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Posted: March 31, 2012 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!


Do we ‘Elect’ or is this site taking part in ‘Selecting’ us as delegates– or are those behind this site de-selecting or discounting US as GOP delegates for Ron Paul? Considering the information they are requiring when one signs on with them, I believe they are using this to do just that. They are slighting US, those who’ve worked for at least a year, for Ron Paul, as well as for the GOP.

According to the site and all written about this site, Americans Elect is set-up as third-party choice, to get rid of or infiltrate the two-party system in the US. This may be a nice (and lofty) goal, but, according to Huff Post, they are not getting a lot of signers. Now, why is that?
Certain folk are passing on the information that,
1. This site IS owned and run by the Rothchilds (of New World Order and “big Bankster fraud” infamy). Yes, it’s one in the same.
2. When you do attempt to sign on and state your preference for any candidate, you are required to type in the last four digits of your social-security number. Who would give out this information to anyone but their bank? I saw that and immediately thought; “Something is not right here”. With the last four digits, these people can do just about anything to hack my life! They can get into my browser and email, my bank, and they can get into my paypal account (which was hacked just over a week ago by “someone”).
3. When you sign on to, you are stating that you ARE an Independent voter. Well, that’s all well and good, if you support an Independent candidate. However, AE does list Ron Paul as a choice on their site, for whatever reason. In my opinion, and in the opinion(s) of many who’ve signed up to be GOP (Republican) delegates for Ron Paul, this information (including your ss# and possibly Driver’s License number, if I recall this accurately) to knock you out of being a Ron Paul Delegate–within the Grande Olde Party.
You may have had to re-register to vote or change party affiliation, months ago, in order to have the chance to vote in the Republican primary. You may have educated yourself so well, in regard to Ron Paul’s platform and how the election system works, that you want to be a delegate for Paul. Well, by signing on with AE and stating you ARE AN INDY, you have given up that right or the possibility you will ever be elected in your precinct or district to be that GOP delegate.

Imagine; you’ve done the work. You’ve switched parties; in the 24 states requiring party affiliation, you have learned all you can about Ron Paul and the process, and when you attempt to be a delegate, your name (and those four digits of your SS#) are on a “list”. The GOP, at any and all levels, does not need to have specific requirements or needs or likes or dislikes in order for the “usual” party members to kick you out of their delegate meetings. IF you signed on with this site, you have given them a great reason to get rid of YOU; You are not a “real” Republican (the whine that will last ’til the National election in November).
So, what I am saying is this: when you see these videos that are entitled, “Ron Paul is winning this, even if he has to run as an INDY, he has it” (or something of the sort), do NOT click on link(s) below the video. RUN. Go to, and sign-up there. Make it known, in your State’s GOP, that you are interested in being a delegate for the GOP, too!

Now, as Texas has finally geared up (yesterday) to run our election, I have signed on with the GOP ( and have VOLUNTEERED to work the polls and have volunteered to be a delegate for the Republican Party of Texas, for Ron Paul. I don’t know how most of the TXGOP feels about Ron Paul (they should love him and be proud of his stance), but I am saying this; I have been an Independent voter, all of my voting life. I have not joined the Democrats or the Republicans, until this year. I’ve been registered to vote in Austin since 1984– consistantly- was registered elsewhere, in Texas, since 1976, and, as Texas does not require party affiliation, I never had to state my preference.

This year is different. This year Ron Paul is running and I believe Dr Paul has a real shot at garnering the party’s nomination. Ron Paul is what I knew Republicans to be when I was a child. My dad, who was also a politician, was Republican. He was like Ron Paul in that he gave-back to the community what he “earned” from the community. I had a great example, as a child, regarding what a good man and good politician IS. It’s why I am a Republican, this year, and why i support Ron Paul.
I hope all Texans will.

I also hope people will think twice before they provide personal identifying information, as it can (and may) be used against you, too! In the end, it is not RONPAUL Delegates that are being discounted, slighted, and slandered; it is Delegates who happen to support Ron Paul that are being left out.
It is OUR voice being silenced and our votes being tossed. Do not help them to do this. DO not sign on with AmericansElect.


