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If you are unaware, thusfar, regarding what’s transpired in Clark County, Nevada, here’s the skinny:Ron Paul delegates, once again, TOOK IT HOME.  The State’s GOP has accepted this.  It is, after all, the voice of the people who cared enough to be delegates that voted-in Paul as their nominee. And, Vegas, via or along with the RNC (Reince Priebus) has decided to simply NOT accept this.  The RNC chairman;  Reince Priebus (sp?- who cares?), and did decide to break rule-11, at least in it’s theory.  They may not have specifically broken Rule-11, as such rule(s) apply to the State Offices of GOP, but in its practice, they did.

So, to make it clear to ALL, Clark County (CCRP) has passed a RESOLUTION to Rule-11a, and this is it:

RNC Rule 11(a) Resolution

WHEREAS Republican National Committee (RNC) Rule 11(a) states that “The Republican National Committee shall not, without the prior written and filed approval of all members of the Republican National Committee from the state involved, contribute money or inkind aid to any candidate for any public or party office except the nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing deadline for that office…”; and

WHEREAS the clear intent of Rule 11(a) is to ensure a fair, unbiased process for determining which candidates will receive the endorsement and support of the RNC during general elections; and

WHEREAS multiple viable candidates are still actively campaigning for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States; and

WHEREAS the Republican Nominee for President of the United States will not be selected until the Republican National Convention in late August, 2012; and

WHEREAS RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced on April 25, 2012 that the RNC had selected Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney as the RNC’s “presumptive nominee” and that the RNC would be merging with the Romney campaign; and

WHEREAS the RNC has subsequently begun providing the Romney campaign with significant financial resources and manpower, assisting it with organization and fundraising; and

WHEREAS these acts by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC Executive Committee constitute multiple flagrant violations of RNC Rule 11(a);


1. The Clark County Republican Party hereby condemns the actions of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and the RNC Executive Committee, and demands that Mr. Priebus resign as Chairman immediately for his rolein these egregious violations of RNC Rules,

2. The Clark County Republican Party hereby declares that so long as more than one candidate is actively campaigning for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States, the Clark County Republican Party will reject any and all attempts by the RNC or any other organization to pressure or coerce the Clark County Republican Party into supporting or coordinating with any one specific candidate,

3. The Communications Director of the CCRP shall issue the attached national press release pertaining to this matter within 24 hours, and the Secretary of the CCRP shall transmit electronic or written copies of both this resolution and the above referenced press release to the RNC Executive Committee, The Nevada Republican Party Executive Committee, the executive body of each county Republican Party within the State of Nevada, and the entire membership of the Clark County Republican Central Committee within 5 days of acceptance. Additionally, a copy of this resolution and the attached press release shall be displayed prominently on the home page of the website for a minimum of 30 days.

Clark County Republican Party May 15, 2012


Now, what will this mean?  I understand that the Nevade State GOP is attempting to stop this “shadow party” (scum of the earth old-party GOP mainstay(s)) from continuing on, to prevent them from giving ANY sort of assistance to the Romney campaign, which it seems they have already DONE.  I know, in other states, such as Maine, and perhaps Nevada, they have tampered with and/or falsified Delegate Slates, in order to split the Paul votes, so that Romney could and would take a majority of votes. And I do believe that this in-kind collusion with the Romney campaign is also against the gist of Rule-11.   Well, the Paul-ites (or, Ronulans, to quote Doug Wead) were too smart for this one-sided “official” ballot and Paul DID take a great majority of delegates from Nevada, which will be seated in Tampa.  There were, I believe, some Romney delegates that made it to their final slate, but the RNC and some states’ GOP are not satisfied with pluralities of votes;  they want them ALL, so this latest resolution HAD to be done in order to stop them. Where does this guy, Reince Priebus, get off either completely breaking OR changing this rule;  mid-game?  How do these folk in the Republican National Caucus/Convention think they have any right to dismiss ANY delegates, and not just Paul delegates?  This melding of campaign monies with RNC monies (or GOP_Nevada monies,  the other way around) is breaking this specific rule, and it’s simply disgusting.  Yet, these RNC folk call US, “animals”, and say WE are not qualified or credentialed to be seated in our own states and ultimately at the national convention floor,  in Tampa (August).  ** Yes, these are the same folk who actually resorted to physical VIOLENCE when they did not get their way on votes!!  HOW insane ARE THEY?  And, of course:  Who are they ??  How do they think it’s okay for them to silence us and dismiss OUR votes, merely due to the fact that they don’t like the way the votes went?  They did not get their way, after all of the dirty-convention tricks, so this is what they do?

