Cookin’ with Gas! Sopa de Pollo; homemade soup.

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

ImageOne of my favorite things to do is cooking.  And, I like to test myself by using leftovers and bits and pieces of what’s in the fridge, to make something spectacular.  This may not seem spectacular, to you, but it was delicious!

Chicken Soup with Avocado.

I had a couple of leftover chicken breasts;  actually what was left was mainly the bones from two breasts I’d had for dinners, earlier in the week.  There was still a bit of meat on these bones.  And, because I had planned on making pizza, but forgot I was out of tomatoes (any kind of tomato), I thought I’d go with chicken soup.  That does not mean the dough went to waste, either.

Here’s how I make soup from leftover chicken and a few other things, on hand:

Remove as much breast-meat from the bones, and set aside.  Put the bones in a shallow pan and cover with water;  add a half an onion, a few crushed and minced cloves of garlic, and whatever spices and herbs you prefer.  I don’t add salt because I am not big on salt, but I added quite a few different kinds of pepper-  Pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper, and some lemon-pepper (the kind you sprinkle on chicken before it goes in the oven).  I also added sage, oregano, and rosemary, as well as basil.  Cover the pan and let it steep (cook on low to mid-low) for about 2 hours.  Remove the bones, let them cool, and continue to cook-down the broth.  At this point, I realized the bunnies had some baby-carrots in the fridge, so I stole a handful, cut them into small (1/4 inch) pieces, and let them cook til semi-soft.  I then added the chicken, cubed. Don’t add the cooked chicken too soon or it will become hard and stringy!

In the meanwhile, the bread had risen and baked.  Remember, I was going to make pizza, and I use an old French-bread recipe, from my mom,, so decided to make into a couple of little loaves of bread.  At the last minute, I added that half an avocado, left from the omelets the night before.  Wow, was it good!

I guess this is similar to what some would call, stone-soup, or refrigerator soup.  It is just a nice chicken soup, with plenty of yummy veggies, and a bit of homemade bread.  If I am going to eat bread, and I don’t do it often, it has to be homemade.  Some people add cilantro to this style of soup, but cilantro tastes like Ivory Soap, to me (yes, as a child, my older sister used to wash-out my mouth with Ivory Soap for saying things like, “Shut Up”, so I know what it tastes like!).  If you do add the cilantro, you may want to leave out the carrots.  The bunnies will thank you.. well, they won’t thank you, but they will  be happier that the carrots were left for them!



  1. Elsa Ga-as says:



    • annebeck58 says:

      My mom was always so thrifty. If we had ham on Friday (and we often did), we would have pea-soup on Saturday. Can’t make a great pea-soup without a hambone!
      When i was little, Mom baked bread on a regular basis (can you imagine growing up with that?). When the Fall rains would come, she’d take some of that dough and deep-fry it. Dough-boys were a big treat. But, when i had to have my lunch made with home-made bread, I thought it meant we were poor! It really meant that Mom cared enough to pack our sandwiches with love.
      And I did the same for my kids. My daughter used to say I could take a stick of gum, rubber-band, and clove of garlic and come up with some incredible sort of meal.


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