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Great piece, again, by Ben Swann.

Now, what does this mean? Are the “libertarians” taking over the GOP? Or, is the GOP based on libertarian values? In my mind, the GOP was the most libertarian, before they were taken over by the Neo-Cons. Since the eighties, and the take-over (by some who really don’t even know what that has meant to their lives and their party), the party HAS lost her way. So, are these “new” Republicans cut from the OLD cloth, or, are they trying to change the party to what it never was meant to be?

In this video (the montage of video clips), the State-Chairwoman from Washington State tried to say, “If the Ron Paul campaign is (going to) TAKE OVER this meeting, they have to PAY the Insurance fees, as the GOP is not covering the Ron Paul campaign” (or essentially this). Problem? Ron Paul IS a Republican. Each and every delegate and want-to-be delegate HAS sworn a oath of affiliation with the Republican party, as has Ron Paul, so ANY Republican would be covered under ANY standard umbrella policy. Now, IF the Republican Party of Washington State did not pay these insurance fees, making the floor open to ANY and ALL Republican comers, who DID?
The only scenario I can see the insurance fees not covering the Ron Paul Republicans would be this: Mitt Romney campaign PAID the fees. Has Mitt’s campaign paid the fees? if so, we have MORE dirty-dealings (probably fraudulent, definitely scandalous) in the GOP. So, I would like to know, from the mouth of the State GOP of Washington State: DID MITT ROMNEY PAY THESE DUES OR FEES?
If not, this woman needs to sit down and zip it. If so, we need another investigation into malfeasance..
Personally, I believe the Romney campaign has NOT paid the insurance for this meeting. However, as this woman has been SO adament that the Ron Paul folk are not covered to run the meeting (as Delegate Chair(s)), I have to wonder what really is happening.

Anyone in Washington State ready to spill the beans on this? If so, let me know.. and, of course, TELL Ben Swann, of Reality-Check fame. I am sure Ben would investigate and run with this, whichever truth it is, and will post the final truth– like a REAL journalist.
You can contact Ben on Twitter: @Fox19BenSwann, or in youtube, @BenSwannRealityCheck.

Again, if anyone in Washington State knows more of this backstory, I’d love to hear it. If this woman was simply speaking out of turn, I’d like to hear HER apologize to ALL GOP members, especially any and all DELEGATES, which seem to have gone the way of, Ron Paul!



So, here is is upon us, again;  Earth Day 2012, and what goes better with saving the earth than Ron Paul?

Hey;  who reading this does NOT recycle their cans and bottles?  Have any of you ever sold cans at the local recycling company?  I have, and it’s like FREE CASH!  I have bags of soda-water cans, that I knew I would some day remember to take to the recycling plant, to cash in on free gas-money, but have a BETTER plan now!

The Ron Paul Campaign NEEDS you.  What can you do that will only take a bit of time, an extra trash-can *or bags*, and truly minimal effort?  Separate and COLLECT all of your aluminum cans.  If you’re in one of the better states where you actually get a nickel per can, sell your cans.  If you are somewhere, like Texas, where cans are not worth a nickel, they are still worth something.  Gather those cans.  Send your kids out, nights before recycling morning, and get them to collect ALL empty soda or beer cans.  Take them to your recycling plant, put them on fhe scale, and VIOLA! Free money you can use to donate to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign!

Now, how hard was that?  And, it really cost YOU nothing!

** remember, in states, like Connecticut, New York, where you get a nickel (or so) per pop can, do NOT crush your cans. They prefer them whole.  In Texas and other states, where we are paid for these metals by the pound, crush them, and bag them.  Why not give the kids a FUN chore- stomping cans for Ron Paul? Or, if you need to take out some frustrations, do it yourself!

ImageMake it a really COOL Earth Day, this year!