And from my comprhension of the Party’s rules and Election Laws, it’s not just RULES they have now broken, either.  They have now, officially, broken ELECTION LAWS as such laws pertain to campaign funds and contributions.  And they somwhow THINK they are right?  In a word, they are, WRONG.  And, they shall pay for this, too!

“Meanwhile in Nevada and other states, the RNC and/or GOP are working tirelessly and endlessly and repeatedly toward their OWN demise”.

Are they crazy, or. is “the party” SUICIDAL?  They need US more than WE need them, especially now!  Speaking of who needs whom;  the Jesse Benton emails did NOT say all of what’s being reported.  Benton (and Paul) have never stated they would support Romney.  Neither has said the good doctor is out, either, because he is NOT OUT!  Yes, Benton DID say he believed that Romney will be the party’s choice in Tampa, but Ron PAUL said that we ARE taking this to Tampa and HE plans on leading all of his delegates there.  Do these words sound like the words of a man who’s dropped out?  Please, before you all speak regarding these emails;  READ THEM.  And, do not bother with the lying msm (whether paper, tele, or online), okay?  DO NOT pass on their rumors and lies to ANYONE.

And one final thing;  this last moneybomb fell short, and i am sure this has everything to do with the emails from Benton, as well as the false reporting on said emails, via the most ridiculosly LYING (s)Newzz folk in the WORLD/  Please do donate, NOW, to the Paul campaign  As, and I’ve said it before, what price, LIBERTY?  Donate NOW!  As Always;  DO NOT BELIEVE THE MSM AS THEY ARE GETTING MANY OF YOU IN A TIZZY AND have gotten SOME (mamby_pamby) SUPPORTERS TO DROP OUT. DO NOT BE THEM!  CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY AND STAND UP WITH RON PAUL!


AND from ONE Paul delegate in Clark County;  the MITT and RNC/GOP of Nevada State Convention: cheating ballot.  THIS IS NOT an “offical ballot”, though they have clearly stated it is!  Yes, this IS one way they CHEAT!!Image


Rule #11a states:

(a) The Republican National Committee shall not, without the prior written and filed approval of all members of the Republican National Committee from
13 of 41
the state involved, contribute money or in-kind aid to any candidate for any public or party office except the nominee of the Republican Party or a candidate who is unopposed in the Republican primary after the filing deadline for that office. In those states where state law establishes a nonpartisan primary in which Republican candidates could participate, but in which the general election may not include a Republican candidate, the candidate endorsed by a convention held under the authority of the state Republican Party shall be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the Republican nominee


As I comprehend Rule #11, and as it applies to each state’s runs and ultimate vote(s) on the national convention floor:

Many people believe Rule #11 will simply remove Romney from the NATIONAL ELECTION process, but as the rule applies to the STATES, per state, I do think this is not the case.  Yes, all is not lost.  In fact, Mitt Romney SHOULD be removed from some state’s ballots, immediately, and this is why:

I studied up on rule-11, as written for each state’s delegation. and, where i see the main difference between what happened and what people believe will NOW happen is this:.  Most think Mitt R should drop out or be removed, NATIONALLY, and based on Rule#11, BUT as I see it, Rule #11 would remove him, one state at a time.  We should immediately begin with removing his name from the (national) ballot in the state of Maine, as well as in Nevada…

