As I have said all along: VIDEO THE VOTE!

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!
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Y’all did seem to think this was NOT possible, that Ron Paul could win, or was winning, or that WE were winning.  We ARE.
For what I have also said for about a year is this, and you must understand;  it is US, it is OUR votes and would be our voices they’ve tried so desperately to silence. I talked with a LOT of people who felt they had been disenfranchised, from DailyPaul, the day after the Iowa caucus sham (initial vote)  to RevPacLive’s site, on Stupid-Tuesday.  I had posted  a couple of times, in DailyPaul:  Video your VOTE and CAUCUS, and actually met some resistace or what I felt was silliness (such as, “let’s all wear the SAME SHIRTS on election day so WE will know who we voted for”.. sorry, but DUH.)  And, it was not until I met up with delegates (thanks, ALL delegates and future delegates, LibertyPainter, for instance, at Rev Pac Live!) and convinced them to VIDEO THEIR CAUCUS VOTES, that this started happening.  THIS:  making videos of the events (and scams) at the caucuses and state delegate conventions  happens to be the ONE thing that the usual mainstays of the GOP/ RNC comprehend that  they cannot fight.

WE have the VIDEO evidence! This has caused many old-timers in the GOP to finally step back and realize they cannot win for LOSING.  I am not  a Spring Chicken, and I am not poking fun at them for age, just for the amount of time they have spent on doing terrible things which have begun to destroy the GOP/RNC and the USA.   When it comes to their faces and voices and names being “caught on video”?  – These folk do not want to keep getting themselves in trouble by scamming and defrauding the PAUL vote.  In most cases, they are forces to aquiesce and all the true vote to stand.

 I am thrilled with each and every person who’s done this;  taken out their i-phones or small cameras, and usually secretly,  made sure to get the evidence.
So, kids, PLEASE do keep it up. More conventions are coming up this week and this month, so convince ALL delegates to FOLLOW the RULES and VIDEO the VOTES.  We had a few primaries or caucuses (mainly beauty pageants) in the country, today, and I am looking forward to see what the Paul voters have come up with.  If I find any new videos of today’s occurances, I will pass them on, and I hope you will do same!

In particular, to:  Brad (in the video);  you can now thank me for getting on this.. early. It’s not only me, of course, but this was the idea I had after I saw the IOWA SCAMMING VOTE (I did tell you it was FRAUD, no matter what you want to say).. and now, Ron Paul delegates have SWEPT Iowa. Dude, I had told you that would be the case, and that the votes had to be miscalculated, back in January.  That night, I had a dream about how WE would make the GOP pay attention…  in my dream, we won because we video’d the votes!  The whole world IS now  watching this, yet you still want to say that most of these shams of votes (or vote-counting) is NOT fraud?  C’mon, Brad!

TO everyone else – please DO keep it up. Be sure YOU take a camera and/or phone to the conventions. Make SURE you get all of this information on video.  Begin your videos as soon as you get to the floor, or as you enter the building or room (need to know if they are blocking anyone from entry without just cause)..  Have clear cards and extra batteries, if you can, POST and Share, everywhere.  Remember, though; MANY of the state’s conventions are running for a LONG time (into the later hours, even when scheduled to end at dinner-time), so you will need enough space and battery power to ensure you catch whatever there IS to catch and report!
And, again when you do post these; ADD:
@GOP_VOTE_FRAUD to tags of ALL of these videos.
Thanks, again.

You have ALL done a great job thus far, but we are NOT done yet!!

Go RON PAUL and GO Ron Paul DELEGATES!  Y’all are just wonderful!


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