Posted: October 19, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

Ari’s travels through Japan

Bamboo forest


I wish I remembered his name, but this guy was super awesome! He saw me taking pictures of the Bamboo Forest, and proceeded to pull out a small booklet of pictures that he took in the park, which included some sweet mountainside photos, the bamboo forest, and Kyoto covered in snow. Naturally, I wanted him to know my shooting style and see some of my work, so I brought out the iPad and showed him the pictures I had been taking of Japan. he enjoyed them so much, he insisted on showing me all of the spots from which he took his pictures! Haha! While we were walking, he proceeded to tell me he was 85 years old, and that he walked the mountain trail everyday. At first it was kind of hard to believe, because there’s a lot of big hills to climb, but every person working…

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