IDEAS ARE BULLET-PROOF! Great re-post from Doug Wead!

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

The MSM had the nerve to ask, “Where’s Ron Paul?”, while they have done all they could to IGNORE him and black him out? We know where he is. We don’t get our news from them, and it’s due to their attitude regarding Dr. Paul.
What we need to do is this: BOYCOTT them. But, just turning off the tv and not paying attention to their advertisers is simply not enough; we MUST alert these advertisers or sponsors that we will NOT be purchasing goods or services from them. As long as those they support (MSM/ MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CSpan, etc…) refuse to report fairly and accurately regarding the Ron Paul campaign, we will boycott them.
However, if you do not tell the advertisers AND the program directors or they don’t know this is our plan, they will never know why their numbers have gone down. If we work, in earnest to let them in on this, the news-shows will be forced to do the right thing.
It’s important that we hit them where they place the greatest importance; their pocketbooks. And, we can do this!
Please see my other post: BoycottMsmAds, Boycott Media, to see who’s advertising with these terrible folks of the “newz media”.
Thanks. Remember, this is not for me. It’s for Ron Paul and for the freedom we all seek, again, in the USA.

Doug Wead

By Doug Wead

Okay, Rick Santorum is out.  What does it mean for the race to the GOP nomination?  And what choices does the Ron Paul campaign now face?
You can help us decide.  Here are some options.  And you don’t have to chose just one.
1.) Make an all out effort to go for it.
2.) Become the anti-Romney candidate and gather his opponents.
3.) Work with Gingrich to block Romney.
4.) Stay in the race but don’t antagonize the GOP leadership.
5.) Seek a deal with Romney while it still matters.
6.) Prepare for a Third Party run.
Here are some factors to keep in mind.
The widely reported Associated Press delegate tabulation is way off and this is driving all of the television commentary.  For example, the vaunted New York Times has made no effort at a delegate count of their own, they…

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  1. How do you like that Tex2 goon on Doug Wead? Omg! One of the worst trolls I’ve seen in my life!


  2. Rik says:

    Ron Paul used to be my Congressman when I was a teacher in Angleton, Texas and I met him for the first time in 1982 or 1983 and I bought his book: A Case for Gold. He has been consistent and truely incorruptible. An American Icon!


    • annebeck58 says:

      Exactly, Rik.
      I’be been watching Dr Paul since around 1980, when he actually convinced me to vote for Reagan. Still, I don’t hold that against him, as Ronnie R. was a great actor, if nothing else. I’m happy that I’m in Austin, and that I read the Austin Chronicle, as anything Ron Paul has done is in the Chronicle, and it’s gotten me to fully trust him.
      Ron Paul has been absolutely consistent, so not voting for him would have to do with the man and his stand(s). Yet, I think the people who are voting for the Romney folk are actually going with the guy they SEE as the winner, thanks to the MSM, who seem to be quite happy to make this another win for Obama. Why would they want Obama to win? That I have exactly no answer for. The guy, O-bot, is exactly the OPPOSITE of what he campaigned for. And, I am sure; he’ll campaign with that same message this time, and the tools who pay no mind but want to be running with the “winner” will give him their (un-researched and unintelligent) votes, too.
      Somehow, we need to REACH these people. The question is — HOW?

      When will people finally wake up and figure this out; they make their winners, They don’t simply go along with or vote for the projected winner, as that’s not usually winning, either!


      • Hi Anne,

        I’m assuming that is your first name and Beck your last. Well, how are we going to reach the people? Just like we have been. We talk to our family and friends…and then I’m getting convinced that we have a MASSIVE convergence on Tampa when the Republican Convention occurs. It should be quietly organized…….setting up rentals of hotels, campgrounds, bus lines, restaurant chains, reserving space and putting on a huge convergence of Tampa.

        Then we got to get all our own “independent” media to record the action. Then we send out the information to all the small town newspapers, and non syndicated radio and tv stations with video feeds, interviews, etc.

        And remember the Ron Paul blimp and fly by aircraft with banners? The same thing….just a massive outpouring and convergence on Tampa….with a separate Rally for the Republic like they had in Minnesota with Ex-Gov. Jesse Ventura being there with us…and all the other names and people who are fed up with this total nonsense.

        This IS the beginning of real change. Ron Paul, if elected to the White House would be the beginning, BUT we can’t put all of our hopes in one man. We must begin electing people in all manner of political positions in America from School Boards, Mayors, state legislators, etc. The MORE the merrier…until we become a force to be reckoned with.

        I would also invite guys like Adam Kokesh and our veterans to be organized to protect the people. Because I no longer trust our police and legal system. We have to be organized. They know we have the potential and I think for now they are ignoring us….but that won’t stop us….no…not at all.


