And, Welcome to My Blogs

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Ron Paul GOP (S)election!
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Photo I messed-up while trying to edit. Should leave edits to my son!

What am I thinking, now? If you want to know- proceed to my blogs.

Okay, so I have not (at all) figured out this wordpress thang. I just made a nice post, talking about my likes and dislikes, what you should expect to find, here, and I somehow deleted it when I added my photo.
Oh well- guess I’ll have to get this figured out, and will have to re-post those words. Or, perhaps the interwebs did me a favor by sending those words to the great black hole in the universe? If I re-write, you can decide. Perhaps I should take a hint and just leave it be?

Regardless; welcome, feel free to comment and post. Send me links, and I will try to add them. Send me any content, especially as it applies to the current political season, and I will be happy to help to get it out there.
Thanks for your critiques, your agreements, and even your disagreements. All are welcome!


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