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Finally, I am ready to sit down and discuss what happened 29 May, 2012, in the combo-primary in Texas.  It’s called a combo-primary as both Democrats and Republicans hold their primaries together (or combined) and ANYONE may show-up to vote in either primary.  I did vote early, the prior week, as I would not be working in my own precinct’s primary.

So, when prospective voters would walk in the door, our first question (after obtaining either voter-i.d. card or driver’s license) was, “With which party do you prefer to affiliate yourself?”  Approximately one-fifth of voters in this heavily neocon (Dem Neocon and Rep Neocon) area went with the Democratic slate/primary.  Fine.  No problem there.  Of course, we did not hand out paper-sample-ballots to these people prior to asking which ballot they wanted to vote-on, so they would see especially pertaining to the presidential primary, who their choices would be.  We also did NOT tell any of these voters that, if after they saw the choices, it was legal for them to step-out of the booth/poll and ask to change affiliation.  Doing this would have created more work for US and we (well, most of us working) did not want any extra work.  Regardless, each of the people wanting to go Dem went Dem.  Fine.

The other four-fifths of voters chose to go with the Republican slate (though the majority made it known they were NOT usual Republicans).  When asked for their party-affiliation, people rolled their eyes, sighed, and said ,”Republican”.  Some said (well, many said), “I am voting Republican, but only for THIS election”.  We heard, “I am voting the RON PAUL party”.  Some said things such as, “My father would slap me for this, but I am choosing the Republican party to vote for” and even one person had to say, “My mother will roll over in her grave, but I am voting Republican ONLY TODAY!”  This sort of thing happened ALL day long.

And, I know;  I have been after people to get the video EVIDENCE in all primaries and caucuses, as well as conventions, yet i video’d NOBODY.  Had I not been a judge, I probably would have done so, but as i was a judge, it was on ME to respect the privacy of ALL voters.  I did, however, make little notes (no names or other identifying info;  only check-marks) so I would have a pretty good idea of how these voters (remember, in a NEOCON neighborhood) were going.  For this reason (and I was THERE from six in the morning until well after the polls closed at seven in the evening!) I do believe that what I saw was probably the way Texas went.

As MY number was a conservative ESTIMATE of sixty-six percent going with RON PAUL, I have a feeling the real percentage for Paul was seventy-two percent.   I am SURE that the numbers for Paul v Mitt were completely FLIPPED, for none other than Flip, himself,  It is just NOT possible that Mitt took Texas and, particularly, Austin or Brazoria County (HIS OWN DISTRICT!) or San Antonio (Behar County). where Dr Paul worked for so LITTLE in their poorest hospital, Santa Rosa.

And there is zero chance that anyone in Texas or outside of Texas can convince me this vote-flipping was NOT DONE.  People think it’s a chore to flip the votes?  Do me and yourselves a favor;  check out the film, “Hacking Democracy” to see just how simple that IS.  Then come and tell ME that I am wrong in my estimation of the FRAUD and Vote-Stealing/ flipping in the (not so) great State of Texas, okay?  Of course,  the convention is still to come (end of week), but this bothers me more than all of the other cases of fraud and vote-stealing we know  transpired  throughout ALL of this primary season.

And, it’s all to ensure Obama  WINS this year’s election?  IS the GOP suicidal?  Given these smarmy and disgusting acts, I can only say:   They need to figure this out before the have NO party left!

***  Addendum:

When I talked, earlier and elsewhere, about other judges breaking the rules of the STATE ELECTION BOARD, here are a couple of examples.

I had my election-judge-training on the Saturday prior to our Tuesday vote and there were a lot of do’s and don’t’s we were given.

First of all:  the biggest DON’T was, NO CELL PHONES and NO Surfing the WEB as judges.  All cell- phones must be turned, OFF;  all day long, the other Democratic judge was on her phone, texting and talking, with whomever.  I was shocked as SHE was the person who put the sign up stating, “NO CELL PHONES;  TURN THEM OFF”, yet she felt as is it was fine for HER to break this rule?  Funny (not).  The Republican judge had just gotten an i-pad.  Supposedly, this was so she could get a book, online, and read it while waiting for something to do (there’s  a lot of hurry-up-and-wait in judgeship or clerkship).  Well, she could not figure out how to download a book to her new machine, so the same Dem judge (texting the entire day) showed her how to do it.  At one point, hours into the day, I went and asked the Rep judge what book she had gotten.  As it turned out, she had not gotten a book, but had spent all day on ABC_news site.  Who knows if she had been posting messages or comments or filling-in the ABC team?  I don’t.  And, I kind of want to know.

Another DON’T that had been stressed to ALL of us was this:  IF anyone comes in and wants to know if anyone else (Spouse, Neighbor, Child, for example) had yet voted, we were to politely tell them it was NOT possible for any of us to get the info and pass it on to them.  Well, at one point, I was asked to look-up a name (spouse of the voter, if I recall accurately), and I said;  “I am sorry, but I am not allowed, per Election RULES, to give you that info.”  This same Dem judge PUSHED me aside and did the search. She gave the info to the person requesting same.  She did this at least a handful of times throughout the day.

We were to NOT allow folk to loiter around the polls.  This should be a no-brainer, but as we were also in an OPEN school, it was a difficult one to stick to.  However, it surely WAS our job, collectively, to send people on their way as much as was possible.  No, each judge and even a couple of the clerks, sat and chatted with neighbors and others (friends and families), to the extent that voters (who were requesting help with using the machines) were IGNORED, because the noise-level was SO high!

It was a brouhaha.  It was, at times, a hullabaloo.  It was completely wrong, and I really don’t even know who I should complain to.  So, I am leaving it to any and all of you who read this: IDEAS?  Should I contact the local or State of Texas Election board to complain?  The precinct I worked was NOT in compliance with many rules, which were very fresh in MY mind, and it was more than irritating.  I bet, if I refresh my memory of other rules, these ladies found a way to BREAK them!  With something this important, should there not be a remedy?

Now, in the coming elections, I am my precinct’s chairwoman.  I hope I can get people working in MY precinct;  more willing to play by the rules, than those I had to work with in the precinct next to my own.  What a disappointing day!


^^^  Hopefully my final edit.  One other extremely strange happening occurred, about 2 hours from end of voting-day.   All voting-places were equipped with wi-fi (which they call, “mi-fi”) and, as you would think, the mi-fi needed to be turned “on” to transfer votes to the central office.  As we set-up, from six ’til just before seven, in the morning, the same Democratic judge was reminded,  “Turn on the mi-fi at seven!”, by our county tech guys, there to facilitate our primary, and scheduled to come back a few times during the day.

Well, it appears that nobody (whose responsibility it WAS to turn-on the mifi) bothered to get this done.  Yes, our tech guys drove by in their van and waved, at around noon.  We did not see them, again, until between 4:30 and 5:00 pm (with polls scheduled to close at seven).  They were certainly in a tizzy, as they had just been told that we had NOT been transmitting votes, wirelessly, all day.  uh-oh.  Somebody had “forgotten to turn on the mi-fi”, though she swore she had.  The ladies seemed to find this amusing.  I did not;  nor did the young tech-guys.   And I am left to wonder, what happened with the votes before that time?  I don’t know.  I don’t know if, immediately after the mifi was turned on, a cumulative total was sent to the man office, or not.  I do know that the laptop computer was taken to the CD-25 meeting place (or I hope it was), by the Dem judge.  And so, who really knows where this, “Mitt Romney swept Texas by 72%”, number even came from?

In my opinion, that number came from the 72 percent of voters who went with PAUL.  I won’t be convinced otherwise.