This man is simply my favorite Ron Paul supporter–and delegate– Derrick Grayson. I hope you will take time to hear him, heed his message, and vote correctly- for US, for America, for Liberty!
Check out TmotofGA on youtube and twitter. If his words don’t get you moving in the right direction, I don’t know what would!
As Tmot would say; “Boots On The Ground!”, for Ron Paul!

The Santorum “camp” has organized, finally, and kind’a- sort’a. However, it’s been just enough organization to make very poor decisions. It seems that the MO GOP Leaders have received a letter, or a missive, if you will; it states that signers of such letter will proffer: there is NO reason to re-do their sham of a caucus in St Charles, Missouri, and all delegates should simply be BOUND to represent Rick Santorum. Sorry, but what? Did I understand this correctly?
Santorum is “boss” of MO GOP, it seems, and L’il Ricky (Satan) is allowed to tell the (temporary) heads what they need to do; how they need to run this game, and, especially, that all UN-Bound delegates (which includes ALL delegates in MO) will just become bound delegates. It’s not in the bylaws or rules of the MO GOP, but to make life easier for Eugene Dokes, let’s just give Missouri to L’il Ricky. Yes, this is what was written and came in, from “on-High” (like LilSatan would HAVE to be high to think he has this power); the letter, which leaves a particular area blank- the SIGNATURE.
Santorum simply expected Dokes and other party-heads would SIGN this and force the people to go along with it!
The People are not going along. In a secondary video, captured discreetly by a member of the MO GOP (nice going), Eugene Doke’s representative and friend states, more than once, “We just don’t think it’s fair for Ron Paul to take over our caucus” (ahem!).
Excuse me, sir. Ron Paul has taken-over exactly NOTHING. These people do not really “represent Ron Paul”; they/WE DO represent our votes and the votes or wishes of those we know. It is OUR votes you are attempting to discredit. It is OUR word you’ve attempted to silence. You must be very careful when trying to discount the thoughts and words of approximately one-thousand delegates, or you will actually lose your party, by losing US.

In St Charles, it was not only voters for Paul who ended up silenced. There were also Romney voters/delegates there. They were (also) allowed NO say, and this is against everything a caucus is about. NO caucus is pre-ordained to be run by or FOR any particular candidate. A caucus is a meeting in which the people/ delegates speak and urge others to come to the side of their chosen candidate.. it is NOT a coronation, and neither is the national convention a coronation. It’s a VOTE and a DISCUSSION. Please understand that WE get it!

So, folks, there you have it. One person who needs a LOT of accolades and atta-boy’s, is Brent Stafford (the man who was jailed for attempting to continue their caucus, at the appropriate time and place, and was arrested– falsely- for tresspassing). Please watch the Missouri Delegate Vote Fraud (on my site, here), look up Brent. and let him know you appreciate all he’s done.

And, I have a final point; the MO GOP would have gotten away with this, had people not video’d this caucus. It should remind you to bring your camera(s) or phone(s) with you to your primary or caucus or delegates meeting(s) and all GOP meetings. Get the evidence; you never do know what game they will try, next. Due to the videos, this attempted fraud is exposed, and the MO GOP will actually have a DO-OVER caucus.
Do not let them wear you down. Show UP. Video;
Save the date: 10 April, 2012!

** One final piece of evidence: Bryan Spencer, the buddy of Eugene Dokes, caught on video– discussing how Dokes and HE planned and plotted to overtake this convention with votes for Santorum and only Santorum:

And, for your information: Both Dokes and Spencer ARE running for State-Rep positions. Please spread these videos around, everywhere, to prevent them winning anything. If I had any say in this, the only seats these men would have would be electrified. (too extreme? maybe so..)

An update from Ron Paul, telling it like it is- where we are, what we need to do, to ensure he gets in, where we NEED him to be!
I know Dr. Paul does not like having to do these videos, asking for our money; he HAS to do it. We are still working fast and furiously, and unlike so much of the world, NO LONGER to our own demise.
Leave the crazy-work for the tools and fools. Do the right thing by Ron Paul and I am sure he will do the right thing by US!

