Posted: October 19, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

Here we go again.

  1. Thanks-a-mundo for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.


  2. The US troops were already there during the British unlawful Mandate over Palestine. As a matter of fact, we should say occupied Palestine and not Israel!

    Regarding the USS Liberty, the US military was monitoring the attacks right from inside the Israeli military head quarters because the 1967 attacks on the Arabs were a joint US-Israeli operation with Russian complicity.



    • annebeck58 says:

      Yes, Basheer.
      I agree it should be, “Occupied Palestine”, rather than Israel. What the Zionists have done to the people of Palestine should negate their right to live on this land.
      I don’t know how they can be stopped and I do wish the US would stop this– doing whatever “Israel” wants done.


      • DEAR ANNE

        You must read the “Secret History of the US” by John Perkins, the author of the Economic Hitman. My French friend Alain Soral, likely the best brain in France, wrote a similar book “The Empire”. In this, you will find most of the answers of the planet’s calamities and tribulations. (Some statements Perkinns made are obviously wrong, like the one about Usama Bin Ladin having carried out the 9/11 “attacks” in the U.S.

        Regards and take care




        Part 1: Asia

        1 Mystery Woman of Jakarta
        2 Pirating Lepers
        3 Geishas
        4 The Bugiman
        5 A Corrupt and Brutal Country
        6 Sweatshops
        7 United States-Supported Slaughter
        8 Tsunami Profiteering
        9 Fruits of Corruption
        10 Attacked and Beaten in Indonesia
        11 Don’t Become a Buddhist
        12 Biological Imperatives
        13 Dictatorships of Finance
        14 The Quiet Giant

        Part 2: Latin America

        15 Hired Guns in Guatemala
        16 Obsessed with Anger
        17 Recruited as President of Bolivia Power
        18 Maximizing Profits in La Paz
        19 Changing the Dream
        20 Venezuela’s Chavez
        21 Ecuador: Betrayed by a President
        22 Bolivia: Bechtel and the Water Wars
        23 Brazil: Skeletons in the Closet
        24 The Beautiful Carioca
        25 Taking on the Empire
        26 Kindred Spirits
        27 A History of Assassinations
        28 Lessons from Latin America

        Part 3: The Middle East

        29 A Bankrupt United States of America
        30 King Dollar
        31 Manipulating Governments
        32 Lebanon: “Stark Raving Mad”
        33 USAID Speaks
        34 Egypt: Controlling Africa
        35 Infidel Dog
        36 Iran: Highways and Fortresses
        37 Israel: America’s Foot Soldier
        38 The Iraq-Iran War: Another EHM Victory
        39 Qatar and Dubai: Las Vegas in the Land of Mullahs
        40 Into the Abyss

        Part 4: Africa

        41 Modern Conquistadors
        42 Sitting in America’s Lap
        43 A Jackal Is Born
        44 The “Non-Peoples” of Diego Garcia
        45 Assassinating a President
        46 The Highjacking of an Air India 707
        47 An Environmentalist Is Executed
        48 The Least Understood Continent
        49 NGOs: A Stake in Keeping Africa Poor
        50 Laptops, Cell Phones, and Cars
        51 Ex-Peace Corps Volunteers Offer Hope
        52 Resolved: To Turn Things Around


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