It has not changed, except to get BETTER for US & for RON PAUL!

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!
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In case you have not heard the rallying cries from the youth of America; it’s no longer Obama who has their vote. It’s Ron Paul. Our “kids” are not stupid. And, this time, they are not being brainwashed, either.

Most voters, of any and all ages, who’ve declared their support for Dr. Ron Paul have been pro-Paul for at least a year. Hey, Reps; maybe you shouldn’t have started pushing candidates forward so soon, last year? That allowed us to see warts and blemishes, fairly early on. This is one reason we are not voting for anyone else but Paul.

As I’ve said elsewhere, if I have to write-in Ron Paul (in the general election) with my own blood, I will be writing him in…, but only if it’s necessary. As the delegates for Paul are now standing up and being counted; as they are videotaping their votes and caucus meetings, we are getting proof of what has really been going on for decades within this smarmy two-party system. The dirtiest of dirty deeds are being perpetrated by the “usual” Republican Neocons, and we are just not allowing for it this time. We are not going along to get along; nor is Dr. Paul.

The GOP truly should just welcome Paul’s supporters with OPEN ARMS, or this suicidal Republican Party will no longer be relevant. As it stands, in many states, there are more Independent voters than there are Dems or Reps, so one would think the GOP would wake up and see that they have, themselves, been PLAYED. Yes, the Republicans thought the game was theirs, only because they have been running that same game since about the time of Reagan (some argue with me that it was actually Nixon who kicked that off– but I disagree). We have learned that game, and we have perfected it.
For this reason, Delegates are Pro-Paul, and will not be swayed. And, this gives the nomination to Ron Paul. We most likely will have a brokered convention, in Florida, which should be a problem and a surprise to nobody! ALL conventions were exactly this in the not too distant past. Conventions were not coronations, as we now see, but were the place where all State Delegates showed up and cast their votes for whomever would end up as his party’s nominee.

I have a very good feeling that, this time, the nominee for the GOP will be none other than Ron Paul.
And that makes me very happy!

  1. Shadow says:

    Thankyou Anne, with so many people waking up the game as it were is not being accepted. Ron Paul will NOT be ignored, neither will we!!! We’re not going away!!


  2. isabella says:

    Anne, this is great!


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