From today’s latest post; from my post in TheDailyPaul, a few weeks back. Please pay attention.
Thank You!

Submitted by Annebeck58 on Sun, 03/04/2012 – 


Okay, y’all. I am about to say some things that some may not exactly like, and may offend some, but here goes. I feel it’s necessary:

Ron Paul (supposedly) LOST WA STATE (??) to Baine Cap’s Mitt Romney. Whatttt? We are supposed to, again, simply swallow that tripe. Sorry, but I cannot. I watched so many videos and read SO many articles, even within MSM & prior to the vote, to tell me that is/ was impossible- that Paul was WINNING. I do have to say I am more than just disappointed. No, I am not disappointed in Ron Paul and the Ron Paul team. I AM disappointed in the Ron Paul SUPPORTERS, the voters, who just neglected to watch these votes; who basically allowed “them” to get away with this; in yet another state. This was obvious, to me, in Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, etc.., and now? Washington State? Impossible!

No, I don’t want to call (specific) people out… No, I don’t want to say, “if only you did this-or-that”, like if ONLY you had gotten others to come to the polls with you to vote Paul, he would have WON. No, I am completely frustrated that those in WA State simply seem to be willing to sit back (or bend-over) and accept defeat, so easily.
I have BEGGED you guys to PLEASE bring cameras to YOUR precincts, to video-tape the actual COUNTS , and yes; it is a LEGAL and LEGITIMATE thing to do. Nothing in anyone’s bylaws prevents people doing exactly this. But, when it came down to what I do feel is yet another fraudulent count (and yes; I came across a WA state voter last night, here, who said he was SURE vote-fraud had occured in HIS precinct), nobody did anything.

What will it take? How can I convince you to OPEN your IPhones or take another sort of video camera WITH YOU? It is YOUR right to do this. Nobody can tell you that you;re NOT allowed to do this, yet you don’t do it? WHY ARE YOU THERE, if not to get the truth and pass it on to US.USA? Okay, so you’re there to vote. But, do you want your vote to be counted, accurately, or are you willing to allow “them” (i.e., suicidal GOP) to switch out your vote for prepared Romney or Santorum votes? it seems the latter IS the case.

Please watch this video by a wonderful Hawaiian fan of Ron Paul:

Consider what he’s said. Consider what I am asking of you. Please, when your state votes or caucuses, DO videotape whatever does happen in your area or your county or your precinct. If enough of US do this, and we let them KNOW we are doing so (by posting these videos, everywhere, and sharing them, MORE places than NOT), they will think twice about being so blatant with said vote-fraud.
Otherwise, prepare yourselves for four more years of Obama (O-Bot, Bambi, O-Bomb-Ya). Personally, I don’t think I can stand that.
And, while I am chomping at the bit for MY chance to vote and to videotape the votes, in TEXAS, y’all are being a bit too complacent. Aren’t you?

In case you have not heard the rallying cries from the youth of America; it’s no longer Obama who has their vote. It’s Ron Paul. Our “kids” are not stupid. And, this time, they are not being brainwashed, either.

Most voters, of any and all ages, who’ve declared their support for Dr. Ron Paul have been pro-Paul for at least a year. Hey, Reps; maybe you shouldn’t have started pushing candidates forward so soon, last year? That allowed us to see warts and blemishes, fairly early on. This is one reason we are not voting for anyone else but Paul.

As I’ve said elsewhere, if I have to write-in Ron Paul (in the general election) with my own blood, I will be writing him in…, but only if it’s necessary. As the delegates for Paul are now standing up and being counted; as they are videotaping their votes and caucus meetings, we are getting proof of what has really been going on for decades within this smarmy two-party system. The dirtiest of dirty deeds are being perpetrated by the “usual” Republican Neocons, and we are just not allowing for it this time. We are not going along to get along; nor is Dr. Paul.