Rule-11 pertains to the STATE conventions and the STATE delegations’ votes on the national convention floor. IF a candidate conspires to commit FRAUD along with the State’s GOP, as we saw in Maine and Nevada (and probably Iowa and Missouri and other states), said candidate cannot BE on that state’s ballot. Well, people who were employed BY Romney’s STATE campaign offices, at least in Nevada and Maine, did work WITH each state’s GOP OFFICE, to produce and pass-out fraudulent slates (of Ron Paul supporters) in order to split the Ron Paul vote, hence insuring a win for Romney. It didn’t work, but here is where we NEED to implement Rule-11… We do have plenty of proof of this fraud, at the state level (thanks to delegates for Paul- Ginger in Maine, as well as certain Nevada Ron Paul delegates), and we need to USE this proof!

Why is this important?
In Nevada, where delegates are *sort of* bound, the Ron Paul delegates did promise to vote, first round, for Romney (as he supposedly won that ridiculous beauty-pageant– again, most likely fraudulently).. However, IF Rule-11 is applied to remove Mitt from their state’s ballot, when it comes to the NATIONAL delegation from Nevada as well as Maine, Romney should NOT even be an option. The good folk of both states should not have a chance to even VOTE FOR Romney when it comes to the NATIONAL CONVENTION vote. And, these (STATE GOP AND STATE ROMNEY DELEGATES) people are planning on playing this same fraudulent game in Oklahoma, today!!
I think we need to get the Ron Paul campaign, as well as delegates for Paul,  to file exceptions within Maine AND Nevada, to remove Mitt from both State’s BALLOTS. Yes, their conventions (state level) are over, but the people voted-in to represent the state are still going to vote in Tampa. Romney should NOT even be a choice, as he and his campaign, in collusion with the states’ party officials, has ruled himself OUT.
And, this needs to be taken on IMMEDIATELY, before the usuals in the RNC decide to, again, simply remove Ron Paul delegates from their states’ delegations. Yes, they are working toward this end.

Please do NOT forget, as your state is holding their conventions AND “beauty pageants”:  videotape ALL votes, for Paul, for USA, for HONESTY.


Y’all did seem to think this was NOT possible, that Ron Paul could win, or was winning, or that WE were winning.  We ARE.
For what I have also said for about a year is this, and you must understand;  it is US, it is OUR votes and would be our voices they’ve tried so desperately to silence. I talked with a LOT of people who felt they had been disenfranchised, from DailyPaul, the day after the Iowa caucus sham (initial vote)  to RevPacLive’s site, on Stupid-Tuesday.  I had posted  a couple of times, in DailyPaul:  Video your VOTE and CAUCUS, and actually met some resistace or what I felt was silliness (such as, “let’s all wear the SAME SHIRTS on election day so WE will know who we voted for”.. sorry, but DUH.)  And, it was not until I met up with delegates (thanks, ALL delegates and future delegates, LibertyPainter, for instance, at Rev Pac Live!) and convinced them to VIDEO THEIR CAUCUS VOTES, that this started happening.  THIS:  making videos of the events (and scams) at the caucuses and state delegate conventions  happens to be the ONE thing that the usual mainstays of the GOP/ RNC comprehend that  they cannot fight.

WE have the VIDEO evidence! This has caused many old-timers in the GOP to finally step back and realize they cannot win for LOSING.  I am not  a Spring Chicken, and I am not poking fun at them for age, just for the amount of time they have spent on doing terrible things which have begun to destroy the GOP/RNC and the USA.   When it comes to their faces and voices and names being “caught on video”?  – These folk do not want to keep getting themselves in trouble by scamming and defrauding the PAUL vote.  In most cases, they are forces to aquiesce and all the true vote to stand.

 I am thrilled with each and every person who’s done this;  taken out their i-phones or small cameras, and usually secretly,  made sure to get the evidence.
So, kids, PLEASE do keep it up. More conventions are coming up this week and this month, so convince ALL delegates to FOLLOW the RULES and VIDEO the VOTES.  We had a few primaries or caucuses (mainly beauty pageants) in the country, today, and I am looking forward to see what the Paul voters have come up with.  If I find any new videos of today’s occurances, I will pass them on, and I hope you will do same!