The MSM had the nerve to ask, “Where’s Ron Paul?”, while they have done all they could to IGNORE him and black him out? We know where he is. We don’t get our news from them, and it’s due to their attitude regarding Dr. Paul.
What we need to do is this: BOYCOTT them. But, just turning off the tv and not paying attention to their advertisers is simply not enough; we MUST alert these advertisers or sponsors that we will NOT be purchasing goods or services from them. As long as those they support (MSM/ MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CSpan, etc…) refuse to report fairly and accurately regarding the Ron Paul campaign, we will boycott them.
However, if you do not tell the advertisers AND the program directors or they don’t know this is our plan, they will never know why their numbers have gone down. If we work, in earnest to let them in on this, the news-shows will be forced to do the right thing.
It’s important that we hit them where they place the greatest importance; their pocketbooks. And, we can do this!
Please see my other post: BoycottMsmAds, Boycott Media, to see who’s advertising with these terrible folks of the “newz media”.
Thanks. Remember, this is not for me. It’s for Ron Paul and for the freedom we all seek, again, in the USA.

Doug Wead

By Doug Wead

Okay, Rick Santorum is out.  What does it mean for the race to the GOP nomination?  And what choices does the Ron Paul campaign now face?
You can help us decide.  Here are some options.  And you don’t have to chose just one.
1.) Make an all out effort to go for it.
2.) Become the anti-Romney candidate and gather his opponents.
3.) Work with Gingrich to block Romney.
4.) Stay in the race but don’t antagonize the GOP leadership.
5.) Seek a deal with Romney while it still matters.
6.) Prepare for a Third Party run.
Here are some factors to keep in mind.
The widely reported Associated Press delegate tabulation is way off and this is driving all of the television commentary.  For example, the vaunted New York Times has made no effort at a delegate count of their own, they…

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Mark your calendars …

John Stossel to speak in Austin!
Friday, April 27, 5:30 p.m., 919 Congress Ave., Ste. 1500, Austin. Fox
Business Network Commentator John Stossel to speak to Citizens Against
Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas! RSVP to Space is
limited, so secure your spot today!

If you are a member of Travis County Republican Party, please RSVP- asap.

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!

Doug Wead’s take on Brent Stafford and the RE-DO of StChsCo Caucus, MO. Really great!

Doug Wead

“La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid”

“Vengeance is a dish best served cold.”

While all the political news yesterday focused on the end of Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign a colorful drama unfolded in faraway St. Charles, Missouri Tuesday night.  This was the scene of the re-scheduled, famous, St. Charles County GOP Convention.

Yes, there was some booing and plenty of disagreements but after all was said and done, the 900 voters who had gathered chose their delegation to move onto State.  Finally, we have a winner.  And it is not Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee and media darling.  The winner is Dr. Ron Paul.

It was a dramatic turn of events for Ron Paul supporters who are used to being defrauded by the GOP but this time persistence, integrity and careful documentation won the day.

It seemed like a year ago but it was only last…

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AS the me-me-media wants to keep on playing their game with US via the continuous BLACKOUT of RON PAUL, I say it’s time we play “hardball” (no nothing to do with that fat-headed guy of hardball show infamy).  It IS  time WE, the PEOPLE; the VOTERS, of these United States, fight back!

Here’s the idea:  BOYCOTT the MSM and BOYCOTT their SPONSORS:  their ADVERTISERS!  Let them know this is why their ratings are faltering.  Let them know that the longer this BLACKOUT Of  Ron Paul continues, and by virtue of that, ignoring us and our choice, we will ignore them.  Just think;  CNN lost a LOT of viewers in the past year (has been calculated at approximately 50 percent). ABC, CBS, FOX, all with the exception of NBC, have lost viewers.   Consider why they have advertisers or sponsors!  Those placing ads on their site(s) and shows, including supposed News SHOWS, do so in the hopes that we will purchase their products.  We need to hit them where it most hurts: right square in the WALLETS.

