t eat.  I was too busy trying to tell more people about the truth of the bombing of Gaza.  I could not eat because I know many in Gaza are also not eating.. and I already have so much, by comparison, so it didn’t seem necessary… ”

She spoke one word.

She asked me one question that I really was not prepared for.

She asked me, “Why?”.

I did not know how to respond.  How does one pour her heart out, speak her fears regarding other humans, to a person considered a friend..  and respond to the question, “Why?”

Oh, I could have gone into one of my long diatribes.  I had a lot of reasons why.  I’d already told this friend, “why”.  But, she obviously did not hear me when I first told her about my day.  What was going to change her ideas on Gaza and all of Palestine?  It seems it was not me.

And it causes me to reconsider just what sort of friendship I have with this person.  Is she not the caring individual I’d assumed she was?  Is she still brainwashed by the tools for Zion?  It’s very possible.


So, the next time she calls and I see her name and number on the caller i.d., I will probably consider answering that call, but, I already know I will think, “Why?”

An excellent video by P James Flynn, was posted in youtube and then in twitter, and sent to me.  It comes with a warning of graphic photos that depict violence and the aftermath, including photos of dead children of Gaza, Palestine.  Of course, the people who lay on the metal slabs in these photos, never received warnings.

My heroes are the people of Palestine, and especially Gaza, today.  These mostly young people stayed online or on their cell phones, and posted what was happening in their neighborhoods:

“loud boom”,

“dark, no electricity”,

“cannot sleep;  drones closer”

I read and retweeted these short messages, my heart breaking and the fear growing, for each person I’ve come to know in the past week and those I will probably never know.  I hoped more people, particularly Americans and other Westerners, would think it mattered.  I wasn’t sure if Bibi Netanyahu would ever stop this madness, even while I sent him tweets, insisting he stop this.  Sure, he never read my tweets, but if he had he would have been aware that more people in this world wanted this horror stopped.

The news finally came of a ceasefire, and for the civilians living in Gaza, this could not come soon enough.  I wanted to believe it, but with the sound of drones still circling overhead, over Gaza, I wasn’t sure.  I am still not sure.

For Bibi has not only lost this battle, he’s apparently lost the war (and I hope he’s finally lost his seat!)  Then again, with eighty to ninety percent of Israelis wanting this to continue, it could be the only rationale one could use to predict Bibi’s ouster would be that he did not, “flatten Gaza” (as the most despicable of the Israeli Zionists chanted again and again.)

Today, as has been the case since Cast-Lead Ops,  my heroes are in Palestine.  My heroes are the civilians who stand up, under fire, in the West Bank to say NO MORE.  My heroes are the young ladies and men of Gaza, who continue to put that information out there, in attempts to make it stop.

This is the twitter-link to the video, by @PJamesFlynn:
“History will Say, No More Heroes”.  It’s definitely worth the watch.

If anyone has not yet seen it, there is a video (new-z-reel) of these, “Poor, put-upon, terrified”, Jewish Zionist d’evils, from just outside of Gaza. They are on the hilltops, having a tail-gating party. If anyone does not know what this means:
Generally, outside of American football games, in the parking lot, pick-up trucks line up and the drivers and passengers hold parties. Refreshments are set-up on the opened tailgates. Americans serve bar-b-que and drink beer. It’s a celebratory time. Tail-gating does not involve or connote fear of anyone or anything. And this is what we see coming out of the land of the Zionist, from just outside of the walls of Gaza.

The Zionists do get on the telly and swear they are terrified, “by thousands of (ahem) rockets daily, sent by Hamas or other resistance groups, into Israel”. They may be able to show you a small hole in a neighbor’s roof or a broken window, but mostly they can show you un-exploded pipes that look like paper-airplanes. Sure, they are made of metal, but these, “qassams”, (rockets??) have no warheads. The most recent, “long-range rockets”, are still less than 2 feet long and contain no explosive, whatsoever!  The past explosive powders are not contained in today’s qassams.  They are hollow pipes with wings attached;  nothing more and nothing less. I would imagine the children of the Zionist state collect these things to play with.

