Bill and Florence, 03 July, 2012

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

Bill and Florence, 03 July, 2012

My mom and dad on their 70th wedding-anniversary.
Sadly, one of my siblings forced the parents into “assisted living”, which is more like a nursing-home or rest-home, than a place to LIVE.
So the rest of the family has been working, for months, to get the parents sprung.

Mom is 91 and Dad is 90, and they are surely with-it enough to be very upset over their current situation. Attorneys have been hired and one sibling has fought (with some of us) to get herself appointed as guardian. It is a good thing, yet it’s taking too long to get the parents out of Montana and closer to their kids (none of us live in Montana). I am hoping Mom and Dad are safe and on the East-coast, within the month.

If you are considering moving your own parents into a home, like this, do them a favor. Spend time there, yourself. See what living there would be like (the better places should have a guest room or two). if you don’t like it, do not place your own parents there.

Anyway; Happy 70th Anniversary, Florence and Bill.

  1. Elsa Ga-as says:

    Cool advice, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BOTH of them, LOve precious people , seasoned with time and experiences . Tr
    easure them .


  2. DrMeatwad Phd says:

    That is some great advice Anne. I do not understand how going out of town for a few extra dollars at some job is more important than your parents. I think it is best to take them in with you or one of the siblings takes them in.


    • annebeck58 says:

      (darn it- wordpress responses tend to get lost in the black hole of the net, I think.)
      I spoke with my Dad this morning and he and Mom feel imprisoned. We are now trying to get them moved, back to New England, where most of the family lives, but it’s not an easy task.
      Here’s the thing…; Bill and Florence had 17 children. Fifteen survived well into adult-hood. Three have passed in the last five years. So, that leaves twelve adults (acting like children, in some cases) who all have to agree regarding what is best. Some have not always had the parents’ best interests at heart, and have done things that are difficult to reverse.
      So, though we have now appointed a different sibling as guardian, it’s a process. It takes too long, in my estimation as well as that of the parents. They don’t want to “be a burden” (that makes me sad). They would prefer to live on their own, with full-time help. But, finding the appropriate place, and one everyone can agree on, as well as selling the “albatross” of a home in Montana, is taking longer than anticipated.
      Had one sibling not flown off the handle over some very minor things (a gas burner left on, which could have been fixed by moving an electric stove in, rather than the gas stove already in), and not fooled my mother into their current “home” situation, my dad would not have gone to the home to protect Mom.
      It’s a real mess. And it is one that will not be untangled for a while. For the parents, each day must seem very long, as they are locked-up so that they can be, “safe”. It’s balderdash.


  3. Anne, I am so glad that you love your parents. I wish you all luck.

    Happy Anniversary Florence and Bill!


    • annebeck58 says:

      The only bad thing is this: it was one hell of a way (and place) for them to have to spend their 70th anniversary. And, the way it went down was worse.
      One day, we were all planning a great party, for the parents. The following day, one of the (meaner) sisters decided Mom needed to be, “placed” and she got the state of Montana involved. That was the beginning of a terrible time in my parents’ lives, as well as ours.
      It took months to get this sister to finally give up guardianship of the parents (whom I say do not need such guardianship), but now it’s a fight to get the state out of Mom and Dad’s lives, too.
      What a terrible thing.
      I spoke with my dad, this morning; it’s so hard to not be able to give him any great news.


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