Now, it would be one thing for these advertisers to see that their sales figures have dropped this year.  That can be attributed to the terrible economy (another reason they SHOULD like Ron Paul), so we need to tell them this:  as long as the news media blacks-out Ron Paul, we will black them out.  Anyone who sponsors these shows is, by extension, ignoring us, so why would we want to support any of their sponsors?  We simply need to black them out in return, which would be by BOYCOTTING of their products and services.  

Here is a list of “news” sites and the sponsors I found there:  (Bear in mind that it may change monthly or weekly, and you will have to pay some attention to make sure you are boycotting the correct advertisers)..

@FoxNews:   ALLY



@CBS:  HP (notebook),,, PeopleSmart

@ABC:  MortgageRatesExperts, RateFinder,org, TruthAboutStomachFat,, Yahoo,com

@CNN, @CNNBRK:  AT&T, EasyOrangeMortgage

Now, this is only a short list I found in a quick search of those who pay to place ads on the sites of these “news” shows. I am sure there are many more, but let’s start with them.
What do we do with these names? Check out EACH and every advertisers, and go to their site pages; there will (always) be a “Contact Us” link at bottom. Send them emails, such as this:
“I understand you sponsor the news as brought to the USA by (so and so news-media/show), and they have blacked-out my choice for presidential nominee of the Republican Party, Ron Paul, for months. As you have proven this disrespectful Black-Out of Ron Paul is okay with you, with your placement of advertising and.or sponsorship, I am choosing to boycott and black out YOU. Until Ron Paul is given a fair shake in regard to news coverage, I will refuse to purchase your goods and services”
Sign it, and send it!

BLACKOUT MSM- BOYCOTT MSM- BOYCOTT their ADVERTISERS,  And, as important as this boycott is, you must TELL THEM WHY!  AS long as they ignore OUR voices and our votes, by ignoring OUR CHOICE of RON PAUL, we will BLACK THEM OUT!

Tweet, RT, and always use:  #BoycottMsmAds



And, remember; I need to hear from YOU. If you find different advertisers of the MSM, that are not posted here, PLEASE do post the names in comments section.

SO MUCH Support for RON PAUL, People Were Up in Trees to GLIMPSE HIM!

There’s not a lot more to say about this wonderful happening, this event, in California. People were so excited to see Ron Paul, when they could not get into the stadium to hear and see him, they climbed the trees for a chance to catch a glimpse of the man.
Now, most don’t even bother showing up for a seat at a NewtSantoRomney stump. When the few who DO show for them arrive, they are handed so-called “homemade” signs, as nobody shows with signs of their own supporting any of these establishment TOOLS/ I think most of us Paul supporters have our own signs, and we carry them with us.
Which of the other candidates, Obama included, can say people are so excited to see them, they would climb trees? Oh, none of them.
And, did Obama draw this size crowd during his ’08 run? No he did not. and expect fewer this year, too. NDAA SOPA NDRP PIPA= hey Obama- WTF?

Really nice post, thanks to RT, MOXnews, and my friend, @LittleTammy20, a student and a delegate for Ron Paul.
What’s Ron Paul got that the others don’t have? How about HONESTY? We need a decent president who will speak up for US, who will end these nonsense WARS (especially as they are non-wars and are NOT supported by Anyone BUT Obama). We NEED RON PAUL!

Here is the letter I sent to the Texas GOP and the Travis County GOP (TRP and TCRP), back in April.  I told these people who I was and what my concerns were, and they were SO HAPPY to have me…

They were happy to have me until I told the truth following my work as election judge in one of their precincts.  Now, they not only seem to be regretting the decision to have an HONEST Election Judge who wasn’t going sit idly by and allow vote-fraud to occur, I was going to OPEN MY MOUTH and talk about it.

Since the post of mine regarding what I experienced in Austin, as judge, I have been placed, “Under Criminal investigation”, according to Travis County Clerk (and Elections head), Dana DeBeauvois.  I have been warned, by Ms DeBeauvois, (her words) and was told I am “Not wanted by either the Democrats or the Republicans to serve as Judge” in the upcoming run-off (s)election.  Nice, eh?

