Posted: March 31, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!


Do we ‘Elect’ or is this site taking part in ‘Selecting’ us as delegates– or are those behind this site de-selecting or discounting US as GOP delegates for Ron Paul? Considering the information they are requiring when one signs on with them, I believe they are using this to do just that. They are slighting US, those who’ve worked for at least a year, for Ron Paul, as well as for the GOP.

According to the site and all written about this site, Americans Elect is set-up as third-party choice, to get rid of or infiltrate the two-party system in the US. This may be a nice (and lofty) goal, but, according to Huff Post, they are not getting a lot of signers. Now, why is that?
Certain folk are passing on the information that,
1. This site IS owned and run by the Rothchilds (of New World Order and “big Bankster fraud” infamy). Yes, it’s one in the same.
2. When you do attempt to sign on and state your preference for any candidate, you are required to type in the last four digits of your social-security number. Who would give out this information to anyone but their bank? I saw that and immediately thought; “Something is not right here”. With the last four digits, these people can do just about anything to hack my life! They can get into my browser and email, my bank, and they can get into my paypal account (which was hacked just over a week ago by “someone”).
3. When you sign on to, you are stating that you ARE an Independent voter. Well, that’s all well and good, if you support an Independent candidate. However, AE does list Ron Paul as a choice on their site, for whatever reason. In my opinion, and in the opinion(s) of many who’ve signed up to be GOP (Republican) delegates for Ron Paul, this information (including your ss# and possibly Driver’s License number, if I recall this accurately) to knock you out of being a Ron Paul Delegate–within the Grande Olde Party.
You may have had to re-register to vote or change party affiliation, months ago, in order to have the chance to vote in the Republican primary. You may have educated yourself so well, in regard to Ron Paul’s platform and how the election system works, that you want to be a delegate for Paul. Well, by signing on with AE and stating you ARE AN INDY, you have given up that right or the possibility you will ever be elected in your precinct or district to be that GOP delegate.

Imagine; you’ve done the work. You’ve switched parties; in the 24 states requiring party affiliation, you have learned all you can about Ron Paul and the process, and when you attempt to be a delegate, your name (and those four digits of your SS#) are on a “list”. The GOP, at any and all levels, does not need to have specific requirements or needs or likes or dislikes in order for the “usual” party members to kick you out of their delegate meetings. IF you signed on with this site, you have given them a great reason to get rid of YOU; You are not a “real” Republican (the whine that will last ’til the National election in November).
So, what I am saying is this: when you see these videos that are entitled, “Ron Paul is winning this, even if he has to run as an INDY, he has it” (or something of the sort), do NOT click on link(s) below the video. RUN. Go to, and sign-up there. Make it known, in your State’s GOP, that you are interested in being a delegate for the GOP, too!

Now, as Texas has finally geared up (yesterday) to run our election, I have signed on with the GOP ( and have VOLUNTEERED to work the polls and have volunteered to be a delegate for the Republican Party of Texas, for Ron Paul. I don’t know how most of the TXGOP feels about Ron Paul (they should love him and be proud of his stance), but I am saying this; I have been an Independent voter, all of my voting life. I have not joined the Democrats or the Republicans, until this year. I’ve been registered to vote in Austin since 1984– consistantly- was registered elsewhere, in Texas, since 1976, and, as Texas does not require party affiliation, I never had to state my preference.

This year is different. This year Ron Paul is running and I believe Dr Paul has a real shot at garnering the party’s nomination. Ron Paul is what I knew Republicans to be when I was a child. My dad, who was also a politician, was Republican. He was like Ron Paul in that he gave-back to the community what he “earned” from the community. I had a great example, as a child, regarding what a good man and good politician IS. It’s why I am a Republican, this year, and why i support Ron Paul.
I hope all Texans will.

I also hope people will think twice before they provide personal identifying information, as it can (and may) be used against you, too! In the end, it is not RONPAUL Delegates that are being discounted, slighted, and slandered; it is Delegates who happen to support Ron Paul that are being left out.
It is OUR voice being silenced and our votes being tossed. Do not help them to do this. DO not sign on with AmericansElect.

  1. bigcree1 says:

    In short your warning is to be followed through with. I made the mistake of signing on to this Site in my haste and feel cheated now that I know. Life is a trial and error process. We live and learn. Thanks Anne for all you do! We will win this fight, this struggle to remain free and independent as John Kennedy once said in one of his final speeches on Secret Societies, secret oaths and all that is not as it appears.


    • annebeck58 says:

      Yes- yes, and YES.
      I completely agree. And, yes; had I signed on with these (smarmy) folk, I would also be angry, but not with myself. These tricksters must stay up nights to think up the worse and worst things they can do to destroy the American Constitution– to destroy the public’s trust in the voting system.
      Think about it. How many do we know who say all voting is a sham? Now, who made them believe that? If we do nothing, we really should not whine about it. You cannot trust a lot of people,, and everything MUST be scrutinized thoroughly…
      That is tough to do in our busy lives. It’s sad that it’s the case, too.


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