More Cooking with Leftovers

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!
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More Cooking with Leftovers

Eggs with Hats.
When you have too much homemade bread, and not enough people in the house to eat it, try making eggs with hats (these eggs look like they have crowns!)
Slice the bread at an angle, to get a wider piece (and not as thick). Cut the center(s) out, butter the bread, and place in a frying pan. My son gave me a great chef’s pan, last week, and I am putting it to great use!
Once the bread begins to toast and the butter is bubbling, crack an egg into the center (or eggs into centers; I think you always need 2 of these). Don’t forget the centers- butter them, too, and place in pan, off to the side of the bread/ eggs/ and pan-toast them. Allow the whites to cook, but not the yolks. When the eggs look stable, turn over, and shut the burner off.
Let it sit for a minute or two, and turn over onto your plate. Use the toasted center-pieces of bread as topping on the egg-center. That’s the “hat” you see in the photo.
Funny, when I ask my kids what they had to eat, much of the time they say, “eggs with hats”. And, I took this recipe from my mom, too.
It’s delicious!

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