RIGGED, by Dr K. Khaleel (Dr K)

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!
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By Dr K:

  1. annebeck58 says:

    And, here is MORE on RIGGED:

    Presidential Election is Rigged: Researcher and Book Author Dr. Kaasem Khaleel Offers Proof

    Winner Easily Made into Loser by Computer Manipulation: “Rigged” Author Calls for Halt of All Secret Voting and a Return to Paper Ballots Backed by Affidavits

    VERNON HILLS, III., Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — In his forthcoming book, Rigged, Dr. Kaasem Khaleel proves that America’s elections are more rigged than elections anywhere in the world. “There is no freedom in our democracy; in fact, it isn’t even a democracy but is instead a kind of dictatorship,” says Dr. Khaleel. “That’s because there is no way to guarantee that our votes are counted. In fact, they might be used against us, counted for the opposition. That’s the same tactic used by Stalin and other tyrants.”
    Khaleel says the Presidential Elections of 2000, 2004, and 2008 were rigged, and the public vote was rendered irrelevant. “Without safeguards, the same will occur this year,” says Dr. Khaleel.
    Some of the fraudulent activity Dr. Khaleel points to in the 2012 election includes touchscreen machines switching ballots in early voting for the Presidential election in North Carolina, 17.5% “errors” in early voting in Arizona – making the winner the loser, felons stuffing ballots in Minnesota to falsely elect Senator Al Franken, votes stolen from Congressman Ron Paul (and Rick Santorum) in Iowa & Maine – proven by eyewitnesses. He says more of the same can be expected on election day.
    In his book Dr. Khaleel proves that computerized vote counts can never be trusted, and calls instead for completely transparent votes. “If the election boards refuse to allow us to see the ballots, what are they hiding? Do they know themselves that the counts are wrong or suspect?”
    Dr. Khaleel says he recently visited the offices in London of Scytl-SOE, the Spanish company which counts the votes — and was thrown off the property. His summary of what happened is found on YouTube. Dr. Khaleel says all he asked them was, “What is the proof for transparency in our votes?”
    Dr. Khaleel says lawsuits with depositions have also revealed the fraud. In Pima County, Arizona, attorney Bill Risner made the earth-shaking discovery that, in fact, routinely, elections are maliciously rigged, even in some cases by precisely the election officials hired to ensure the process.
    “Risner discovered that, as admitted by election officials, computerized voting machines are completely unreliable and are ‘easily rigged,’ both by criminal elements and the officials themselves,” says Dr. Khaleel. “In one case, a programmer responsible for the rigging admitted it under oath, where votes for the 2006 RTA bond issue where rigged against the public choice. In other words, the decision made by the public was corrupted, in this case by the Pima County election board itself.”
    In the presidential primary, 2012, Dr. Khaleel demonstrates, votes were stolen, both in caucus states and electronically counted primaries. He says dozens of statisticians all over the world are investigating this and finding evidence of election fraud in virtually every state. The victims of vote culling included Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich, with Mitt Romney as the beneficiary, says Dr. Khaleel.
    The question everyone asks, “What do we do about it, not vote?” Dr. Khaleel says he has created the answer with a system that ensures that votes are verified. This is through the Website, http://www.WriteInRevolution.com. Here, voters are urged to ideally vote with absentee ballots. They will then copy that ballot and mail it in to the Website. Then, they; will confirm their votes by filling out an affidavit, which they notarize. That, too, will be sent to the Website as a double confirmation.
    “If they vote in-person, that’s fine, too,” says Dr. Khaleel. “They just fill out the affidavit afterwards, notarize it, and send it in. This creates a powerful, permanent record of the vote and is a redress against the corruptible and fraudulent machines.”
    Dr. Khaleel says elections have been stolen just because of the machines. That means the peoples’ votes are ignored, rather, purged. The 2012 Palm Beach County debacle, where two different candidates were declared winners erroneously, which was later reversed by the hand-count, is merely one example. In one case there was an 8% error with the machine, which means hundreds of fraudulent votes were recorded. With WriteInRevolution.com this can be prevented.
    For the Presidential run Dr. Khaleel suggests that people consider NOT voting for the handpicked, pre-selected candidates or to vote for the so-called “lesser of two evils.”
    “Don’t vote for evil at all, but instead vote for the elimination of tyranny and corruption and, particularly, for the end of the highly corruptible computerized voting machines,” says Dr. Khaleel. He suggests rallying around the only man to fight back against the corruption, Congressman Ron Paul.
    “A vote for Dr. Paul, the only presidential candidate who stands strong in upholding the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States, sends a powerful message that the American people are sick and tired of the corruption and the rigged system and will not stand for it any longer.It says that, at a minimum, the people will not play the game of falsely selected candidates, where the winner is picked in advance and seek redress and protest against this illegal, unconstitutional, and rigged system,” says Dr. Khaleel.
    Dr. Khaleel says that a write-in vote for Ron Paul, backed by affidavit, is the only truly counted vote and is a testimony that the American people will take their destiny in their own hands and will not waste their votes for candidates who violate their rights; nor will they cast votes for those who work against them such as those who support unconstitutional wars and illegal taxation.
    “In the future through this system all constitutionally and freedom-minded candidates will have the opportunity to win, because the affidavit-backed system prevents AND PROVES cheating,” says Dr. Khaleel.
    To pre-order a copy of the book, Rigged, call 1-800-295-3737 (available January 2013)
    To interview Dr. Khaleel: 1-800-295-3737 or his cell, 1-847-875-6164.
    Back-up interviewee: Jim Condit, Jr. of http://www.Watchthevote2012.com, ph: 513-741-2095
    For more information: http://www.WriteInRevolution.com.
    Media Contact: Dr. Kaasem Khaleel http://www.WriteInRevolution.com, 1-847-875-6164, rigged@theprgroup.com
    News distributed by PR Newswire iReach: https://ireach.prnewswire.com
    SOURCE http://www.WriteInRevolution.com


  2. I don’t see the images.


    • annebeck58 says:

      The images are simply the pdf’s of the words. If you cannot see it, try clicking on your bar (up top) and allow http.. okay? Could be you’re set to only see words, yet not photo-images of words?


    • annebeck58 says:

      I think Dr K changed the published info. If I think about it, later, I’ll see if there’s a different way to upload it all?

      Anyone who’s written-in Paul, please make sure to get your affidavit (www.writeInRevolution.com) and return it, signed, to same site.
      If nothing else, it should give us some idea of what kind of support stayed with him and voted, regardless. Then again, it will not include the jerks who went for Johnson, sight-unseen (unvetted, and ridiculously.)
      I wish people had done at least a few searches of Johnson as that “Libertarian” did not deserve any support from the Paul faction. But, they were desperate to vote for anyone other than Obamney. It’s as bad as Reps who went with Mitt, just based on him not being Obama (which is debatable).


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