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Posted: April 12, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!
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AS the me-me-media wants to keep on playing their game with US via the continuous BLACKOUT of RON PAUL, I say it’s time we play “hardball” (no nothing to do with that fat-headed guy of hardball show infamy).  It IS  time WE, the PEOPLE; the VOTERS, of these United States, fight back!

Here’s the idea:  BOYCOTT the MSM and BOYCOTT their SPONSORS:  their ADVERTISERS!  Let them know this is why their ratings are faltering.  Let them know that the longer this BLACKOUT Of  Ron Paul continues, and by virtue of that, ignoring us and our choice, we will ignore them.  Just think;  CNN lost a LOT of viewers in the past year (has been calculated at approximately 50 percent). ABC, CBS, FOX, all with the exception of NBC, have lost viewers.   Consider why they have advertisers or sponsors!  Those placing ads on their site(s) and shows, including supposed News SHOWS, do so in the hopes that we will purchase their products.  We need to hit them where it most hurts: right square in the WALLETS.

Now, it would be one thing for these advertisers to see that their sales figures have dropped this year.  That can be attributed to the terrible economy (another reason they SHOULD like Ron Paul), so we need to tell them this:  as long as the news media blacks-out Ron Paul, we will black them out.  Anyone who sponsors these shows is, by extension, ignoring us, so why would we want to support any of their sponsors?  We simply need to black them out in return, which would be by BOYCOTTING of their products and services.  

Here is a list of “news” sites and the sponsors I found there:  (Bear in mind that it may change monthly or weekly, and you will have to pay some attention to make sure you are boycotting the correct advertisers)..

@FoxNews:   ALLY



@CBS:  HP (notebook),,, PeopleSmart

@ABC:  MortgageRatesExperts, RateFinder,org, TruthAboutStomachFat,, Yahoo,com

@CNN, @CNNBRK:  AT&T, EasyOrangeMortgage

Now, this is only a short list I found in a quick search of those who pay to place ads on the sites of these “news” shows. I am sure there are many more, but let’s start with them.
What do we do with these names? Check out EACH and every advertisers, and go to their site pages; there will (always) be a “Contact Us” link at bottom. Send them emails, such as this:
“I understand you sponsor the news as brought to the USA by (so and so news-media/show), and they have blacked-out my choice for presidential nominee of the Republican Party, Ron Paul, for months. As you have proven this disrespectful Black-Out of Ron Paul is okay with you, with your placement of advertising and.or sponsorship, I am choosing to boycott and black out YOU. Until Ron Paul is given a fair shake in regard to news coverage, I will refuse to purchase your goods and services”
Sign it, and send it!

BLACKOUT MSM- BOYCOTT MSM- BOYCOTT their ADVERTISERS,  And, as important as this boycott is, you must TELL THEM WHY!  AS long as they ignore OUR voices and our votes, by ignoring OUR CHOICE of RON PAUL, we will BLACK THEM OUT!

Tweet, RT, and always use:  #BoycottMsmAds



And, remember; I need to hear from YOU. If you find different advertisers of the MSM, that are not posted here, PLEASE do post the names in comments section.

  1. runnymeadeuk says:

    Thanks for following my page. I’m joining your boycott of these advertisers. Keep on keeping on! #RonPaul #PresidentPaul #PR2012 (twitter)


  2. Elsa Ga-as says:

    thanks for the lists of sponsors posted it helped us as to which products to patronize


    • annebeck58 says:

      Thanks, Elsa.
      If you have a little bit of time, please check out the sites of these sponsors, copy and paste the sample email I posted within the blog (think it’s right below the names of sponsors and media) and send it to said sponsors, to ENSURE they know that we are and why we ARE boycotting them. Generally, all you need to do is type in the word or word/ name of the sponsor, and it wll take you to their site(s). From the sites, at the bottom of page(s), is a “contact us” link. If you will take the time to send them this sort of message, I do think we will get the sponsors to drop the shows if the newz-folk do not finally start reporting Ron Paul, again,
      Remember; it is NOT enough to simply not purchase their goods or services; we do have to ALSO let them know we are boycotting them and WHY this boycott is ON.

      I do appreciate your post, though; truly!


  3. Here are a few sponsors I noted yesterday and the day before. Times, where given, are Central time.

    On Sean Hannity, Tuesday, April 10, 2012:
    Ruby Tuesday Restaurants
    Johnson Law Group
    AB Roller Evolution (Tristar)
    Luna (flooring)

    CNN on 4-11-12, ~9:25 pm:
    T. Rowe Price
    Samsung Note
    GoToMeeting by Citrix

    FoxNews on 4/11/12, ~9:28 p.m.:
    MoveFree Ultra
    John Deere
    Frontline Plus


    • annebeck58 says:

      THANK you for posting current advertisers!
      Now, to anyone else wanting to participate; PLEASE send emails to these sponsors (you will find their addresses on their own sites), and tell them you WILL boycott them as long as this BLACKOUT of Ron Paul continues!
      Hit them where it HURTS!
      Thanks again for a great list; now i need to go and send a few messages…


  4. Nice blog, Anne. Remember how well Ron Paul was doing in the polls while the debates were being broadcast? Even when Dr. Paul got little time to answer questions, his support was strong. Now that the debates are over, his air time has dropped dramatically, precipitating a similar drop in the polls. Unfortunately, most people base their election decisions on the incomplete information they receive via the mainstream media. The MSM know this and use it to further the causes of their favorite candidates. Since the status quo is naturally good for those who are most successful at any given time, it is no surprise that the MSM go out of their way to ignore the one candidate who is the greatest threat to the status quo. We need to let the media AND their sponsors know that the media’s underhanded efforts to marginalize Ron Paul are noticed – and that advertisers complicit in this ongoing fraud will suffer the consequences of perpetuating it.


    • annebeck58 says:

      And this IS exactly why they are blacking-out Paul. It was bad enough before the debates, but going into Iowa (and how well he DID there) seems to have taken them off-guard. So began the blackout, in earnest, of Ron Paul.
      What the newz-toolz don’t get it this: when they do Black-out Paul, they limit our choice, and they essentially black out out voices, too. So, it’s time WE did something about. What’s going to hurt them? Taking it to the money.
      Please pass it on– even if not passing on this blog, particularly; tell people to BOYCOTT THE MEDIA; BOYCOTT THE MSM ADVERTISERS; FOR RON PAUL, and for us, too.
      It’s only FAIR, imo!

      Thanks for your comment!


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