Posted: October 18, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

Now, this is VERY IMPORTANT in regard to what is being brought against me! Please like it, repost it, and SHARE everywhere!

Doug Wead

New evidence is coming out about just how tough and dirty the Mitt Romney campaign fought to block the Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party at the State Conventions last summer.

It may offer a little sneak preview of what a Romney presidency will be like.  And barring war with Syria or some other dramatic October surprise, Romney may well win this election.  The economy should decide that.

It  turns out that Mitt Romney and other Republican operatives were apparently very much aware of what was going on at the precinct, county, district and state conventions.  This was not greedy state and county chairmen wanting to hang onto power so they could go to the RNC as delegates and get drunk.  The hardball tactics were apparently approved and refined from state to state from Iowa, where the state chairman got money for the GOP and promises and conveniently kept…

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  1. donjusko says:

    Hi Anne, This one has gone viral already.

    Pretty disgusting….yet we all knew that this summer :(

    All i know is GJ gets my vote….& hopefully RPers all over the country are thinking along the same lines. if so…there is a nice shot at disrupting the electoral college…as well as sending a msg: “none of the above”!


  2. I hope everyone WILL re-post, re-blog, SHARE, RT, etc…, this blog-post. This is evidence I can use in my upcoming grande-jury appearance! Let the DA of Travis County and all Austin attorneys KNOW this is true!
    It’s about time this was brought to the fore by someone besides ME!


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