The GOP truly should just welcome Paul’s supporters with OPEN ARMS, or this suicidal Republican Party will no longer be relevant. As it stands, in many states, there are more Independent voters than there are Dems or Reps, so one would think the GOP would wake up and see that they have, themselves, been PLAYED. Yes, the Republicans thought the game was theirs, only because they have been running that same game since about the time of Reagan (some argue with me that it was actually Nixon who kicked that off– but I disagree). We have learned that game, and we have perfected it.
For this reason, Delegates are Pro-Paul, and will not be swayed. And, this gives the nomination to Ron Paul. We most likely will have a brokered convention, in Florida, which should be a problem and a surprise to nobody! ALL conventions were exactly this in the not too distant past. Conventions were not coronations, as we now see, but were the place where all State Delegates showed up and cast their votes for whomever would end up as his party’s nominee.

I have a very good feeling that, this time, the nominee for the GOP will be none other than Ron Paul.
And that makes me very happy!

Share, Upload, Save, Embed, Tweet, Email, Blog, Facebook, make dvd’s and HAND them OUT.
MSM is ridiculous– and will continue to BLACK-OUT PAUL, so you need to do your thing– for Paul, for America, for yourself; FOR LIBERTY!

Here’s a reality check for Voters, for Delegates, and especially? For the “Grande Olde Party”. themselves. We are no longer willing to sit idly by and allow the GOP to (s)elect OUR candidates/ our presidential nominee, for US.
As I stated many times in the past and even here, in yesterday’s post. “Is Ron Paul Losing?”, Dr. Ron Paul’s supporters become Delegates, as we know we cannot trust the “usual delegates” of the party, considering what has become of the GOP and who’s taken it over– the NEOCONS.
It kills me, a little bit, each time I hear one of “them” stating, proudly; “Yes, I am a Neocon”, yet they want to take it a bit further and call themselves conservative. These people are not conservative in any shape or form.
They are not conservative in regard to TAXES.
They are not conservative regarding WAR.
They are not conservative regarding all SPENDING.
These Neocons are not conservative when it comes to BIG(ger) GOVERNMENT!
Many of these politicians, in all parties and surely in the GOP, have run around on their spouses (Newt, because he “loves his country too much”?), so they are not conservative in their MARRIAGES.
These people may be conservative somewhere, but I really don’t want to try to figure out in which aspect of their “take take take” lives they are considering themselves, “conservative”.
So, if YOU are “Conservative”, as all Republicans were when I was a child, your only choice for our next POTUS would be Ron Paul. Find me one person who’s more conservative (alive, please) and I will be happy to throw my support behind him or her, too.
Thanks and enjoy this wonderfully educational video!
While you’re at it, also thank Ben Swann (twitter: @Fox19BenSwann, or youtube: BenSwannRealityCheck).

One small edit/ add: Regarding Mittens; Tell me what tying one’s dog to the roof the car, while on a family vacation sort of a road-trip into Canada, is; IS that CONSERVATIVE? Is it just stupid, cruel, and ridiculous? Certainly that is not something one should teach children when it comes to pets (or ANY animals). I’ve almost come to expect such a story out of our own Texas gubbner; Puh-Rick Perry, but coming from Mr. Holier-Than-THOU Romney, it just feels smarmier. Someone call Cesar Milan, or, the animal control folk. This man needs a talking-to, as well as some training!

This is a wonderfully heart-touching video, from ALJezeeraEnglish; I find it somewhat deplorable that the US Media wants nothing to do with presenting stories such as this, while at the same time, I appreciate the American news and information that comes from the other side of the world.
This is a ~25 minute video. It’s worth the time spent to watch and see what our OWN Native people go through. Please consider the content and, if you have it in you, try to do something positive for our Pnaci people.
In my opinion, we have done too many awful things, broken agreements, stolen land, murdered the elders, and it truly is well past time that we help those left.
I have another blog, on, talking about plans to go up to Pine Ridge, Oglala/Sioux Nation, to help with building and re-habbing homes. This effort is still in the very early planning stages; i had hoped to have found many more volunteers for this program, but it’s not happened as of yet.
IF you can (and most of you can) give to these people, please do. If you feel you can be of assistance in any sort of fixing. handy-man’ning, etc.., please send me a note or post it in a comment.
Thanks for your giving spirit!