        Rik Connelly…I’m also Richard Connelly. I just didn’t like the wild, goofy little icon.

        In Defense of Freedom!


        • annebeck58 says:

          I tend to talk with people everywhere I go. I go into the corner-store, I talk with the people working there, as well as the people online. I go to the pharmacy, see all of the insane actions required for a son to take over the business from his ailing dad, and I talk with him about Ron Paul. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I usually wear a Ron Paul R3VOLution shirt (a tank-top, generally) and Ron Paul bracelets, and carry Ron Paul reusable shopping bags- they ARE real conversation starters!
          Next time I donate to Paul, I think I will ask for some swag in the way of RON PAUL pens! Then, when i have to sign for purchases, I can leave the pen for someone else to see (maybe a lot of someone else’s?)
          When I go to the grocery store, with my bags, I lay them at the top of the cart so people can see exactly what they say. And, I have been stopped MANY times (usually by Obama supporters). I couldn’t even count the number of discussions I’ve had with complete strangers! The thing is, we have to find out which issues folk care about, and have to KNOW (by rote) Paul’s position, and why his position is better for the USA and for the world. And, having a Ron Paul bumper-sticker (or two) on my car always helps people to see the race IS ON, already. I get a lot of honks, and wasn’t sure at first, why people were beeping at me. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s those stickers.

          So, it’s not just friends and family we need to push Paul with. It can be the teller at your bank (one sentence can help plant that seed)…, it can be the cashier at the shoppes, and can be the receptionist (and don’t leave out the insurance clerk) at your doc’s office. Everyone IS fair game, and everyone has something they don’t like about Obama or Romney, so we need to take advantage of that.

          I’ll never forget the time a friend, in Philly, called me. She had been bugging me about re-electing Obama, while i never voted for the guy, in the first place. I finally said: “Remember when we were kids and Republicans were supposed to be the MORAL party? Remember when we looked up to these people and wanted them in so we could have PEACE? Now, the Democrats are supposed to be representing same, but Obama has NOT. Why not go with the guy who IS what we looked up to, instead, to get this fixed?”. SHE GOT IT. To solidify her change to Ron Paul, I sent her one of the videos that covered the music, “Bombs. the Ron Paul Song”, by Golden State. I don’t know a person who can watch the pics and marches and horrors of these wars, the marching of the troops, with that song playing in the background, and NOT go with Paul. It worked. She, a very hard nut to crack, WILL be supporting Ron Paul, this election cycle. And, it was probably the most difficult “WIN” or vote for Paul I’ll ever get!

          So, that, with what was supposed to be, “short”, is how it happens. The R3VOLution MUST continue. I’m making more Ron Paul bags (see my first post, here), and will be handing them out to clients, with their orders. It’s another reminder that they should at least look AT the man!


        • annebeck58 says:

          (cont.) yes, I also know we must elect other Liberty-minded folk, in order for this really be a win.
          We have Paul followers running in many elections, from local to state, and we need to use some of our time to support them, too.
          However, from what I’ve heard out of the mouths of MANY Congressmen, they would prefer a Paul Presidency. They want to work with him, but their hands have been tied (and most of us know by whom.) If I had a nickel for each time I heard a Congressman say, “well, I agree with Ron Paul”, I’d have at least enough for one of those fancy Starbucks drinks. I think most people get into politics with the intention of doing good for their community or state and the USA, but many lose their way (AS Paul has said, many times). We simply need to remind them why they are there, and that they are there at OUR pleasure.
          And, yes, I do believe Adam and his “army” of vets would be excellent assistance, in different ways. Trusting the police, in general, is not a great idea. IF this continues, though, I am afraid we will have a second Civil War, which is something I think most of us do NOT want.

          Peaceful resolutions always trump war, in my estimation. Besides, just as in the current non-wars we’ve been bombing countries into, and as ALL wars end in peace-accords, why NOT skip all of the bombing and killing and just proceed to the peace-talks?

          (Wow, I did not mean to spend so much time with writing, today. guess I had more to say than I had thought? But, now; I do have work to do. Thanks for your responses!)


        • annebeck58 says:

          Btw; I did try to change the icon (gravatar) but couldn’t recall HOW to do it. If I can figure it out, will let you know!


  3. Anonymous says:

    WOOHOO! You rocked this blog Anne!


    • annebeck58 says:

      Thanks! I am hoping people will tell the MSM and their sponsors, we will not accept their terms, and our terms are this: Cut the Blackout of Ron Paul, or we increase the BOYCOTT of them!
      Much appreciated comment!


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