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Like I said; it’s ALL a sham. Election fraud, of all forms, has been rampant all over the USA, including in Austin and probably all of Texas. Sproul finally arrested? Or was he?

  1. donjusko says:

    I got this list today, it covers Obama’s downside.
    A Partial List of Why I Won’t be Voting for any Democrat
    by Bob Pappas

    Abortion: Obama supports killing babies that were targets of abortion but survived and were born alive;
    Abuse of Executive Power: Using the EPA regulations to end run Congress on Energy, Immigration, Gun and issues;
    Automotive: Too large to fail GM and Chrysler takeovers then large percentage of ownership was given to unions…what happened to private investors investment?; Refuses to allow GM to buy out Government held shares;
    Automotive: GM is on the brink of bankruptcy…again;
    Banking: Too large to fail bailouts; bundled back to support Obama;
    Blame: “It’s Bush’s Fault!” And now, “It’s Romney’s Fault,”
    Border Security: Failure to secure borders against drugs and illegal immigrants;
    Buffoonery: Any time Biden opens his mouth;
    Constitution: Obama’s antipathy toward it as too restrictive; So…he ignores it;
    Drugs: Open Southern border;
    Election process: Democrats use illegal immigrants to canvass for voters;
    Election process: Pelosi accused of violating FEC rules by coordinating campaign with supporting lobbyists;
    Election: 2010 elections, Nevada voting machine techs were SEIU union thugs;
    Election: Obama team refused to divulge source of its campaign funds in ’08;
    Election: Top union officials admit voter fraud, caught on tape;
    Election: Unions provide food and gift cards at rally in exchange for a Reid vote;
    Elitist: Harry Reid defends his million dollar Ritz/Carlton condo while condemning Romney for his residences.
    Employment: Unemployment at 10% peak and still over 8%; Suggests workers drop out of workforce to lower unemployment rate;
    Energy: Tried to cram through Cap and Trade that would destroy coal burning power plants and increase the cost of energy to record levels;
    Environmental: Obama’s foot on BP’s neck;
    Executive Abuse: Presidential abuse of Executive authority, 39 Czars and 138 Executive Orders;
    Feminist: A new Femi-Nazi slut star is born, Sandra Fluke.
    Feminist: Leftist N.O.W. refuses to condemn those who malign politically conservative women;
    Fiscal: Irresponsible and corrupt “stimulus” spending; buying Chinese solar panels with stimulus money;
    Housing: More Subprime Mortgages which is where it all started?;
    Hypocrisy : Too many to list;
    Immigration: Too much illegal immigration, not enough is legal;
    Integrity: Appointment of “Tax-Cheat” Geitner as Secretary of the Treasury;
    Integrity: Connecticut Blumenthal lied about military service in Vietnam…and they still elected him?!;
    Intellectual: Massachusetts Senator Kerry accuses Americans of “knowing nothing;”
    Intellectual: Teleprompter President visits Sixth Grade with Teleprompter;
    Intelligence: Intentional leaks of secret information to bolster image;
    Intelligence: Plans to prosecute Seal who wrote the book on what actually happened at the Bin Laden raid;
    Internal Security: Rangel introduced legislation that would provide Obama with an SS type “homeland security force;”
    International relations: Apology tour, Embarrassing Treatment of Dali Lama, Snubbing of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Poke in Great Britain’s eye with the return of Churchill’s bust, embraces the Arab (Muslim) Spring, reaps Arab (Muslim) Hell;
    International relations: Reset with the Russians turns into “over charge” a total farce framing Hillary (“the buck stops here”) as a buffoon; no surprise there;
    International relations: Obama slept while Arabs burned U.S. Embassies, murdered staff, raped and murdered the U.S. Ambassador; Obama and Hillary tried to blame a months old video…except that one of his own supporters, Bill Maher produced a movie that was as bad or worse directed to both Islam and Christianity; the “video” is a Red Herring; even Libya is officially stating that it was months in the planning, probably because they were in on it; (so much for the video Red Herring)
    Jobs: Supposedly created 4 million jobs, but with 500k fewer people working than when he took office; unemployment over 8% for 3.5 years with only about 88 million of 310 million Americans in the workforce; why work? wait and a Democrat will think of some way to give you someone else’s money, provide you with health care paid for by someone else, and provide indefinite unemployment funds;
    Jobs: Hiring prisoners instead of private U.S. companies to make military uniforms;
    Labor: Union corruption, cronyism and political corruption on a mega scale;
    Legislative:”Obamacare” crammed down the throats of the vast majority of Americans;
    Military: Administration plans to cut it down to size; military commanders do not want more according to Obama in Second debate;
    Military: Obama, Democrats, and RINOs repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; Sodomy still a violation of the UCMJ; but,
    Military: Refuses to enforce the sodomy proscription in the UCMJ;