In particular, to:  Brad (in the video);  you can now thank me for getting on this.. early. It’s not only me, of course, but this was the idea I had after I saw the IOWA SCAMMING VOTE (I did tell you it was FRAUD, no matter what you want to say).. and now, Ron Paul delegates have SWEPT Iowa. Dude, I had told you that would be the case, and that the votes had to be miscalculated, back in January.  That night, I had a dream about how WE would make the GOP pay attention…  in my dream, we won because we video’d the votes!  The whole world IS now  watching this, yet you still want to say that most of these shams of votes (or vote-counting) is NOT fraud?  C’mon, Brad!

TO everyone else – please DO keep it up. Be sure YOU take a camera and/or phone to the conventions. Make SURE you get all of this information on video.  Begin your videos as soon as you get to the floor, or as you enter the building or room (need to know if they are blocking anyone from entry without just cause)..  Have clear cards and extra batteries, if you can, POST and Share, everywhere.  Remember, though; MANY of the state’s conventions are running for a LONG time (into the later hours, even when scheduled to end at dinner-time), so you will need enough space and battery power to ensure you catch whatever there IS to catch and report!
And, again when you do post these; ADD:
@GOP_VOTE_FRAUD to tags of ALL of these videos.
Thanks, again.

You have ALL done a great job thus far, but we are NOT done yet!!

Go RON PAUL and GO Ron Paul DELEGATES!  Y’all are just wonderful!

Ron PAUL R3VOLution!

Wear RON PAUL close to YOUR HEART!

This, friends, is why I am thrilled to call myself an Austinite and a Ron Paul supporter. While the TCRP (Travis County Republican Party= Austin and surrounding area) is failing, is running low on interested people to judge primary elections, in many precincts, the Ron Paul faithful are GROWING in NUMBERS and in STRENGTH. When and if the GOP of Texas accepts ALL comers/ all affiliates of the GOP as their party faithful, we will have a real election. Until then, they are destroying “their own” party, to what end?

Please listen to the young soldier, as he so perfectly explains why we need to take care of the USA before we take care of any other country. One cannot save another without first saving himself. This applies so well to the country’s MILITARISM, and ROn Paul is NOT an Isolationist– he ONLY wants us in “just wars”, which IS something we have not seen in my fifty-three years. Of course, the government tries to gloss over this by stating we are not IN any wars, as none have actually been declared. That may be a way to get a good portion of the USA to go along with these messes, but the troops on the ground and in the air KNOW the truth, and for this, they support RON PAUL’s brand of militarism and DEFENSE, more-so than they support any recent president or any in the running to BE our next president, save? RON PAUL! I think we had better begin to listen to those we are relying on for OUR Defense and OUR military. If not, we will continue to bleed money while they bleed real blood, and this is what WILL destroy the U S of A. It’s what took-down the Russians, in the end, and we will suffer the same sort of fate, should we not do the intelligent thing by electing the one man who cares and will work for US/USA.

For those IN Austin or in Texas, be aware; We will be having a Ron AND Rand Rally at the capital steps, this Sunday afternoon.. it’s a “Texas-Tea-Party” event, but will play host to Ron Paul, his son, and many Austin musicians and statesmen. There will be a few other politicians and pundits there, to be sure… but is a day of fun and rallying support for the ONE Man WE know cares about US. I hope to see there as many as can come!
Looking forward to this ALL!
Remember: it’s RON PAUL or? NOT AT ALL!

This should go with my lower (earlier) post, to PROVE that Ron Paul IS WINNING, regardless of (and sometimes BECAUSE OF) the MSM’s LIES and ignorance. let them IGNORE PAUL, as by doing so, they IGNORE US..and then? WE IGNORE THEM!

Please go and like this video on youtube, share in twitter, on the facebook, and here. MUCH appreciated! Isn’t it just GREAT when the fruits of OUR labors are so OUT THERE? To all who’ve worked so hard for LIBERTY, I thank you!