Ron Paul in AUSTIN, Texas– last week!

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

This, friends, is why I am thrilled to call myself an Austinite and a Ron Paul supporter. While the TCRP (Travis County Republican Party= Austin and surrounding area) is failing, is running low on interested people to judge primary elections, in many precincts, the Ron Paul faithful are GROWING in NUMBERS and in STRENGTH. When and if the GOP of Texas accepts ALL comers/ all affiliates of the GOP as their party faithful, we will have a real election. Until then, they are destroying “their own” party, to what end?

Please listen to the young soldier, as he so perfectly explains why we need to take care of the USA before we take care of any other country. One cannot save another without first saving himself. This applies so well to the country’s MILITARISM, and ROn Paul is NOT an Isolationist– he ONLY wants us in “just wars”, which IS something we have not seen in my fifty-three years. Of course, the government tries to gloss over this by stating we are not IN any wars, as none have actually been declared. That may be a way to get a good portion of the USA to go along with these messes, but the troops on the ground and in the air KNOW the truth, and for this, they support RON PAUL’s brand of militarism and DEFENSE, more-so than they support any recent president or any in the running to BE our next president, save? RON PAUL! I think we had better begin to listen to those we are relying on for OUR Defense and OUR military. If not, we will continue to bleed money while they bleed real blood, and this is what WILL destroy the U S of A. It’s what took-down the Russians, in the end, and we will suffer the same sort of fate, should we not do the intelligent thing by electing the one man who cares and will work for US/USA.

For those IN Austin or in Texas, be aware; We will be having a Ron AND Rand Rally at the capital steps, this Sunday afternoon.. it’s a “Texas-Tea-Party” event, but will play host to Ron Paul, his son, and many Austin musicians and statesmen. There will be a few other politicians and pundits there, to be sure… but is a day of fun and rallying support for the ONE Man WE know cares about US. I hope to see there as many as can come!
Looking forward to this ALL!
Remember: it’s RON PAUL or? NOT AT ALL!

  1. annebeck58 says:

    As usual; thank you!!
    Can’t wait til SUNDAY! If i can get some good video I will be uploading here!


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