    Moderation: Government funded leftist National Public Radio fires liberal commentator Juan Williams for revealing his personal concerns when observing Muslims board an airplane in their middle eastern garb;
    Monetary policy: Another Quantitative Easing to bolster the sagging Obama economy causes huge inflation problems;
    Monetary policy: China complains that Obama’s dollar printing is out of control; begins dumping U.S. stocks;
    Monetary policy: Setting the Stage for hyper inflation; gas prices doubled in less than four years; eggs up 50%; peanut butter up 50%;
    Most brilliant President: Staff Meetings Conducted with Teleprompter; doesn’t attend intelligence briefings; met with six graders using teleprompter to speak to them; talked about “57 States;” Obama honored a Navy “corpseman;” and spoke about “the Austrian language,”
    National Debt: Largest in history, largest increase in history; largest payments in history;
    National Deficit: Largest in history, largest increase in history;
    National Military Strategy: Pivot from Mid-East to Pacific; now that’s where the problems really are hot…while the Mid-East burns…well there are China and North Korea…nothing new there;
    Nixonian Style: White House extensive “enemies” list; probably includes most readers of these essays;
    Obama: “We need more time;”…to completely finish the job…and what would that be?
    Obamacare: Causing an impending largest tax increases in the history of the world;
    Obamacare: “Death panel” is real, and according to one Democrat operative, desired;
    Obamacare: Forced to buy insurance; failing a tax is imposed, not a penalty…if not a tax the law does not stand; only Constitutional if the levy is a tax;
    PC: No more War on Terror, it’s “Man caused disasters;” No…”Obama caused disasters,” but blame Romney for Bengazi;
    Political espionage: Democrats ask the Pentagon for information on potential Republican Candidates;
    Politics: Charlie Crist, the Benedict Arnold of the Republican Party;
    Politics: Clinton “pushed” Meek to get out of the Florida Senatorial race so that democrats would switch to traitor and former RINO, “Benedict” Crist;
    Racism: Obama continues racial divisiveness with his admonition to Latinos to “punish their (Republican) enemies;” “Republicans will have to move to the back of the bus;” Obama campaign, “Blacks for Obama” website;
    Racism: Obama supports Black Panther voter intimidation;
    Regulations: Draconian Financial Regulatory law;
    Regulations: Over 13,000 pages of new regulations; Obamacare regulation includes 18 pages to describe what constitutes an employer;
    Service Members: Obama and Michelle pander to them…but he wants to increase Retiree and Vets contribution to medical care to about the same or more than cost of mandated health insurance; One little problem, for retirees, medical care was prepaid by lower wages over the years of a member’s service; for vets, costs should be means tested;
    Society: Obama refuses to enforce the “Defense of Marriage Act” in violation of both the oath of office and Federal law;
    Society: Obama against homosexual “marriage” then, he evolved for it;
    Socialist: Obama: Fall 2010, “my name is not on the ballot, but my agenda is”…and he got his fanny handed to him;
    Student loans: Government takeover of the Student Loan Program;
    Taxes: Obama Tax Panel considers ending mortgage and child tax deduction (despite his promise to not raise taxes one cent on couples making less than $200K);
    Taxes: No problem, Obama ignored his Tax Panel’s advice, now says Romney will adopt its recommendations;
    Taxes: Increasing taxes to 100% on the rich wouldn’t dent Obama’s deficit;
    Taxpayer burden: Extend Unemployment Benefits to recreate a latter day Welfare Program, now at historic levels;
    Taxpayer burden: Obama reserves 570 rooms in India; takes 40 airplanes; plans to use teleprompter; will not visit shrine; plans to visit mosque; cost to US taxpayers likely close to a billion dollars; too many others to recount;
    Totalitarian: Barney Frank and Joe Biden out of the closet, openly seeking to increase the role of government in “all aspects of American life;”
    Truth: Democrats falsely accused Republicans of taking foreign money for campaign ads, while doing exactly that;
    Unions: Union Stagehand fired for wearing Bush T-shirt; trashed Wisconsin Capitol; Chicago teachers turn down 14% raise where average teacher pay is $76K and strike…average wage in Chicago is $45K. “Gotta” love those government unions.
    Voter: Democrats whine that requiring and ID to vote is an imposition on minorities; but required ID to enter Democrat National Convention; board an airplane; buy a gun or beer;
    Voter: Nevada Secretary of State claims no evidence of voter fraud despite a number of complaints that Harry Reid was preselected on voters’ ballots;
    Voter: North Carolina voter: “I voted straight Republican and the machine registered it as straight Democrat;”
    Openness: Obama said, “Romney won’t release his tax returns;” Romney should respond that when Obama releases all his personal information then he, Romney will release his tax returns.
    Openness: And the all time winner is: Obama said, “This is the most transparent and ethical Administration in history.”


  2. margaret says:

    Not that I know of……Sproul


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