In fact, these “qassams”, are quite reminiscent of rocket-kits American children DO play with. The appropriate age stamped on the box of said rockets (one of which I gave to my son at the age of 6 or 7), is, “8 to 80″. Does this sound dangerous? Does it sound deadly?  The difference between the rocket-kit I gave to my son and Gaza’s qassams?  The rocket-kit came with explosive powders and could actually burn a person.

Yet we watch the reality of this, “war”, which is not a war, at all. It’s party-time in the city (of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and outside of the Zionist-built walls of Palestine), tonight. Explosive fireballs that light up the sky are provided by the Zionist state, as they blow up ACTUAL people, children seemingly preferred, in Gaza. And the Zionists stand by and oooh, ahhh, at each round of fire. THEY actually applaud!

It’s a sick nation that can look at these lights and not comprehend what’s behind or underneath them.  These are HUMAN BEINGS who’re being blown-up!  And Americans, by about fifty-percent, agree with the Zionist (bastard) State?  In this day of information overload, how is this?



From Nour Abed, @NourGaza, Palestine..
Hopefully staying as safe as is possible, while bombing by Israel continues..
Be safe, Nour!

Who Will Help Gaza

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

And ALL of Palestine? When will that assistance finally come? What does Lebanon think?
Will they follow through or, as we’ve seen in the past in regard to all of Palestine, is this just words?


I just read your email (John Tate) regarding what we need to keep liberty going. And I would like to respond to some of the things mentioned in that email.

You said you figured the GOP/ Romney had lost the election during the Republican National Convention. How I wish you’d comprehended this long before that!

First of all, when Mitt and Co cheated the Liberty movement (US and Dr Paul) during the first caucus in Iowa, I saw that Mitt was a fall-guy. I mean; how does someone like Mitt go from being the worst loser in recent GOP history to being the candidate? How does Iowa, who loves Dr Paul and all he stands for, go from Ron Paul to Mr. Opposite, Mitt Romney? It was through cheating. We all knew this pretty much immediately, yet the campaign seemed to stay in the dark? Perhaps not hiring folk like Jesse Benton would have been the first clue?

When it comes to the Tea-Party, I wish you would comprehend that this is NOT the Ron-Paul Tea-Party. This is the Koch Brothers Tea-Party, and as such, is influenced by the very same folk who rule the RNC/DNC, which means it’s the same machine that’s ruined this country and stopped bothering to follow our constitution.

Take a look at my youtube channel: @annebeck58.

I have written up there, for all to see; “Mitt Romney is a Fall-guy”. I did this the day OF the Iowa (s)election It was immediately after I saw Dr Paul’s stats go from 42 percent to about 25 percent, in 45 minutes. Santorum (who?) and Romney had their numbers go up, yet Ron Paul’s actual vote-count remained the same. This should have given our campaign; Dr Paul’s campaign, an idea that there would be nothing but cheating from within the Republican party. Perhaps he should have switched from GOP to Indy at this point? His supporters would have gone his way and the (s)election may have been more realistic.

But, with the introduction of the electronic voting machines, in the year 2000 (thank you Dubya, for the Hack-a-Vote-2k) I learned there was no way my vote or any votes would be counted accurately or as intended. So my question, to the Campaign for Liberty, is this: What do you plan on doing to make sure the USA takes these machines out of play and sends them to the crusher, as did Ireland? Until and unless this is done, we will always lose.

Yours Truly, 


**currently under investigation for a crime I could not have done; a 3rd degree felony count of, “divulging votes”, and it is due to the fact that I called out both parties, or the Bipartisan Mafia if you will, for the fraudulent vote-flipping and vote-plucking we’ve all seen!   Even the Travis County GOP (the boots on the ground) get that the e-voting machines are screwing all of us;  Dems, Reps, Indies of all denominations, alike!