I did not portray myself as one person and then turn around to be someone different.  I told the TCRP and the TRP who I was and what I wanted to take part in:  an OPEN AND FAIR ELECTION, yet this is not what I found, at least not in precinct 247, Austin, Travis County, Texas.  Considering what I was told, last week, I am pretty incredulous that they would behave in this manner.  And, I am disgusted.

It is no wonder the Travis County Elections Board are referred to as, “The Bipartisan Mafia”.    Disgusting, in my opinion, the lengths these people will go to in order to silence me (and others, to be sure.)



I decided it’s very important to me, considering what we’ve seen in the (entire) country re:  Voter suppression, Vote-Fraud, and certain coercion from the old-party mainstays, it was well past time I volunteered within the Republican party, in order that I might help to ensure such things will not happen in my neck of the woods.  What follows is what I wrote to the GOP in Texas, recently:


I have affiliated myself with the Travis County GOP, this year, because this race is very contentious and I do want to help that everyone’s votes are counted and counted accurately.  I also hope to be a part of the process in order to ensure that caucus/conventions run in accordance to GOP rules, which I have pored over, while awaiting our time to finally VOTE in May.  I find this a very exciting time in our history and am thrilled to be a part of it.
Now, since the re-districting, I am not sure if my pct# has changed (I do not yet have a new voting-card, but I do know I am still registered to vote!).  If it has not changed, it seems that out chair position is vacant.  I am not sure if I would have the time required to run for or assume this chair, but know i can make the time to be a delegate.  I’d also be happy to work as volunteer poll-watcher and.or vote-counter, for the GOP.  If you can give me some info on the time-requirement I’d need to commit to, as a chair, I may consider doing this, too.
I have a home-based business, and I do work every day, but I can take off the 29th of May, in order to do my part.
I’ve been registered to vote in Austin since 1984, and prior to this, was a registered Texas voter, in Lubbock and in Abilene, since 1976.  I grew up in a very political family;  my dad filled many different seats, on local and state level in Connecticut, and my eldest sister was State Rep from New Haven, CT, on the Republican side.  I’d love to see true conservatism win over Obama’s brand of “hope and change” and really do want to do my part.
Please advise as to what I can do in order to work, in either or all positions, for the GOP.
I was a bit worried that I would not be welcomed, but was quite pleased to see that, not only did the Texas Republican Party accept me, they sent me very nice comments, in return.  Here are some of what I received back:
Thank you for your very thoughtful and well-crafted e-mail!  I’m sure we can get you the answers you’re looking for so you can make an informed decision on how to best use your time to help defeat Obama and company.  I’m forwarding this to our headquarters office staff who may be able to tell you more about what goes into being a Precinct Chair, an Election Judge, Poll Watcher, etc. 

From my experience, it doesn’t take more than a few hours per month to be chair of your precinct — though around convention time it may take more than that and up to a whole day on the day of the convention itself. But it has been well worth my effort…

You can definitely attend the county convention on April 21 and get involved in this every exciting election.  Thanks so much for your interest.
Now, given what has been noted in many different areas;  Washington State, Missouri, Georgia, Alaska, for example, I was a bit worried I’d not be “wanted” by the GOP.  It’s kind of funny, as I grew up in a very political, Republican home. Yet, after Reagan’s tenure in the White-house, and given what has happened hence, I actually thought my (honest) intentions would be blocked.  Perhaps it’s my age (Yes, kids; I am 53yrs-old) and/or my length of time as a voter, in Texas, that this was more easy for me?  OR, perhaps not all of the GOP is as terrible as has been suggested.
Either way, I am happy to say, I will be working the polls, and I will be at the convention, as a delegate.
I received a phone call, yesterday, and was offered a specific position that will suit me and my needs, in which I feel I can do the most good, too.  I am thrilled to be back into politics, and just as happy to say I feel those of us with genuine interest in decency and openness within the GOP should  not be timid to sign on and show up!
If we or you don’t do this, WHO will?
As usual, thanks for reading