Posted: April 26, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!
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Great piece, again, by Ben Swann.

Now, what does this mean? Are the “libertarians” taking over the GOP? Or, is the GOP based on libertarian values? In my mind, the GOP was the most libertarian, before they were taken over by the Neo-Cons. Since the eighties, and the take-over (by some who really don’t even know what that has meant to their lives and their party), the party HAS lost her way. So, are these “new” Republicans cut from the OLD cloth, or, are they trying to change the party to what it never was meant to be?

In this video (the montage of video clips), the State-Chairwoman from Washington State tried to say, “If the Ron Paul campaign is (going to) TAKE OVER this meeting, they have to PAY the Insurance fees, as the GOP is not covering the Ron Paul campaign” (or essentially this). Problem? Ron Paul IS a Republican. Each and every delegate and want-to-be delegate HAS sworn a oath of affiliation with the Republican party, as has Ron Paul, so ANY Republican would be covered under ANY standard umbrella policy. Now, IF the Republican Party of Washington State did not pay these insurance fees, making the floor open to ANY and ALL Republican comers, who DID?
The only scenario I can see the insurance fees not covering the Ron Paul Republicans would be this: Mitt Romney campaign PAID the fees. Has Mitt’s campaign paid the fees? if so, we have MORE dirty-dealings (probably fraudulent, definitely scandalous) in the GOP. So, I would like to know, from the mouth of the State GOP of Washington State: DID MITT ROMNEY PAY THESE DUES OR FEES?
If not, this woman needs to sit down and zip it. If so, we need another investigation into malfeasance..
Personally, I believe the Romney campaign has NOT paid the insurance for this meeting. However, as this woman has been SO adament that the Ron Paul folk are not covered to run the meeting (as Delegate Chair(s)), I have to wonder what really is happening.

Anyone in Washington State ready to spill the beans on this? If so, let me know.. and, of course, TELL Ben Swann, of Reality-Check fame. I am sure Ben would investigate and run with this, whichever truth it is, and will post the final truth– like a REAL journalist.
You can contact Ben on Twitter: @Fox19BenSwann, or in youtube, @BenSwannRealityCheck.

Again, if anyone in Washington State knows more of this backstory, I’d love to hear it. If this woman was simply speaking out of turn, I’d like to hear HER apologize to ALL GOP members, especially any and all DELEGATES, which seem to have gone the way of, Ron Paul!

  1. War Movies says:

    You are my breathing in, I have few web logs and often run out from post :). “Fiat justitia et pereat mundus.Let justice be done, though the world perish.” by Ferdinand I.


    • annebeck58 says:

      Thanks, Bella! I can always count on you to read and let me know what you think. Completely appreciate it; ALWAYS!
      (but, I surely would like to hear more of what happened and why this woman — State Chair– thought it was appropriate for her to say Ron Paul delegates were NOT covered by Insurance. THAT is a very strange statement, no??)


      • annebeck58 says:

        By the way, Y’all; let’s ADD Louisiana to that tally. Louisiana went the way of RON PAUL.
        And, Nevada is also looking to be? RON-PAUL-COUNTRY!
        Oh, and of course, we cannot forget about Alaska, or Maine, and probably a lot more now in the works. Sure, Mittens has the (first round) vote of BOUND delegates, but these delegates WILL have more than one-vote, as it’s shaping up.
        AS I’ve said since the Fall; Brokered Convention, here we COME. It’s not a bad thing and it’s not surprising. ALL Conventions were “brokered” back in the day. They were not “coronations”, as we’ve seen lately, they ARE a place where delegates get together, talk (and argue) over who would be the best nominee, and votes are THEN (and only then) taken. AS it turns out, and as we’ve expected, the Ron Paul DELEGATES are proving themselves strong and in this to WIN it!
        I say we begin to concentrate on the national election– and HOPE we can get past these rigged voting machines. Then again, I have a feeling the people of this country will NOT allow the “POTUS” currently in to remain in, regardless. I expect a LANDSLIDE for Ron Paul and LIBERTY!!


      • DrMeatwad says:

        The requirement to buy insurance seems very strange to me. The building would have its own insurance to be able to rent it out to people. Those that ‘rent’ it out for a week, pay for the insurance through the rent paid to the owner of the building. Or is there some special graft law in place that mandates the group to buy additional “insurance”? All “insurance” is sanctioned organized crime.


        • annebeck58 says:

          Yes, the insurance bumbling seemed to be last-minute insanity.. Someone must have told this woman that was the case, and she RAN WITH IT. I imagine whomever gave her that information was either just as stupid as her, OR, someone decided to charge the RomNOT campaign, ahead of schedule?
          IF Mittens had paid the rent or the insurance (which again makes ZERO sense, as the monies would have come out of state GOP coffers, which were invested in by each and every GOP delegate– including Ron Paul delegates– who sometimes paid more than twice the amount any other GOP affiliate).. what would have happened, say, if Lil Ricky had NOT dropped out and had taken the state? Would they try to say same to him? How about the Grinch?
          No, it seems that the GOP is trying, furiously, to run with the NOTION that Ron Paul is still a Libertarian (cap L), though he’s been back IN the GOP for well over twenty years!
          All I can think is: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??

          Once again; we see the GOP, in almost every state, working fast and furiously, tirelessly and endlessly, toward their OWN demise. If they want to be suicidal, LET them have it– and perhaps the second (or first) party in that 2-party system will be LIBERTARIAN? Or, perhaps it will be called: Paulitical Party?
          Either way, the GOP cannot just change things they don’t like, regardless of what power they believe they have. WE are GOP, and they cannot silence US. Should they try (again), the onus is on THEM to stay alive!


        • annebeck58 says:

          Btw; thanks so much for visiting my blog AND for your comment.
          All appreciated and agreed! These GOP freaks, probably half of them ARE insurance folk! They sure do dress like ’em!


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